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  1. Clach game off due to growing injury list - 10 first team squad and counting. Obviously their water resistance training in the Aquadome competition pool on Sunday morning hasn't seen that list get shorter.
  2. I heard today that he's broken his metatarsal and likely to be out for about 6 weeks. Who said it wasn't a brutal game? Was it not Mulraney who was crocked in the Forres game last July?
  3. All getting a bit tight to bring in new players before the round of friendlies starts. Gives me no confidence to go and renew my ST. BTW I heard weeks ago that Kevin McNaughton would be expected to sign for a club in the Dundee-Angus area. Apparently he's been getting a new house built near Forfar.
  4. sponsorship

    Not a criticism of you or the player sponsorship system Scotty, but it would help if we knew what players we have in the squad to sponsor.
  5. The retained ST prices are quite a kick in the gonads after last season's fiasco. Until I get some proper answers from the club about that and what their outlook is for the future I won't be renewing mine.
  6. Aye and here's hoping our "Questions" will be answered.
  7. Oh and by the way the new kit goes on sale this Thursday and you can buy your season tickets with 10% discount for early birds. Roll up roll up. Crisis, what crisis? Carry on regardless.
  8. I will revert back to a post I made a few weeks ago about our financial predicament. The question of whether we are about to go into administration could well be a factor in what happens in the next few days. If it is the case then we will start life in the Championship with a points deduction. Then we will find the level that the Board seem to wish us to operate at to sustain the club in the long term. Sad times indeed.
  9. If I was a board member I would have sacked RF for his post match interview today. What an absolute disgrace. Even the Sportsound pundits were having a right go at him for that.
  10. Not forgetting us beating Motherwell of course.
  11. Great to win and give us some hope, and another performance we could have done with on umpteen occasions earlier in the season to get us well clear of relegation. I'm also amazed that we kept a clean sheet and won in that vanilla and black kit! I'm another one who will miss the Motherwell game - visiting seriously ill mother in Edinburgh. I was coming up the A9 from there tonight and about 5.30 passed the supporters' bus heading south at Blair Atholl, wishing I could have joined them in Dundee.
  12. Yes and in what kit? Can we at least ditch the vanilla one tomorrow night and play in the new Clach/chequered flag one?
  13. There was an article on Lewis in yesterday's Metro free paper and how Richie has offered to help him deal with his addiction. Unfrtunately, just below this article were two ads for betting companies including Paddy Power. How ironic.
  14. Surely it should be Cole for Anier but on the left with Mulraney switched back to the right? I also hope that Vigurs is rested. The issue with Fonners is not so much the recent injury, he just needs more resting. Could put him on the bench though as Ryan is also not fully fit.
  15. The away top looks like we've gone all Formula 1 with the chequered flag. Simple white would be better despite the Clach similarities. I would have preferred a complete change to red or even back to black. I'd also forgotten how cheap looking the Errea gear is. Remember their top sizes are 2 down from normal. So if you are a large it's 2XL you will need to order.