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  1. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    Assuming we get to the final, I would hope the SPFL respect our geographical location and not make us travel any further than McDiarmid Park regardless of the opposition and the fact that in all previous rounds TNS and Dumbarton have been drawn at home.

    Probably more chance of scoring than Baird or Oakley. 😷😥
  3. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    So Dougal are you suggesting we are a club with supporters that sit on the Catholic side of the sectarian divide? Where did that come from? With our colours we're more likely to be warmly welcomed by the Crusaders' fans. I can't think why you wish to bring bigotry into it anyway. I was glad to get away from that when I left the Central Belt almost 30 years ago. Any time we play the Old Scum at the TCS I hate the "folk singing" from both sets of fans. On the bright side, Belfast City centre is a great place to visit, the bars are lively and the Guinness is great. It only takes 35 minutes to fly there unless you are on a Flybe Bombardier with technical problems. Perhaps a couple of charters with another airline could be arranged instead.
  4. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    SPFL list the Semi-finals for Saturday/Sunday February 17/18, 2018, with the Final on Saturday/Sunday March 24/25, 2018. Would therefore prefer a home tie in the semi at that time of year. We can give any of the other three an icy welcome to the North.
  5. NICK ROSS Trialist

    Yes and his link play with Gary Warren at centre forward would be interesting.
  6. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Winning ugly was something we couldn't do under RF. Otherwise we might still have been in the Premiership. Job done tonight even if we did ride our luck in defence and without a goalscoring centre forward. Crusaders away, yes, as long as we don't use a Flybe Bombadier 800 to travel. Might be safer to take the ferry.
  7. Derby - 8th November

    What I find amusing is the Ross-shire press and some posters on the Jail End thread on Overthebridge thinking that it was more or less our strongest XI that played. Shows how much they know.
  8. Livingston -V- Inverness CT

    Much improved from 5 weeks ago, yes, but oh how we desperately need a forward who can score regularly taking these chances being created by our resurgent and rampant midfield. The misses by Mulraney and Bell were woeful. That said I didn't see how Bell was off-side for his "goal" in the first half. I see that Alex Fisher was warming the bench yet again for Motherwell on Saturday. This may increase our chances of getting him back (at least on loan) in January.
  9. Derby - 8th November

    Big cup game on the Saturday after, hence why low key and our fringe players more likely to be involved?
  10. Polworth v Kellacher

    Wrong thread? I trust you're talking about United's inept performance yesterday rather than the dugout punch up at the TCS 2 weeks ago.
  11. Inverness CT -V- Peterhead

    This was the highlight of the match for me. He was effectively brought on to help run down the clock but in the 5 minutes he was on he brought more energy to the team than I've seen all season. I don't blame him for trying to score with his first chance instead of passing to Baird. He should get a lot more than a 5 minutes run out against Falkirk. Please note Gordon Strachan, he is not a big lad either.
  12. Inverness CT -V- Peterhead

    Mmm, it wasn't a convincing display with disquiet from some fans justified. If we had a decent forward we would have won about 7 or 8 nil. Polworth, Chalmers and Calder sluggish most of the game. Donaldson and Daniel MacKay were the plus points. I am aware the disharmony is coming from Robbo's style of management. Polworth hasn't exactly helped with his poor attitude as he doesn't want to be there. I also saw Gary Warren with his hand in plaster today. Training ground accident or another bust up? He was sitting with Ross Draper in the Main Stand in the second half.
  13. Peterhead Preview (Home) : 07/10/17

    Wow, amazing lack of interest in this thread. Sign of the difficult times we have sunk to.
  14. Raven not again

    Still a travesty he wasn't fit to play in the cup final. From what I've been told in the last few days Robbo might be binned long before January which could see Dave saved again to serve for longer. I'd like to see him and Seedorf in midfield operate on the right side.
  15. Rename game

    Welcome back Don! Was the land not made up of ash from burned refuse? This was the way that waste used to be dealt with before the practice of tipping it straight into a landfill area without any treatment, like the reclaimed land to the south east the actual 'dump'. Being mostly ash could also explain why the land drains quite well. Given the current state of things down by, The Graveyard might be appropriate.