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  1. Matchday Thread

    Spot on. I very much welcome the singing and flag waving to help create a better atmosphere at matches. However. I deplore the alter-ego of a number of the youngsters. I found the verbal abuse and barging of those trying to protect a lady in an electric wheelchair from being over run by the mob near the pie stall utterly disgraceful. Those who witnessed this and complained to the police then faced more abuse from the mob for doing so. If this behaviour goes unchecked then we potentially face the regular experience of having to watch what's going on in the crowd rather than on the pitch, just like in the 1970s and 80s, and then some fans will stop going to games because of it. The spilling over of mob behaviour into the streets putting others at risk also means more policing and cost to the Club. The long term damage this could do to our reputation and the sport in general is unthinkable.
  2. Matchday Thread

    I agree with Scotty and Ronaldo - too much sniping and bickering for daring to express an opinion on the performance of the team. I wasn't the only one who came away from the game feeling as if we'd lost after the effort of some of the players. We still struggle in defence and we have a few players who just don't do enough to justify a place in the starting line up. Glad we moved off the bottom though, but amazed how we are still in touch having failed to take more than 1 point from so many games. The support was great today but can those kids stop acting like casuals and start behaving themselves? There was no need for their antics at half time in the toilets and snack bar area, and certainly lying not along Longman Road towards the railway station after the match. About time they learned to show respect for the police and their own fans or someone is going to take away their sweeties and give them a lesson they won't forget.
  3. Does it have to be a back 4? I think we need to play 3 at the back plus 2 full backs capable of both going forward and defending well. Our defence has been pick-pocketed so often this season when we haven't had midfielders that provide the cover needed when other teams attack us down the flanks. So my picks for a back 3 are Meekings (if fit - Mckay if not), Laing, McCart with Raven and Tremarco flanking them in the full/wing back positions.
  4. Yes, the Dandies proved to be chocolate fireguards at crucial time again. Might as well give the SPL trophy to the Tic after tomorrow, regardless of the result.
  5. Matchday Thread

    I take it your talking about the pigeons. Being better organised than us is not difficult.
  6. ....... but Brown, MacLennan and Wilson are still allowed to play for our Development side?
  7. Strange that we let a 21-year-old fringe defender go on loan to Cove Rangers then bring in a 19-year-old defender from another club. Jason must wonder what he's got to do to get his career moving forward with ICT. Strange one about Doran, particularly as he wasn't mentioned amongst the injured players. Yet, on the other hand, Fisher was on the bench last night when it was announced beforehand that he was still out but no injury mentioned. Is this just squad rotation?
  8. It would be interesting to know how many points we have taken this season when wearing that vanilla away top. I can't recall us winning a league game when wearing it and perhaps only gaining two draws. I know there are other more serious problems, many of which have festered since the time Hughes was in charge, but I think that top has been a bit of a jinx. No wonder there were plenty of them in the JD store before Christmas when the home top was sold out.
  9. Matchday Thread

    I think we've been on the slide since Rice came in to replace Latapy. Richie was an inexperienced choice for manager and should have been either a coach or assistant to learn his trade. I've been told that he lost the dressing room weeks ago and some of the players want to leave. Apparently Fisher is one in that category. Fail to win on Saturday and I fear we will say bye bye to the Premier League for many seasons to come.
  10. Free for kids under 5 if accompanied by a grown up so it'll nae cost yir auld man onythin tae get ye in ma loon.
  11. This is just the game we need to get a morale boosting win from which we can kick on and climb back up the league over the next few weeks. Nothing less than a clear 3 goals and none conceded will do nicely but I would be happy with the same score as 6 years ago.
  12. Re the photo, I'm more impressed with Richie having shaved that awful beard off than by the new signings.
  13. Cheers to you and RossP for the advice on the various hostelries. As we're hoping to arrive around noon and looking for food and real ale we are minded to try the Muckle Cross and/or the Drouthy Cobbler.
  14. On the unprecedented theme this is my first competitive match against Elgin on their own turf. So to get back to one of the Immortal one's original questions, what hostelry are we planning to take over? I am not so familiar with pubs in the place but I know that some of my contacts from Moray Bowling Club drink in the Ionic.
  15. Gary Miller and David Badwillie too?