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  1. Is there something more deep seated than just a difference of opinion on the way the club is being run? How secure are we financially if we go down?
  2. Yes and they've brought back the psychotherapist who helped them win the old 1st Division in 2010. May be he can psyche up the players enough to go on a winning run until the end of the season and overhaul Dundee by 12 points again. Positive thinking or am I dreaming?
  3. Couldn't agree more. We could do with about half of those who were in our end of Hampden for the 2015 Scottish cup final to provide more vocal support. All our remaining games are just as important with every one a cup final. Don't see why the local press and radio station can't help drum up support too.
  4. I was told that Russel Latapy was sacked for something he did that was nothing to do with football. If so that was a great pity as I also think the team was faring better with him.
  5. He should have gone in November last year, when he lost the dressing room and said he's to blame. That's also when the players got together to see how they could improve things. They have all failed since then to kick on and climb the league. If I was in Richie's position at that time I would have walked to save what was left of my dignity. Now it's just ridiculous to let things go so far towards the Abyss. I really don't understand how the Board have keep faith in him so long.
  6. I'd go for a 4-4-2 as follows: - Fon Williams Raven - McCart - MacNaughton - Tremarco Mulraney - Tansey - Laing - Cole Mckay - Fisher Subs: Esson plus 6 others drawn from that tombola drum thingy in the photo.
  7. Matchday Thread

    That assessment of the penalty incident and what followed pretty much sums it up for me too. We were holding our heads in our hands after Brad's lunge and for a lot of the rest of the game too.
  8. Another freebie for the Dons.
  9. Matchday Thread

    "Electrical fault" isn't even an anagram of "April Fool".
  10. I've been waiting all season for us to really cut loose and thrash a team. The closest we came to that was the 3-0 win at Motherwell but we have never come close since. I think if we were to play 2 wingers plus Fisher and Billy Mckay up front v Killie then it will increase our chances of that happening.
  11. I agree. Hopefully Ryan Esson has fully recovered from his real fractured elbow.
  12. Yes, confirmed in the same Courier article.
  13. Yes and then the Courier scours our website and turns it into part of the main back page article today that says he's out for 2 to 3 weeks with a knee injury. Amazing!
  14. Matchday Thread

    Spot on. I very much welcome the singing and flag waving to help create a better atmosphere at matches. However. I deplore the alter-ego of a number of the youngsters. I found the verbal abuse and barging of those trying to protect a lady in an electric wheelchair from being over run by the mob near the pie stall utterly disgraceful. Those who witnessed this and complained to the police then faced more abuse from the mob for doing so. If this behaviour goes unchecked then we potentially face the regular experience of having to watch what's going on in the crowd rather than on the pitch, just like in the 1970s and 80s, and then some fans will stop going to games because of it. The spilling over of mob behaviour into the streets putting others at risk also means more policing and cost to the Club. The long term damage this could do to our reputation and the sport in general is unthinkable.
  15. Matchday Thread

    I agree with Scotty and Ronaldo - too much sniping and bickering for daring to express an opinion on the performance of the team. I wasn't the only one who came away from the game feeling as if we'd lost after the effort of some of the players. We still struggle in defence and we have a few players who just don't do enough to justify a place in the starting line up. Glad we moved off the bottom though, but amazed how we are still in touch having failed to take more than 1 point from so many games. The support was great today but can those kids stop acting like casuals and start behaving themselves? There was no need for their antics at half time in the toilets and snack bar area, and certainly lying not along Longman Road towards the railway station after the match. About time they learned to show respect for the police and their own fans or someone is going to take away their sweeties and give them a lesson they won't forget.