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  1. Yes, that's what the email sent out last week said too. I was expecting a further email yesterday or today.
  2. I agree that line up has a bit more flexibility and given the injury situation could match up to Ayr better. Hoping Shane Sutherland will be fit enough to make the bench too and come on for the last 20 minutes.
  3. There were a lot of complaints on the Parstv live chat during the game. I kept getting a Scottish Football Online server error message. I did make a few attempts at loading the stream this morning. Without changing any settings it eventually worked, but only for about 20 minutes. The picture was a bit blurry but from what I saw of the period after we scored we were having trouble stringing passes together. I couldn't find any technical reason why shouldn't have been able to watch the live stream. I was in touch with someone from Parstv and he has passed on my complaint to the club to consider a refund. This week I am going to triple check all settings and connections on my lap top and smart tv once I get the email and then well before kick off on Saturday. Also hoping we will have some better news on the injuries by then too. P.S. Exeter v Racing was an absolute belter of a rugby match and helped me get over the earlier disappointment as well as enjoy the pints from my keg of Man of Hoy from the Cawdor Tavern.
  4. Given up now. Sticking to Twitter even if 5 minutes behind. Going to watch Exeter Chiefs v Racing 92 on BT Sport instead. Hopefully our streaming system will work next week. 🤪
  5. I did all that yesterday and ran a test. It was okay then. Loads of folk on the chat line complaining. The support service has also disappeared from the screen.
  6. ParsTV stream an absolute disaster. Nearly half time and I have not been connected yet. I'll be demanding my £12 back.
  7. Yes, I received the email from the club about this 25 minutes ago.
  8. Try this link to the DAFC official website`s_match&ID=12613 I managed to complete the registration and payment in less than 10 minutes. The initial confirmation email went to my junk box.
  9. Yes indeed. I was watching Leeds v Man City in the Blackfriars on Saturday evening. The sound was muted but the sub-titles were on. Hearts TV are broadcasting the match tonight to their subscribers (£59.99 for the season). It will not be live, however, as they are not allowed to do that at the same time as the Premier Sports broadcast. The transmission will be delayed by 15 minutes therefore.
  10. That's very helpful, thanks. I have a decision to make about my BT package this month anyway with them raising the cost of their Sports bundle. Hopefully the club will announce the arrangements for streaming in time for the Cowdenbeath match.
  11. Now that we have a taste for watching a live transmission of a friendly match, any word on how we will be able to watch the competitive games coming up, starting with Hearts in the League Cup this coming Tuesday? There was a mention of this being on Premier Sports. Forgive my ignorance, but how can this channel be accessed? Then what about our home games in both the LC and Championship? With current Covid restrictions, I can't see fans being allowed inside any stadiums this side of Christmas. Until then our season tickets will remain 'virtual'. There is nothing on the official club website about transmission arrangements yet. Perhaps I should have posted this reply on the Season Ahead thread.
  12. Aside from the bigger issue of the very survival of clubs, if there is no chance of fans being able to attend games in person for the foreseeable, will we be able to watch live on tv and at no extra cost if we have bought season tickets? I recall that being mentioned for the first 2 or 3 games behind closed doors around the time of promoting ST sales. The prospect of being in the hands of the hard to find and possibly costly Premier Sports channel does not fill me with enthusiasm either. This could lose us even more fans.
  13. County look to be in freefall again anyway, just like they were before last season was put on hold. They were saved from plunging further and possible relegation by Covid 19. Perhaps they'll need a second wave and lockdown to save them this season.
  14. Pre-ordered 2 copies today and made a donation. Will look forward to reading it in due course.