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  1. Row S

    What would you like to see at Caley Thistle?

    No need to worry about paying for parking as soon there will be nothing left of the car parks to use on match days. While the circus may be a temporary 'let', there are other areas used for parking vehicles for hire, a food kiosk, car wash and valeting service, and now numerous portakabins between the home car park and the Kessock Bridge. It seems to be turning the land into a free for all, not what it was intended for and is starting to make the place look untidy. I also hope that someone has advised the Club (Hon Sec hopefully?) that planning permission is required for these other commercial lets if they occupy the land for 28 days or more in a calendar year.
  2. Row S

    Cove Rangers Match

    Potential banana skin avoided. Official attendance anyone? Have I also missed something re Cammy Mackay? Is he injured?
  3. Row S

    The Pre-Season Thread

    What a farce but doesn't change my plans for Wednesday - I was always going to see Paul Simon at The Hydro. So wasn't giving a monkey's chuff about playing the Dons or watching Ingerland. Two better teams playing the night before anyway.
  4. Row S

    Music for the team to run out too

    That must have been the Cher song, about the girl who was born in the wagon of a travelling show. I think we beat County 3-1 in a Friday night game live on tv about 5 or 6 years ago. I did think at the time that (the) DJ would get into trouble for that.
  5. Row S

    2018/19 League Cup Group Draw

    Are the detailed fixtures not due out today? No sign of them on the SPFL site yet.
  6. Row S

    New kit?

    Noticed the baby and toddler kits in the display truck. Got me thinking about one for my 20 months old granddaughter but at £25 just for the top she will quickly grow out of .......... mmmm. Also nothing bigger than a 2XL in the home top available just now. That's probably the equivalent of a large in UK sizes. They have up to 5XL (or 3XL) in away tops though.
  7. Row S

    New kit?

    I'd be happy with the Palace home and away kits too. As said above, just replace the yellow piping with black.
  8. Row S

    Highland Derbies Next Season

    Rumours about Billy going to Hibs next season. So if Lennon quits too that will be them doomed to return to the Championship.😆
  9. Row S

    Fans Player of the Year Vote

    I suppose we shouldn't be surprised by this situation. More signs of letting things slide. So much for engaging with the fans.
  10. Row S


    Well it will be like the announcement at the end of last season, too late to save things again. If it's the big A word then it will confirm what I said more than a year ago and that the slide into that situation was allowed to happen by the previous Board because our lofty ambitions in the Premier League could not be sustained.
  11. Row S

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    I was speaking to a Pars fan on Sunday morning who was in the South stand yesterday and he told me that their player dived. It certainly looked soft from our angle.
  12. Row S

    Dumbarton v ICT - Game On Wed

    Potential fixture farce looming if not played tomorrow night then.
  13. A bit of a stroll in the park tonight. Brechin were pretty woeful and it should have been a lot more if more final passes in the box had found a man with space and comically Chalmers' backside not got in the way of one goalbound shot. It was good to see others get a run out with Calder, Chalmers and Seedorf doing well. Austin also showed more promise towards the end after he came on. The big worry is the injury to Coll Donaldson, which looked similar to the one he was out with recently. He seemed to catch his studs in the heavy turf when the condition of the pitch started to deteriorate with all the rain and sleet that fell most of today. As said above stage one completed; getting distance between us and Dumbarton. Stage two in progress; overhauling Falkirk with a game still in hand. Stage three is to start reeling in QotS and others above from this Saturday on. The only way is up now!
  14. Row S

    New name

    Spoil sport. Just when the posters were having some fun too.😥
  15. Row S

    Team for Brechin

    I suspect the same team that has started the last two matches will start again v Brechin. That 11 were the only players in the Aquadome competition pool this morning undergoing water resistance training. They were noisy, lively and the banter was good which was great to hear - their spirits are obviously high with this current run of form.