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  1. Dundee -V- Inverness CT

    Great result, well done guys. Annoying but typical that Sportscene only showed about 40 secs of highlights. They still managed to string out coverage and post match analysis of Celtic v Brechin to close on 30 minutes though.
  2. Joe Chalmers

    The guy has grown in stature week on week. He also has that ability to put us foot on the ball, change direction and create space for a decent pass. Sad to say this is something Ross Draper couldn't do.
  3. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    The moaning was for the fact we should've scored more than 4 and the booing at the end was firmly directed at John Beaton after most of the players had left the pitch.
  4. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Played some good stuff tonight but still room for improvement. Three or four other chances should have been tucked away to put the game to bed earlier and we often gave the ball away too easily in the midfield. Still I would have taken any win, but 4 going on 7 or 8 - 1 was a long overdue and well deserved bonus. Let's hope we can put a decent winning streak together and get into and sustain that play-off place. On that form tonight wins against QoS, Dundee United and Dunfermline in the coming weeks are achievable. Falkirk beating the Arabs 6-1 on Saturday must have been a freak result because they were pretty poor tonight. John Beaton also did his worst to try and spoil things. He and the standside assistant were absolutely shocking. Then we shouldn't have expected anything else from him.
  5. David Raven

    I would expect Robbo to move McKay to RB tonight with Warren and Donaldson (if fit) as CBs. Tremarco will complete the back four. We also have Seedorf and Calder as cover for full backs. Personally and in terms of pace, I'd rather have Seedorf in for Warren. Will leave the "experts" to guess the rest of the team as any suggestions I make usually get shot down in flames on this site.
  6. But the forecast for frost was known at least a week in advance so the pitch could have been covered. At this rate it might be May before this game is played.
  7. This season's refereeing

    I suspect that most of the refs like the teams we play from down south don't like coming to Inverness, or Dungwall for that matter. That seems to have been the situation since we came into the Senior Leagues in 1994. Add to that the standard being poorer when dropping down a level then it's no surprise we are getting a raw deal. Robbo is quite right to demand an explanation for the performance of the ref on Tuesday v Livingston on the Vigurs second yellow incident.
  8. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    The elbow to Donaldson's head by the Livi player in our box in an earlier stramash was far worse than Vigurs accidentally "catching" (still not clear) their player about waist height. That earlier incident that led to Donaldson being cut and then bandaged went unpunished, not even with a foul. Both the ref and his stand-side assistant must have seen it. It's obvious the ref had it in for Vigurs after his petulance following his first booking. If Warren's header hadn't been luckily scrambled away by Alexander just before the overhead kick it would have been 2-0 and we were set up to get all 3 points. What if? A shame the highlights didn't show the McKay header being scrambled off/behind the line in the second half plus Austin's shot heading for the top corner.
  9. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    Sums up what's been said above pretty well. There's no doubt that Vigurs being wrongly dismissed disrupted our shape. Then after 're-grouping' the injury to Chalmers was another blow. I thought we would have gone three at the back at that point with Raven and Calder pushing forward right and left. Unfortunately not the case and Trafford and Polworth then got over-run in midfield. McKay and Austin also unlucky to find Neil Alexander in good form. I was also convinced the McKay header was over the line from where I sit in the North Stand. Austin also too honest when he stayed on his feet to ride at least two poor challenges on him in the box. Still, he looks an excellent signing. Play him up front with Oakley and Doran when we have 11 players on the park then we could have the potent strike-force we lacked in the first half of the season.
  10. Highland Derbies Next Season

    Jim MacIntyre was sacked for talking bullshit in Central Belt cliches and now Coyle is doing the same. I know many Co#nty fans who are totally p####d off with his flannel and have decided to give up going to games. Uncle Roy and other directors under a lot of pressure to sort things out.
  11. Baird or Oakley

    Baird subbed again - no surprise! Oakley scores again - also no surprise!
  12. Brechin -V- Inverness CT

    Well done for the recovery today but it was Brechin ffs. The week after week we keep hearing about how poor Baird and Polworth are. Surely it's long overdue to bench them and start with Oakley and Trafford or Doran.
  13. Brechin -V- Inverness CT

    Just as I was saying...... At least one sub has made a difference.
  14. Brechin -V- Inverness CT

    Back to trying to avoid play-off at the bottom of the league at this rate. Sounds like key subs required to help get out the current predicament.