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  1. As fans who choose to pay a great deal to support the club I think it's entirely reasonable to discuss what our players are paid considering it also relates to term long term financial viability of the club. Remember that in addition to a weekly wage there's also appearance and/or win money paid.
  2. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    1st half pish. 2nd half a bit better. Could have scored but a fair result. Could be worse, we could be Dundee Utd.
  3. I had a feeling this was coming when all the previous directors left the board and the date for the handover was pushed back again and again. Where would this other parking be exactly? Vague promises are one of the reasons we're in this shambles. If it's accurate what they say, it sounds like we've no option but to do what Tulloch want.
  4. The club used to often ask for a bit of help clearing the pitch and taking off the covers. Never hear them asking anymore. Can only assume either they now have plenty people to do it or they don't use the covers or phyically clear snow anymore. Or some third way where the systems have changed altogether.
  5. St Mirren match

    Yes I believe so, apparently it's because the pitch can't be spiked to drain water like before because obviously there's pipes under it now for the USH.
  6. Paradise Papers

    Don't think the return would be favourable lol
  7. NICK ROSS Trialist

    As much as I'd like Nick to be in the squad personally I'd prefer that the money would go on a striker.
  8. Abusive Posts

    General Nonsense for this pish
  9. Message from the Chairman

    Yes that is my concern too. I wonder what the Muirfield Mills relationship is with Tulloch? I'm worried something has perhaps gone sour? Maybe reading too much into it but as it was such a huge positive move given it would save around £100k per annum, I'm surprised we've had no update.
  10. Message from the Chairman

    An interesting statement that does give some clarity to the Muirfield Mills group. I would like to hear how the transfer of the stands to the club is going though. Was it not meant to be completed by now?
  11. ICT Armed Forces

    No issue with it however perhaps this would be better suited in serious discussions?
  12. Rename game

    Stadium McStadium Face incoming imo
  13. Polworth v Kellacher

    Good thread. Will read again.
  14. Fans Boycott

    Dougal strikes me as the V for Vendetta type. Akin to Old Holborn on Twitter.