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  1. I know. I was telling you that they don't go to 3XL in the polo shirts. I'm a bit past the football strip stage of my life.
  2. The polo shirts they have only go up to XXL lol
  3. A polo shirt that actually fits me. I'm usually XL but Errea XXL (the biggest there is in the shop) is still too small.
  4. Went down to the club shop this morning (About 1015). All locked up and no sign of life. No signs I could see of opening times, nothing I could find on the website either. There was also another confused chap there looking to see the newly released strips. I don't like to moan unduly but I honestly wonder sometimes...
  5. If Foran stays, I can see it having a significant impact on ST sales. There's no two ways about it.
  6. No I've never been to County hospitality and I likely never will, I wouldn't give them my money. I'm not asking about them though, I'm just wondering what you found wanting in our hospitality as that's never been my experience.
  7. Lots of great ideas that would require loads of capital to get going though. Well maybe not the puddle thing. Out of interest what do you feel is poor about hospitality? I've never had anything but a fantastic experience.
  8. I see we have a new Chairman - Willie Finlayson.
  9. Accepted kiddo.
  10. Shh mun. The grown ups are talking.
  11. I see that Kenny Cameron has announced he's stepping down as Chairman. Personally I'd like to thank Kenny for his years of service and helping to give me some of the best football memories I have. I've met Kenny on many occasions and he was always a genuine guy who had time to chat and I've never doubted that he had the best interests of the club as heart. All the best in your retirement.
  12. I was in hospitality wearing shirt and club tie. Although I was obviously very disappointed about the outcome I'd accepted relegation weeks ago. This was a good opportunity to share a meal and as many free drinks as I could with my football friends (insert Inbetweeners meme here) and family. It was interesting on the Caley Club bus when the protesting young team got a lift back into town. We had a good old sing song upstairs
  13. Nipple tassels are on order for Dougal's on board entertainment.
  14. I know mun. I was being facetious. I spoke with you on the steps under the stand on the way out lol.