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  1. Is that so?
  2. sponsorship

    I'll throw in once I get paid on Friday.
  3. They haven't done official shirt names and numbers for many a year. In fact I don't think anywhere in town does anymore. Apparently you have to buy a minimum amount of them and it didn't wash it's own face.
  4. Matchday Thread

    We were garbage. What was Ridgers thinking for that 2nd goal? One maybe 2 of our crosses into the box reached an ICT jersey. 0-2 was a fair result.
  5. I'm pro cash gates but to be honest yesterday it took maybe 2.5 mins max of waiting in a que at the ticket office then it was straight through the gate. Hardly a massive inconvenience really. Could be more of course at a busier game. As a season ticket holder though I don't have to bother most weeks. More shocked that we still have the gall to charge £4 for a fecking hotdog.
  6. Overpriced coffee shop imo. Pretty average.
  7. Outrage.
  8. I don't really care to be depressed about hearing our ticket sales. I did however renew this week.
  9. Whatever floats your boat mun.
  10. Fking terrible idea. Only increases the stranglehold of the big clubs. Plus imo there are too many clubs in Scotland as it is, this would just make some of the smaller ones even less sustainable.
  11. Agreed. I'm not sure what events you're referring to but while KC has to take some responsibility for appointing RF I'm not sure what he has to do with current ST prices and poor communication. I'd have imagined the new administration would have set them. In fact if I recall the last time we were relegated and KC was in charge the prices were dropped quite considerably.
  12. I'm as happy clapping as they come but I've not renewed mine (or my daughters) Early bird period is far too short not going into next payday so I can't afford it. It's even less appealing at the non EB price. Plus we have no manager, barely enough players, no vision for the future direction of the club or anything regarding investment. In fact no communication whatsoever aside from asking for money. Finally I can only reiterate what others have said regarding the price. To keep it the same price in a lower league with one less game, no derby or any big game is inexcusable. There should have been a £30 to £40 reduction. At the very least they could have thrown in the first home cup game but no. After a terrible season watching dross this is what the new administration come up with? Unbelievable. I love going to the football and have never not had a Season Ticket since I moved back from Glasgow nearly 9 years ago but I can't feel anything other than were being taken for granted on this occasion. Honestly feeling very torn at the moment.
  13. It is quite amazing that people offer much and ask for so little yes.
  14. Dunno. Guess you don't know what you've got till its gone...
  15. OK cool. Let us know when an acceptable time is for volunteers to hang up thor boots (metaphorically).