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  1. Fraz

    Sack the board!

    Settle down mun.
  2. Fraz

    Ross County -v- Inverness CT

    Gregor, did you remember to send your card to Jordan today? 😍
  3. Fraz

    Ross County -v- Inverness CT

    Is it a monthly direct debit or a one off yearly payment Gregor?
  4. Fraz

    Having a ball

    Chorley Chippendales?
  5. Fraz

    Having a ball

    What makes you think that?
  6. Fraz

    Having a ball

    If we beat County in the replay we'll likely be away at Dundee Utd on the 2nd of March. 🤦‍♂️
  7. Fraz

    Having a ball

    When were these invites received?
  8. Fraz

    Having a ball

    Doubt it, I'm top banter me. Hopefully we'll meet one day and you'll find out how fun I am. 👍
  9. Fraz

    Having a ball

    Think I'll have to give this one a miss. Seems very odd though. Typo aside. >Announced with only 3 weeks to go. No time to save up, people often already have plans. Hell, my daughter's 8th birthday party is on the 9th and invitations are out. >£120 a head, way above the affordable range of the average fan. Especially if you're going with the better half. >No mention of anything that actually makes it a special ICT occasion e.g. players from past 25 years on each table/former manager as a speaker etc. Just sounds like the average sportsman dinner affair. >Ryan Esson's testimonial dinner in May is half the price in the same hotel and has at least announced a well known footballing name as a speaker! I'm sure it'll be a nice night but it doesn't look like one designed for fans if I'm being honest. Looks like it was for the corporate/business crowd and it didn't sell enough so has (late in the day) gone out to the average joes.
  10. Fraz

    Scottish Cup Pitch Flag

    What size is it?
  11. Fraz

    The 'John Hughes broke my club' thread

    Yogi wasn't given 'peanuts' though, that's simply not true. He was given a bigger budget than any previous manager. I don't think he was blameless for some of our issues upon his departure as he clearly engineered the situation but yes the board and Foran have to take the bulk of the blame there. Nobody I remember at the time wanted Foran as manager really. More of a wishful 'I like him and I hope he does well.'
  12. Fraz

    19 years. Yikes.

    Happier, hopeful times.
  13. Fraz

    Women’s team finally
  14. Fraz

    Caley Away Superiority Complex

    Hand out free beer and whisky before games at home. Problem solved. Or possibly made worse 🤷‍♂️
  15. Fraz

    The 'John Hughes broke my club' thread

    I think it was put quite well by whoever it was that said to me "John Hughes is more clever than most people think but he's not quite as clever as he thinks he is."