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  1. I think you both point out the dilemma. Short contacts are great if the player is very poor but they are detrimental if they are decent. It's a gamble but I suppose you have to try and have confidence in your signings. Several years are great if you get a Josh Meekings not so much if you get a Claude Gnackpa.
  2. Sorry I can't fathom how yesterday could be seen as a good performance. Utd were no great shakes but we sat off them, were 2nd to every ball and our passes were slack all over the park. We have virtually zero ideas when we get into the final third when we did create a half chance it was wasted. Apart from the last 7 minutes we didn't have any urgency about our play at all. My expectations these days aren't very high but if people think that's a good game fair enough.
  3. No guile, ponderous, and pedestrian. United were no great shakes but until the last 4 minutes we offered absolutely nothing going forward. Lump it up the park, give away possession, rinse and repeat. Austin needs to shut his mouth and not blame another hungrier looking young player for his laziness.
  4. Kids can certainly go to a pub up to a certain time with an adult depending on the venue and their licence.
  5. Any minuscule or remote hope ended after drawing against Falkirk / being beat by County.
  6. My daughter had her birthday party there. Wasn't match day, they don't do it when a game's on. FYI it's not cheap at £180 for a max of 12 kids. She really enjoyed it though.
  7. If it's similar to the previous CEO around £70k a year I believe.
  8. Fraz

    Club model

    Thank you Scotty. I feel like I've made a similar post half a dozen times.
  9. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect full time professional footballers to be doing better than 65% for penalties.
  10. Fraz

    CEO Stands Down

    To be fair they're only having a go a those who have chosen to wreck seats. I'm ok with that.
  11. Fraz

    The Run In

    Get a season ticket and u can get 2 kids season tickets free.
  12. We shouldn't need that bloody warning given how many goals and points we've shipped in the dying minutes of games this season! Should be well learnt by now 😕
  13. Nobody is saying that things are all rosy but your answer is to stop going to games and supporting the players? That'll definitely help.
  14. Surprising. We're usually so well informed about what's happening at the club.