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  1. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    Elsdon and Chalmers easily the worst 2 players on the pitch
  2. Club Badge/Crest

    I agree 100%
  3. Nairn County v ICT

  4. Nairn County v ICT

    4 goals now
  5. Nairn County v ICT

    3 - 0
  6. Nairn County v ICT

    2-0 maybe joe chalmers? Nice strike
  7. Nairn County v ICT

    Joe Chalmers ex Motherwell and Alix Cooper playing for us
  8. Inverness CT -V- Motherwell

    Players putting themselves in the shop window. Too little too late
  9. January Transfer Window

    I'm excited by this signing, here's hoping he does a lot better than the last Estonian international we signed
  10. Bus for Elgin game 21st January

    Myself and jagster interested for this one
  11. Ex-ICT players' news

    Jonny Tuffey conceded 6 goals at home for Glenavon against Icelandic part timers KR Reykjavic and they are 10th out of 12 in their league. A sore one to take for him.
  12. New 2016/17 kit

    I really like the strip colour and design but i cant say i'm a fan of the new crest
  13. New 2016/17 kit

    Will the badge say 'Pride Of The Highlands' or 'Inverness Caledonian Thistle'?
  14. New 2016/17 kit

    I love the stripes. We have an identity again.
  15. Yogi

    John Hughes He has to be held as a club legend in his 2 and a half year spell, he won the scottish cup and took us to europe and a league cup final, not forgetting our highest ever league finish. He certainly went through his ups and downs, but in 50 years time what will he be thought of by ICT fans? He will be known as the man who brought the worlds oldest trophy up to Inverness. In 22 short years we have done what some clubs have not managed in over 100. We may never win it again, but he brought happy memories to every ICT fan. some people won't be happy he has gone, who knows what goes on behind the scenes, but to become an established premiership club in the last 10 years with only 1 little blip is incredible. The John Hughes chapter in ICT folklore is over. Whatever the board does, there will always be questions asked, there will always be mistakes made, but for all the success you have brought us. John hughes i thank you. Onwards and upwards into the next chapter. No matter who the next manager is i will be supporting ICT for years to come.