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  1. i got a ticket aswell, i'm absolutely buzzing. although the email doesn't say that it's mandatory to wear a mask which is surprising. i'll be wearing mine but maybe a lot of people might not be?
  2. they seem a bit expensive for something that you will almost never see.
  3. has anyone been down to the ground to see if you can see the game from the layby?
  4. i was looking forward to watching the first home game in the longest time but i had to turn if off about 55 minutes in. the motion of the camera constantly moving was making me physically sick and have a sore head. needs to be improved a lot.
  5. i think that the camera thinks the linesmans head is a ball
  6. there are too many balls sitting on cones around the pitch that the cameea keeps trying to track them aswell
  7. half time. we have had a lot of the ball but not really done a lot with it
  8. i have a live link to the game pm me for it
  9. white is rubbish. worst striker that starts the majority of games that we have had in years.
  10. we have signed Shane Sutherland on a pre contract. i don't think he'll be good enough at this level or possibly in the prem. He's 29 so is no spring chicken and with all of the young players that we have on the books surely this is just a kick in the teeth for them?
  11. a great turnout at the supporters meeting tonight, a lot of good information was said with a lot of clarity. it definitely puts my mind at ease with regards to our financial situation and brought a lot more understanding to our youth setup aswell.
  12. one positive to take is that Roddy Macgregor is starting to fit right in with the first team, you wouldn't be able to tell he was 17 if you didn't already know.
  13. another good performance today. should of easily been at least 4 - 0 with White missing 2 absolute sitters
  14. White looked like a traffic cone today, he was rubbish. the game completely changed once storey came on and we started to play a lot better playing the ball on the ground and doing some nice passing moves. Also a deserved motm for carson
  15. I do like the idea of what they are trying to do and i appreciate the effort. they are trying to engage with fans, albeit a minority of them. In practice though, will lgbt people be more likely to attend and give a huge boost to the coffers? probably not. we need to follow this up with other community engagement now and help create a stronger, brighter future for the club. this is a good starting point for something that has been lacking.
  16. why no red and blue stripes? disappointed.
  17. also why do they get free tickets for signing up? what about everyone else?
  18. my dream team would be the team that won the scottish cup
  19. tough to tell with new signings and the season not started yet. we have signed many duds before, and we have also unearthed many gems that we had never even heard of previously. on a whole though i'm looking forward to the new season starting and hopefully we can improve on last season, but i would definitely see promotion playoffs as our minimum aim this season.
  20. it's great that for once we've actually announced our fixtures rather than finding out about them through the other clubs. credit where it's due for this one, great communication, it's what we've been wanting over the years.
  21. i would like to see us offer mchattie a year but with an extra year option, and another year extension for donaldson and walsh would be good
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