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  1. Robertsons big changes

    I think I heard Robbo say in his post-match interview that we are playing Brora tonight. Would be interesting to know what changes he makes as it might give clues for Saturday and beyond, but will this be a closed doors match?
  2. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    Trying to look on the bright side, we scored a really neat goal. And we should have gone 2-1 up, that was never offside and it is telling that none of the Livi defenders even claimed for it.
  3. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    We've heard lots of reasons given for our pishness this season. At what point do we question whether the manager is part of the problem?
  4. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    This season we've now had 8 games against teams in this league and we've only beaten Brechin (and even they are above us in the league based on results as they currently stand).
  5. 500 and still going

    He'll get a chance to take more wickets this winter, as it seems that his good form has helped England get into the final of the Ashes, yet again!
  6. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    That would be breach of contract. If, however, the player claims to have some sort of injury or niggle, you can't really do anything as it is pretty much impossible to prove that they are lying.
  7. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    I get the impression he'd just stand there and watch the ball go past him into the net - even more than last season!
  8. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Pish. Not likely to improve much until OFW ****s off and frees up wages to sign 3 decent players.
  9. At the game v Done U20s there WAS a section of seating cordoned off in the stand behind the goal, it was covered in tarpaulin or such like. It was at the hedge side of the stand. I have no idea if this is related to the damage alleged to have been caused by our fans, just saying.
  10. Club Badge/Crest

    I'm just delighted to see that Brad is worth as much as Ryan Christie. Should we be looking to cash in, or to tie down our prize asset on a lucrative 5 year deal?
  11. St. Mirren v Inverness Caledonian Thistle

    .......except where they are supposed to come from!
  12. Irn Bru Cup 3rd round draw

    Home to Peterhead. To be played 7/8 October.
  13. Aberdeen U20 -V- Inverness CT

    £10. Not sure about you OAPs though.
  14. Aberdeen U20 -V- Inverness CT

    Hard to read too much into performances against such a low standard of opposition, but I thought the midfield was (as usual, for this season) the strongest part of the team, all playing well with Vigurs being the pick of the bunch and MotM. Defence had too many shaky moments for my liking. Raven was the only starter who looked sufficiently solid and reliable, and obviously Tremarco was Tremarco. Hopefully we won't see much more of Chalmers, he was a weak link. Donaldson was better than I expected but I think he was at fault for the first goal, whilst I'm pretty sure Elsdon should have done better to stop the second. McKay just doesn't fill me with confidence either. Ridgers had a very good game with 2 impressive saves in the first half, but has to accept his share of blame for the farcical 1st goal. Upfront - Baird played and linked up well enough and had a few near misses, but if he can't score against that lot.... Oakley had a couple of decent balls played to him that should have been scoring opportunities, but he looked like he was running through treacle. At the moment it just doesn't look like any of our forwards will be amongst the league's top scorers, or even our own top scorers, something which will need to change if we are to become a top 4 side.
  15. Aberdeen U20 -V- Inverness CT

    Absolutely nothing wrong with the decision to field a strong team or this new player, so that this new team can improve and develop better understanding with each other ahead of some crunch games. The problem was Trafford's needless, aggressive reaction to a challenge on a teammate, when we were 4-1 up in the closing stages of a minor game against a bunch of teenagers. What was he doing? His previous yellow was also unnecessary under the circumstances of what was being played as a bounce game. I presume he'll be getting a bollocking from the manager, he deserves it. He was playing well until then and will be an important player, when he's available.