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  1. We lost 2-1 to a late penalty.
  2. And their only goal in the last round was G Shinnie! Christie can't play in the final as it is v Celtic.
  3. As is typical, you make no attempt to respond to the actual issue of how to maintain our superior public services when operating the biggest and most unsustainable deficit in the western world. Scotland is a complete basket case fiscally and the only solutions to that are very painful and unpleasant. That is the irrefutable truth here. Could you not even muster a "Nicola says it'll all somehow be fine"?
  4. Well it's not a loan, we'll never have pay it back. What a great deal it is, don't you agree?!
  5. No, that's not quite right. We could separate from the UK, it's just that we would have to live with worse public services and lower standards of living than we currently enjoy thanks to the phenomenal level of English taxpayers' money that they donate to us year after year. Anyone who says otherwise is ill informed or in denial.
  6. I'm all in favour of using public money to lure multinationals who would otherwise not be located here, but in the case of Amazon, they need a regional distribution centre in Scotland and will be here with or without subsidies. Laurence's points are not always valid, but if I was an independent bookseller I too would be fuming that a mega rich business that already has so many competitive advantages was being given taxpayers money too that isn't available to me.
  7. Interesting response from someone who has complete contempt for the current state of affairs and constantly greets about it but has no intention of moving somewhere more suitable elsewhere in the world. If it's ok for you to stay and try to change the things you don't like then why not Laurence? Nationalist hypocrisy at its finest.
  8. I'd imagine we're talking a few thousand pounds for a month's work, plus a well deserved bonus if we stay up. A worthwhile last throw of the dice when faced with the prospect of losing millions and sliding into footballing oblivion.
  9. Like others, I fear this move is too late, but it is welcome nevertheless and shows that we haven't given up.
  10. Fair play, looks like you called it right, unfortunately. Of the 7 votes for unhappy, only 2 were cast at the time, the rest have been added today!
  11. With us needing 5 points from 5 games to even have a mathematical chance of drawing level with Dundee, I note that it has taken us our last 8 games to amass that many points (and that includes the win v Rangers). An even more depressing way of looking at the size of the challenge is that since we beat Motherwell, it has taken 6 months to accumulate 5 points against the other bottom 6 teams!
  12. I've just noticed that of the 4 teams we have beaten this season, 3 have subsequently dispensed with their managers!
  13. Matchday Thread

    It was touching to see the 4 perfectly placed Motherwell players turn and run to the ref to point out the huge mistake he was making.
  14. I went for the Ambivalent option, the nearest one to my more precise feelings of " hopeful, but very concerned by his complete lack of experience in this kind of role."
  15. Hartley would be a very decent candidate to lead our Championship campaign, if he'd take the pay cut, and fancied the challenge of building a new team with a minimal budget.