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  1. Hopefully it's just a ruse to get sympathy and a seat on the Tube while he's down there!
  2. Matchday Thread

    For the last couple of seasons St J have had great vocal support at games from their Young Team, the Fair City Unity. But similar to what we are reading here, most other fans find their other antics to be an embarrassment to the club. It's a pity that groups like this can't seem to give great support without it being accompanied by some unsavoury stuff.
  3. Our recent trialist Adam Straith is likely to be starting for Canada.
  4. The change of policy got the approval of their members, but not of the people who had voted for them. There's a huge difference in principle (although not so much in practice, I acknowledge)
  5. These days, it's far more likely that the Lib Dems would be the party considered too niche to be an option on the poll!
  6. Worth mentioning the Greens here. Their manifesto stated that they would only support an indyref2 if it was "the will of the people". It clearly isn't. Presumably the Queen of Democratic Outrage will be scathing in her criticism of them for this breach of their manifesto and will refuse to accept their votes to get this through Holyrood.
  7. Opinion polls. Latest one today (Panelbase) shows only 32% want one on Sturgeon's timeframe. For info, the same poll puts Yes support at 44%.
  8. Matchday Thread

    To be fair, we have tightened up at the back and therefore become harder to beat. That's usually a prerequisite to becoming a team that can win games.
  9. Matchday Thread

    A key ingredient of their annual Houdini act is that they don't stick with a failing manager for very long...... This season, however, they have shown uncharacteristic loyalty and are finally going down as a result.
  10. Sturgeon, obviously, because she made a request in the full knowledge that it would not be granted. That is the epitome of "playing politics". She is perfectly entitled to request a referendum of course, and equally the PM is perfectly entitled to decline it at this juncture. With 2/3rds of Scots being against a 2nd referendum, we are in the strange and unprecedented situation of the UK PM standing up for the people of Scotland while our FM pursues an agenda against our wishes!
  11. Matchday Thread

    I wasn't there so I'd be interested to hear what you two saw they others didn't.
  12. Matchday Thread

    With games running out, this is the sort of match we need to be winning, home game against a bottom 6 side who are on a terrible run of form. We were close to a much needed win, but at the end of the day that was just another bad result.
  13. This week they have also recommenced threatening letters regarding my wife's 1 minute overstay in 2015, after a year of silence. £160 for 1 minute's parking seems rather steep to me!
  14. Curiously, on Reporting Scotland tonight Sturgeon appeared to be backtracking on wanting her independent Scotland to be in the EU!
  15. Too late for what, exactly?! As you well know, Scotland is not a member of EU and it is doubtful whether we'd be accepted any time soon not just because of Spain etc but because of the chronic state of our public finances. It would take many years of very painful measures to get our annual deficit down from a basket case 10% of GDP to the 3% stipulated by the EU, slashing public spending and hiking taxes. (Regardless of the EU, an independent Scotland would have to take these measures to live within its means anyway once the huge English subsidies stop). I'm with the 2/3rds of Scots who don't want another referendum at this stage. What's that phrase, "Scotland's voice must be heard"! Aye, when it suits Nicola. As for your points about the "democratic deficit" they do have some merit but have been debated many times and resoundingly rejected by Scotland - democratically.