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  1. Only last season. He was great the year before and earned his place at the Euros. But whether it was injuries or something else, he then turned into the most unreliable keeper in the league.
  2. Fidget spinners are soooooo last month!
  3. Yep, looks like we've beaten Peterhead to his signature! #stillabigclub
  4. Maybe you read that Yule won't appear until December.
  5. Apparently there is typically only 60 mins of actual playing time at the moment so the game time would be the same. The benefit is that there would be no point time wasting.
  6. Arguably the gap between the standard of the HL in comparison to the full time clubs has never been wider than it is these days. There could still be the odd gem, though.
  7. Again, there's no evidence that he even got offered the job, is there?
  8. The FWFC website profile of him says his former clubs were ICT and Clach, but it would probably have been one of the youth teams.
  9. Used to be on our books, I think.
  10. 4 keepers is one too many for us in this league, a waste of wages. Last time was it not just Esson and Kyle Allison?
  11. Not inconsistent - the Chairman phoned Shearer and initially left a voicemail, then phoned again and spoke to him properly. Source - Shearer comments in The Sun.
  12. Voicemail, not email. Still terrible though - everybody knows the correct way to announce Shearer's departure from ICT is to let him do it himself in a gloating manner on a low budget TV show with Tam Cowan.....
  13. There are 2 sides to every story and I'd be surprised (and appalled) if this were as clear cut as is being portrayed. The other significant aspect of this story, which nobody has mentioned, is that Shearer is no longer required because we have decided not to enter the Development League.
  14. Can we close this thread, now that indyref2 ain't gonna happen in the short or medium term?
  15. Or maybe he just didn't get the job.