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  1. RAVEN

    If we are struggling for players why isn,t Raven playing.
  2. The Ian Vigurs enigma

    Vigurs is a good footballer but seems to lose interest after about 60 mins. The game seems to pass him by. Maybe not fit but as I said earlier seems to lose interest.
  3. General Manager/Director of Football

    Why an earth do we need a general manager we would be better spending the money on players. It is not as we are a huge club. Would have thought the board with its vast experience would or should be able to run a championship side..
  4. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    In the short time i saw McNaughton play I thought he was mach better footballer than most at the back. Read the games well
  5. Bigman

    Good to hear it
  6. Bigman

    Has anyone else heard that we are going bust
  7. Goalkeeping Crisis

    certainly seems to have a problem with confidence at the moment, but he is exposed by a shaky defence who don.t seem to know what they are doing. It was all well and good Foran coming out with a policy of attack attack attack, but it should be based on a solid defence a mid field that knows what is doing and not just on Draper. I have said it before Vigors appears to be a bit player good when he feels like it but most of the time just drifting about. Get a solid defence which includes the midfield and build from there become difficult to beat then effective up front we now have an effective centre forward lets use him. ,
  8. ICT v Plastic Whistle 6 pointer

    I know he scored the winner for us at Elgin but have said it before he is not a target man, he is fine with the ball at his feet facing goal not always his fault the mid field don't help him and the ball into him is not easy. So wingers putting high balls into the box so he can run on facing goal. The other thing I don't understand is why are we giving away so many goals from free kicks around the area, since we appear to be so weak defending we should strive not to give them away.
  9. January Transfer Window

    I have said it before what we need is a shake up in mid field I would exclude Ross from this however, mid field is first line of defense and first line of attack we have 2 midfielders who seem to have their minds else where, although to be fair not sure were Vigors mind is, we have a centre forward who is ok going forward but as a target man the ball just will not stick, to be fair again the supply is not that good I still believe however, and I am sure we will survive.
  10. Game today! Muvverwell...

    Vigars seems to have lost interest only plays bit parts in most of the games I have seen. Tansey has his mind elsewhere although he does put the effort in so not sure what we can do. We need someone who can play alongside our centre forward, he is good facing goal but as a hit man ball seems to bounce off him Polworth might be the answer it would be good if we could get Christie back on loan. Failing that we will just have to cross our fingers.
  11. Inverness CT -V- Kilmarnock

    I must have developed a stutter, must be the effects of the game
  12. Inverness CT -V- Kilmarnock

    inept. target man shocking, mid field non existent Vigars not interested, Polly not a clue Tansey little better. Must stop myself talking about Ref although he fitted in well with our performance. Vigars started were he left over from the rangers game appeared not interested. Still we got a point not all bad, but cannot take much more of that rubbish
  13. Team for Killie

    Vigurs needs to be rested, poor against Rangers Doran on from the start

    He fell for it hook line and sinker