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  1. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    Must be mad not to retain Raven
  2. The Ian Vigurs enigma

    I have to eat humble pie Vigurs has been amazing in recent games
  3. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    No mention of Raven. I still think he has o lot to offer even if it is advice to the younger players.
  4. Polworth v Kellacher

    As I said in an earlier post Polworth had a hard shift. He is surrounded by poor footballers some wouldn,t get a game in the highland league. Vigars had a good game but is mostly made up of short passes but he manages to create space for himself so looks more impressive. I can understand Polworths frustration he needs help on the pitch not critisisum from the side lines. I would have thought it was clear to everyone he needed help not people who hide, I use the word people because I don't think they are fit to be classified as players not at this level
  5. Polworth v Kellacher

    I thought Vigars was outstanding yesterday but he had players he could play one's and two's off. Polworth had nobody to help him up front . I think before we proportion blame on polworths poor game we should look at the mediocre players in frount and alongside him some appeared to be unable to run let alone play football. I am not condoning him he should be able to control himself but you must understand the frustration he must feel week in week out surrounded by players who don't have a clue.
  6. Raven not again

    David Raven gives everything he has got still a better player than a lot of his team mates still got a lot to give even if its just experience.
  7. We're do we go from here

    We have a goalkeeper and 2 fullbacks a captain spents his game either kicking opponents or waving his arms about. A midfield player who seems to be lost and out of his depth and the rest who wouldn,t get a game in the highland league. What has gone wrong, is it poor leadership at all levels or just reality kicking in?
  8. Why do you support ICT ?

    I now have no idea
  9. Why do you support ICT ?

    I ran line at caley park and Thistle at kingsmills park so I was always impartial of all the team's I had soft spot for Clach. So the amalgamation didn,t really impact on me that much, so I watch and support the New team Caleythistle
  10. Robertsons big changes

    I would have thought Robertson would have put out his best team last Saturday if this is the case I worry for the rest of the season
  11. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    Mistake with Rice but apt
  12. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    Pass the ball back to the goalkeeper who hoofs it up the park to the smallest player on the park our centre forward . We where good to be fair for the first 10 minutes after that a team of strangers. We appear to be run by a bunch what Doris Rice do for his money?
  13. Number One

    I signed for Grimsby Town as a goalkeeper in the early 60s so do you think I should offer my services
  14. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Must be some sort of record 3 2 down our kick off 1minute later 4 2 down
  15. The young guys in the north stand do their best to create an atmosphere which is great. They then spoil themselves by getting involved with flares. Keep the drums going lads it does create atmosphere but stick to the rules no flares it has the reverse effect and spoils our reputation