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  1. Following on from the informative debate about Iain Vigurs, how do we feel about "he's one of our own" Polly? I see great unrealised potential, possibly as he is not unleashed in his best position (attacking midfield?) and he sometimes seems disinterested or even lazy. Can we make him our next star?
  2. Cue another thread.... The Liam Polworth enigma?
  3. Other than in the air, he compares quite favourably on these stats. Must admit, in the deeper role he played towards the end of last season and yesterday, he has impressed. I thought he pulled the strings in midfield against Brechin. May just be where I sit, as pretty close to the middle of the park, so I am close to the area he tends to be in.
  4. Matchday Thread

    Hope you are right 12th man. I had my 5 year old grandson at only his second game so missed some of the action as I tried to tell him where to be looking, but overall I left with a positive feel too. Next week against Falkirk will tell us a lot, and the league opening could make or break our season.
  5. And Elsdon is 6.
  6. Matchday Thread

    After an even first few minutes, We pretty much bossed it. Good to see 7 of the new guys, 5 starting and 2 coming on. Ridgers had little to do so can't comment on him. Seedorf was a stand out at right back. Was quieter when moved into midfield late on. With Raven on bench, probably confirms he is one the club may be happy to see move on. Calder looked promising at left back, and will be useful cover when Tremarco returns. No complaints about Warren or Mckay with Warren taking his goals well. Elsdon looked OK also when he came on. In midfield, Vigurs was good in the deep role. Draper was busy as usual and pretty commanding. Mulraney's pace was troublesome all day, and he was subject of some rough challenges. A consistent end product remains elusive. Polworth was disappointing. Did not see enough of Chalmers to judge after he came on, and it was a very harsh booking. Up front, Baird was busy and looked promising, whilst Oakley was quieter but got off the mark. For me, Seedorf was the pick, then Vigurs and Warren. Early days but an encouraging start, and a few more goals would not have flattered us.
  7. It is just one more, or Fon Williams and two? Gary Warren perhaps?
  8. Full squad now there. New signings showing squad number 0, those from last season showing last season's numbers, so one step forward but not really helpful yet. 25 listed, including 5 'keepers.
  9. Anyone brave enough to predict the team for tomorrow? When at the ground this afternoon to collect my ticket, Ryan Esson and Aaron Doran were leaving, looking fit and happy. Is Doran fit to play yet?
  10. Sorry to see Iain go, he was a great ambassador for the club. I'm no fan of the press (sorry Charles!) but I hope he has a great career at the P&J.
  11. The squad list on the club website only has the seven new players listed, all showing squad number 0, so no hints there!
  12. The rumours are getting stronger, I suggest we all watch this space!
  13. POY

  14. POY

    Sorry if I have missed it, but have we worked out how the fans ranked the players overall last season. Ancient history now, I know, but just curious! For what it's worth, and not allowing for game time, my choice would be: Tremarco Fisher (but lack of game time will have scuppered that!) Draper
  15. Any word about Cammy Mackay? Last I heard the club were speaking to him but that was a while ago. I thought this could be his breakthrough season, but perhaps not.