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    Not quite sure what you mean BDU. But my thoughts are running along the lines that the Vancouver Whitecaps new management might have difficulty in finding good players at the drop of a hat and might wish for players with at least NASL experience since a new Manager has his or her hands full right from the word go. Also I would expect that they would be quite prepared to buy out any residual contract affecting ICT' so that our Inverness team will not suffer. Having seen the films of roaring fans in their thousands I doubt that that club is running on monetary fumes! Have I answered your rather deprecatory and cynical thoughts now? Frankly I really don't give a hoot for the Vancouver team but thought an opportunity might be there for both OFW and Caley Thistle to benefit. Now, you have a merry Christmas tomorrow, BDU, and also New Year when it arrives. And the same to all loyal ICT fans and friends.
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    Serious disciplinary issues both on and off the pitch in the past and a tendency to injure easily. Agree he does have potential but, with our restricted finances and small squad, I am not convinced that we can afford to take such a risk.
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    Hi Scotty I am not a devotee of North American football since I live at least 45 odd miles away from the Vancouver Whitecaps stadium, having moved out of the Vancouver area and going Eastwards because the house prices in the city were getting utterly ridiculous. Joined by many others of course. But that's very interesting so thank you and we shall see what transpires.
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    Manfer's comments flow from wisdom and a touch of irony still left in his bones and not from any desire to put-down anybody else's comments. Watch out for that wily old fox and pay attention, Corporal. "Ja mein Herr! Das ist gut "
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