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  1. I agree with Gringo that the swearing lowers the class of the PODCAST. Otherwise it's just outstanding and clearly the contributors are well versed Caleywise and very smart cookies as well.
  2. Never mind these guys Alan. Just continue to be your own , entertaining self, and you have my vote. Then all you have to do is avoid things like sarcasm and negativity then Bob's yer Uncle (he used to be mine but he died of old age) and Billy is yer goat.
  3. Alan, you area a bit of a card. But interesting and a dedicated , knowledgeable fan. Yep, Festus, "keep it simple Sam " seems to be a very good advice. I think,,,,
  4. Garrincha--please advise exactly what you mean by the words "prioritise the team". My feelings are that , even pro-tem, if the costs of sustaining the youth don't lead to any kind of revenue return on the money invested by the club then you must terminate that process. Sorry,but "needs must when the devil drives". And right now this is a desperate "prune root and branch" scenario. No half measures. Don't necessarily believe the nice words of incomers to lull you into a false sense of security. Ask for specifics and demand proof of intentions. You have a current situation where, apparently, no specific plans or deals currently exist or are in the pipeline for any shareholder or incomer to fund the losses and/or the club on an ongoing basis. So how do you propose to run the club unless crowds get much larger? Waving your hands in the air and saying "oh,something will turn up" doesn't work when the chips are down and the club has no plan for this situation to improve. The product is good but the punters won't show up so support through "thick and thin" doesn't loom large at the moment. So there is no other option but to sharpen your pruners and get busy supporting only stuff that has an impact on the revenue stream and the product on the park. All expenditures other than salaries must be reduced very quickly and on an ongoing basis. If you don't see that as a reality then go to the bank and ask for an extension of their credit-line. They will not get it unless the club offers additional security by way of guarantees from wealthy individuals or the provision of items such as bonds or investment paper of real value. Severe pruning of expenses is the answer and/or the addition of other revenue earners such as a canteen with an outside access point for half-time bevvies--i.e if none exist at the moment. or..setting up a raffle each fortnight for sale of tickets as they enter the stadium,etc.
  5. The reports of the home fans' despicable taunts must be answered severely by Ayr United Board (note that I said Board and not just the Manager). Failure to do so should lead to a complaint to the SFA if the latter still exists in Scotland. Appalling behaviour and the local newspaper should make a comment notable only for it's strident calling -out of such fans. I have never heard of such callous and contemptible behaviour as this at any other public event. I'll quit whilst I am ahead and as I remember the desolation I felt when my mother dropped dead in the house many years ago from a stroke.....!
  6. Request urgently that the fan base make a (substantial) donation to the club with a specified minimum amount and a specified minimum number of donators. Then also quote the total target sum required which, if not reached, can trigger a return of all monies donated and received to that date. WITH INTEREST. Why? Because as soon as the target is reached they can work out a deal with an insurance company with terms that the company will refund all requested returns of money donated to the club to each applicant, if the club cannot pay them back, if requested to do so within a specified number of years.--say 2-3 years. The premium might be fairly high but if it was sufficient to cover the returns then it would probably be worth the club's taking on the responsibility of returning the individual donation as and when requested AFTER the specified number of years has been reached. By then the donator may not need or want a return of their donation so …. that's just human nature, especially if they have not missed the money going out of their pocket anyway. Sounds corny? Then firstly ask the club to consult with an insurance company before putting the final touches on the deal to show the fans that they mean business as an alternative to going bust. Then, if all requested returns are repaid as agreed upon within the specific 2-3 year timeframe, the club are left with the remainder of the donations in hand and at that point they are no longer under any obligation to return any of them. Everybody benefits:- The loving Fan base gets an emotional charge from helping ICT over an emergency situation. The club works hard to make changes for the better and sets up a joint once per month club and fan discussion event and works hard on encouraging the youngsters to take an active interest in the club with the club working hard itself to make direct contact with the local schools on ventures that can hardly be turned down because they make common sense . Or they can fail...…?
  7. Thank you, gentlemen! The name "Stootie" really resonates from my past and younger years at Telford Street. Great times. Peter MacKinnon was the player who was as close to me as any Caley Player could be. A super, genuine soul and a real gentleman who lived next door to me when we lived in Dunain Road. He married the neighbour's daughter and their family was very close to me in my younger years. He has passed on now but I still think of him and still am in contact with Margaret (Pete's wife) and the Gibson family .
  8. Yes, being ignored is a real downer. Say what you like to my face but please don't ignore me. It always seems to be such an insult when a quiet and polite word can be the difference between an alliance to the person or the alternative poor feelings towards him or her. However in the case of our alliance and loyalty to the club we just have to thicken the skin and move right on..
  9. YMIP As you probably know I live overseas now for many years. Genuine condolences on your loss. I was wondering if the name you mention , Roshie Fraser, could possibly be the "Stootie" Fraser that I recall as a young lad was the interesting name given to one of the early Caley Players? Or have I got it wrong. That was a long time ago for sure.
  10. The reference to Miller I presume means the guy who also played for Vancouver in British Columbia. That Miller got the ball in his own half on that particular day, waltzed down to the opponent's goal at speed and scored handily. Unbelievable piece of footwork I must admit. It was like he was going through soft butter with a hot knife. "The MIller of old from Rangers as I remember.....?
  11. I am sitting here both aghast and emotionally deflated. A very disappointing and stunning prospect awaits us. Since I am not a "Johnny on the Spot" then the best thing for me to do is to soak up as many viewpoints as provided and see all, hear all but say nowt. Then keep my fingers crossed , my powder dry and await developments with bated breath. Especially since I have never met the current officials who are running the club. As things apparently stand at the minute, then my incredible and incredulous emotional high that attended the viewing of the Scottish Cup win by ICT those few years ago does now seem like just a distant and possibly one-time paradoxically elusion. But things are seldom what they seem and there is a way out ,. Except that that will come at a high price I fear.So, onward and upwards, chums. S.P.
  12. Excellent result but the last statement made by "Robert" has always to be borne in mind.
  13. Mr. RattleAssegai once stated "Much ado about nothing....."
  14. He's the one that cannae walk but he's pretty good at the squeaky squalk.
  15. Rather be a sparrow than a snail....
  16. Rig, can't actually remember. Most probably though because that link really stands out and begs for a
  17. Reporting that I completely lost the end of the Podcast and found it really difficult to resume it. Then at the end I got it up and running only to fail again. Not complaining or nuffink', just reporting it.
  18. Sounds like your passion for flags is flagging.
  19. Winning teams often achieve that through fortunate happenstance, meaning lucky breaks. And lucky breaks happen to winning teams. :-Take this as an omen. This year could finally be our turn to win this league. Remember you heard me saying it here ...
  20. A bit too early perhaps , C.T. , for summarising feelings about his future and that of Hearts at this early stage of the season. And remember that there are more fish in the sea than ever came out of it. Meaning, really, that no one is indispensable. Just one of life's constantly changing challenges`.....sigh. I.e. the origin of the old saw... "Life get's tejious, don't it".
  21. "Why, Caleyboy? Where is the hurt, or diminution of ICT's stature, by fans showing positive feelings?. Any fan worth his or her salt surely approves of other teams always being enterprising and constantly seeking to improve by accepting offers by other , bigger teams, to help them and help blood their own up- and- coming players. What would you prefer to see? Teams languish and die or just fade away because someone, somewhere, refused to lend them a helping hand. It's called …"helping a lame dog over a style"...……. eh?"
  22. Whew! Caleyboy, not a very positive attitude. Our boys are playing for the Fort and all fans should encourage them or other smaller teams to forge on, always trying; whether to improve or win matches it makes no difference. How do young players get experience if they aren't playing games anywhere they can get the nod knowing that our team is encouraging them.?
  23. Man o' man, if that house was power-washed it certainly would look fine. Especially if some needed repairs were done--see above left window where the gutter is now sagging, But you could probably spend quite a lot of money on bringing it back to what it was in past years...…… has great style though. In Canada we have little else than wooden framing over a box, then covered in plastic tiling and decent houses in Vancouver now starting at some $700,000 . Shocking! The incoming of thousands of Chinese has turned the small hamlet of Richmond, on the Southern outskirts of Vancouver, where I bought my first little townhouse for $45,000 when the population was about 5,000, into a population of over 100,000 residents. For the above reason we know that there will be utter devastation when the "Big One" hits us , sooner rather than later I fear. Just reviewed and renewed my home insurance policy!!! With no earthquakes to worry about in Inverness, homes like the one shown here, could probably be beautified and with care could continue to look good for many years.