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  1. I mean ….when it is all over, bar the crying?
  2. IHE are you a wee bit tipsy? The Oxford English dictionary will help you methinks. Smile
  3. Perhaps McEwen Fraser are paying for it.....? In which case...….just turn a blind eye, methinks? Smile
  4. At least Alan 's heart is in the right place .
  5. Fair enough, IHE! I'm all for suspending judgement. But good judgement is the best route because these players are costing the club probably a fair dad of money. Just saying...?And how can we determine how much Robbo has in his coffers for spending and hiring?
  6. Appears to be a done deal so let's wish him all the best. Talks well in the interview. Perhaps all he needs is respect and encouragement? Worth a punt for this season at least? Not sure, however how old he is...…. possibly a factor as related to performance as well. Still, if the contract is a one year renewable at discretion of the club, then why not? The fans need some skill to cheer about. Time for criticism, one way or the other, after he gets down and dirty over the next three or four months methinks
  7. Yes, some unknown names in there IHE . Where did Collinson come from and for what reason....? Solid defender and skilful perhaps ? Not questioning Robbo's skill but never heard of this player before. Thanks!
  8. If Miles Storey has been so good then why did his last team let him go when approached by Robbo? If he has lost the pace, or the place, then he will last only one season perhaps? In which case he is merely a "plug-in" rather than a future prospect so to speak? And if so, Robbo, then why bother? We're surely faced with building a strong winning team for the future at the moment rather than for the sake of seeking a pressure-filled romp each season ?
  9. This early defeat will either depress Robbo in the short term or goad him into definitive reaction. If D. United can start with such enterprise and sweeping dynamism in the first game then it does appear that Robbo may have a real uphill struggle on his hands. So how quickly will he react with verve and a REAL plan to address the negative issues that the team has encountered so far? And the big question is .."does he have the class of player and resources to provide the answer?"
  10. Nice one Cyril . After all, a change is as good as a rest isn't it?
  11. IHE--Storey back, Tansey back in a deal taking White to St Midden. Buying Todorov now makes sense. I agree....these guys were /are gooood.
  12. Maybe "Aye", maybe "Och Aye".....? He might be able to contribute a fair amount of good football but how good is he now that he wants to leave the "bigger" team? And does ICT have the money to get him ...remember the old saying.."if you can't pay , don't go!"
  13. If he is I feel he should be welcome since he did contribute when at our club. But....? Can we afford to buy him back etc?
  14. Och! There! he goes again, making fun of a poor old Pimple. Grrrrrr! If only I was ten years younger and all. However don't be bothered by IHE..he has a good heart and loves ICT to death so...…we have to make allowances for his, probabl, mis-spent youth. If you ever do want to come to Canada and the purse strings can stretch to allowing for the airfare out to the West coast, then it's extremely likely that my wife and I could meet you. Would that not be "something"? But, to see a Moose you will have to travel way up North for that and can't fail to send a photo to IHE as well of you and the Moose cuddling. Aye, Right!!
  15. Oh well! Valuable experience for the LADS. Has to be a positive experience for them and useful for the Caley team. Onward and upward then.
  16. OOPs! Danylo, I thought that you said Ukrainian glass. 🤪My mistake. Between the change of your Prime Minister and all , you have lots to think about and chat over a glass of whisky! Spare a thought for our newly-minted team for 2019-2020. I am thinking that there are going to be some surprising results this year but Robbo is still here and on the ball. Interested in coming over to Vancouver in Canada ….? Scarlet
  17. OCH! Youse yins really know how to bring a tear to a wistful emigree's eye.. Looks lovely though. Great job, sigh. Thank you! You really are true gentlemen on this site.
  18. Does anyone have a photo of the newly laid turf?
  19. From recent past reports Peterhead look as if they are a very determined team. Quite a surprise for them to win this game in good form. Anyway, good luck to an aspiring team.
  20. And you would stake your life on that satan?
  21. Although a warning of what may be to come don't you think? The- team---- should they not be fresh out of the blocks , regardless of when and whom they are playing?
  22. I agree with SMEE-- good quality people and football fans always welcome on this site--I hope. Glad you enjoyed browsing over the previous seasons. The last game I saw last season against Ross County was an absolute cracker with ICT doing a real number on them , vigorous and determined football in an absolutely great game from my viewpoint.Hope it continues this term as well. I see that Chernobyl has had a real problem that correct? And how have the authorities dealt with that?
  23. I think he definitely should come back. I look upon him as one of the team because of his longevity of access and the knowledge he has about ICT. Which is very considerable. Also, he is a bright and very knowledgeable bloke ,Jock, and if his personality is somewhat different to yours or mine then there is nothing wrong with that --- so be it, variety is the spice of life and irritating people also serve to keep you on your toes. eh? So long as he is not normally abusive and/or contemptuous of other fans on here then I think that he should be very welcome.