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    Kristine is a good choice in some respects as she is the face of the club as you walk in the door. She has always been very pleasant any time I have spoken to her.
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    Welcome to the ICT Supporters Trust sub-forum of CTO. Setting the scene for what we hope will be a valuable addition to this excellent site is a message from ICTST Chair Stewart Murdoch. “May I Introduce myself. My name is Stewart Murdoch and I have taken over as the Chair Person for Inverness Caledonian Thistle Supporters Trust (ICTST), formally Caley Jags Together (CJT). In the Last 6 months Donald Johnstone has led the supporters trust to a point where we are now working with the rules set in place and our own website established. We thank him for his guidance and leadership through this period. The future vision is to work with you the supporters and the club to make match day experiences better and work towards bringing your issues and concerns to the club. ICTST wishes to have the community at its heart and hopes to support those in need where we can. We are grateful to CTO and Scotty for setting up this sub-forum to allow the reporting of and discussion on the Trusts activities. Peter Mutton, our Vice-Chair will be taking the lead on behalf of the Trust on this site. Peter is a regular contributor to CTO who many of you will know better as "Doofers Dad". Peter will be monitoring the wider CTO site and looking to pick up on issues of concern to fans. Other Trust Board members will be doing the same on other social media sites. In this way we will be able to identify which are the key concerns we need to discuss with the Club on behalf of the supporters. We may also use this site from time to time to ask for your views on specific issues We thank you for your support and input into to both ICTST and the football club. Regards Stewart Murdoch Chair Person, ICTST” As Stewart says in his introduction, this sub-forum is specifically for issues relating to the Supporters Trust and will allow threads relating to the Trust to be kept together. You will see that a small number of relevant threads have been moved from the main Caley Thistle forum to here. New threads will be added in the near future as the new Board begins to move forward. Much of the work of the Board to date has been working on stuff in the background to get the Trust fit for purpose. This includes the establishment of the new website which can be found at https://ict.supporterstrust.org/. Whilst there is not yet much on the site, there is detail of who the Board members are together with a little bit about us all. More will be added as we move forward and we will use this forum to alert you to that.
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    Got 25 mins at the end of their game on Saturday but saw something that said they were still worried about him and not likely to risk him for the midweek game against us.
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    Weather forecast looks ropy. Wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if it was off given we are likely to be missing Ridgers, Donaldson, Walsh and Doran.
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    If money is more important than support then why not tell all fans to stay at home and watch it there and just send ten pounds to the club so everyone wins as we get tv money fans money and a boycot all in one.
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