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  1. Same here. Not only are we not one of the lucky 300, now they’re not letting us see the video😡
  2. The day the governing body argues against fans being allowed back into grounds we’ll know the game truly is bust!
  3. Satan is correct - tier one specifically allows for the return of fans to outdoor stadiums, subject to distancing of course. Interesting conversations to be had over the next week or so.
  4. Ewan Murray Tweet The SPFL will pay £300k a year to satisfy Sky, has a BT claim, a BBC claim, a foreign rights claim and still no title sponsor in a pandemic. They are now subject to imminent damages claims from two clubs. You'd have to be very confident... BT claim believed to be in the region of £3 million! How in the hell have we arrived at this?! At least with null and void (which we were told was “unthinkable “) there would have been no forced relegations, therefore no damages claims from wronged member clubs. Hard to think of a worse outcome than the one we’ve been landed wi
  5. Very hard hitting statement from our Chairman Ross Morrison tonight, basically confirming and endorsing everything Scot Gardiner said and tearing into the SPFL processes and procedures. Have a feeling tomorrow could be interesting!
  6. Breaking news that one of our players is self -isolating after showing symptoms of the virus😳
  7. Makes interesting reading. First time I have seen the actual number of season tickets (1453) made public, not a particularly impressive figure but hardly surprising. Statement is well written and contains a number of commitments, some of which we have heard before but hopefully will be followed through this time.
  8. Announcement tomorrow morning apparently - hear it's John Robertson!
  9. Howdenender + 1 please
  10. We will not lose out on TV money as this game is part of the contractual package which all clubs signed up to with Sky and ESPN. Whether the kick off could have been delayed would have depended on ESPN's schedule for the rest of the day as much as anything else. Fact is that another call off due to a waterlogged pitch, especially as late as this one, is embarrassing for the club. One night of rain, however heavy, should not cause problems like this, and we obviously do have a drainage problem which needs to be sorted.
  11. Thought Rooney had a great game tonight - held the ball up, laid it off well and ran himself into the ground. Very unlucky not to score, and would have been my choice for MOTM easily. We actually played some good stuff at times, and on another night could well have won. Can't say I saw much improvement in Aberdeen - they still look a poor side with a defence that is there for the taking.
  12. Injury well healed and I thought Jamie had a great game today. More than you could say for any of our lot.
  13. Yes, "allegedly" a late injury. It wouldn't be the first time he's been dropped for no good reason. I wouldn't be surprised if he vented his spleen on TB when he found out he wasn't in the starting line up. No conspiracy theory this time - I spoke to Russel this morning (in Harry Gows!)and he said he had picked up an injury and wouldn't be playing. Hopefully only a short term thing. We definately missed him today, though Duff did ok in midfield and scored a cracking goal. Frustrating game as we certainly had chances - thought Rooney was very poor today.
  14. No Mantis, he had not been ill, and had spent a normal day a week last Friday, before suffering a sudden and sadly fatal heart attack at home on Friday evening. No suffering, but a terrible shock for the family. Thoughts and sincere condolences to them - hard to believe after all these years that we will never see Gordy at the football again. Another link to the past broken.
  15. This has been a fantastic season, most exciting for years, but I'm glad we're back where we belong!!!
  16. Fantastic result today. County now 16 points behind us with 4 games in hand, so really just us and Dundee now. Looking forward to Dunfermline game already!
  17. Hamilton came on early in the second half and was very impressive - made a big impact with his pace and all round performance. Must say I really enjoyed the game, and even at under 20 level the physical side was tremendous - huge tackles going in and fitness levels amazing. Best entertainment at the stadium for quite a while!
  18. Just in from the game. Fully deserved three points today, tho didnt look like we were going to get them as we created and missed so many chances. Fair play to Rooney for taking the second penalty after missing the first one (to be fair their keeper saved it well). Great performance from Hayes, well deserved MOM. Given ourselves a chance now if we can keep this run going.
  19. They have access to tools on the site Far too many tools on the site if you ask me! :hale:
  20. Defence was once again very suspect today, and both goals were preventable. Having said that, second half was much better and we would have been worth a draw if we could have taken one of the fairly easy chances that we created. Overall I thought we actually played quite well at times today, but until we get more solid at the back we are going to lose more than we win.
  21. Midfield is completely ineffective these days and that is a major problem - almost nothing created for the strikers and no assistance for the defenders. Cox and Stratford contribute a bit of running about with no end product, and Proctor in midfield is just a stop gap at best. Meanwhile we have Roy Mcbain, with 5 years SPL experience, getting his first few minutes of the season today as sub - something wrong there?
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