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  1. Good luck for Friday! I'm going for 69" 69'! ;0P xx

  2. Hey Gringers,

    Just spoke to Iain, heartbreaking!

    The funeral is at Clydebank Crematorium, Friday, 2pm.

    Then afterwards at the Westpark Hotel.

    Fingers crossed we'll be able to get the time off.

    King Beastie, Queen Beastie & Mooncat are trying to come down too.

    Take care

    Mrs PB


  3. Thanks so much for sharing the piccies Gringo! xx Ally in her "Burberry Trousers" in full swing! We'll make sure Iain, Craig and Lesley see the messages. Thanks everyone. Mrs PB xx
  4. Dear All, Just wanted to let you know, Alison Coia, aka Caley Ally, passed away on Sunday. She had been very bravely battling Cancer for some time. Absolutely gutted, such a fantastic Lady! Many many happy memories of "The Mob", "The Coia Bus" and the good ole days of supporting Caley together the first time we got to the 1st Division. An absolute nutcase, who will be very very sorely missed! We think the funeral will be in Glasgow on Friday afternoon. I don't have the full details yet, if you'd like to go can you PM me please, and I'll get the details to you as
  5. The really sad part is the Girl's Boyfriend had been killed in a Accident with his Works Van a few weeks before. She was devastated and begged his folks for his car ? hence why she was driving it. The Lad lived on our Street. Such a shame. :( :022:
  6. The one positive from yesterday, it showed exactly how much we need Russelldinho! Stratford really did try at points, stuck his head out for a hellva tackle, but he's no Duncan! Sanchez was far worse though.....kept going backwards!!! :angry: :angry: :angry:
  7. I was worried about him doing the Celeb thing at Man Utd before the match....surely he should have been resting? Seemed very arrogant! Obviously he knew he'd had him beat already! Well done Hayemaker!!!!!
  8. Heart goes out to those Bairns families - :P :crazy02: - the Boy played for the Clach Youth Team. Maybe they should have a Law which Limits the Power of the Car you can drive/purchase after you pass your test - regardless of your age! I know some folk are more confident than others, but I really don't think some know the power and destruction of the cars they drive! Mrs PB
  9. Fair play to the Dundee Board for taking decisive action and making a tough decision when it needed to be made! They've been on an awful run! Bad news for us - will surely shake their players up a bit to fight! If they have already lined someone up to take over by close of play on Monday, must be someone not currently in management? Interesting times ahead!!!
  10. 100 seats? :024: Yer erse isn't that big Mannie! :P Mrs PB
  11. :angry: :015: - completely justified punishment!!
  12. Nice one Scotty! How about we get Don a megaphone and he can still do his announcing from the Bridge, next to where the "Brewster Out" Banner was - it's not as if you can miss one of his shirts anyways!!!! :angry: Mrs PB
  13. Definitely!!!!! Realistically, in the current climate, we can't afford to extend Butcher and Malpas contracts next season. Barry could be the ideal man to take on the Asst Role! Bring Back Barry! Mrs PB
  14. I think he's a strong enough character to tell Gordon Smith where to stick it when he'd need to! Exactly the type of bloke we need! Good Luck to him!!!! Mrs PB P.S. Can we have Dods back now please?
  15. To tell all the Players first before the game...then the manager after...is a down right disgrace!! How can they calim there's been no conspiracy!! Idiots! Mrs PB
  16. Don't you dare let those heads go down now.....C'mon Caley.....sort it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angry: :angry: :angry:
  17. Woooooooooo Hoooooooooooooo! :D :D :D :D C'mon Caley!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Kev it's ?16.99, but on offer at ?14.99 at the moment. We'll be there on Saturday to get our copy signed. When you start to find out about the demons he was battling, makes his achievements and all he did for ICTFC all the more impressive! Well done Pele - hope it's sells out! ;) :025: Mrs PB
  19. A joy to watch....I friggin hate that wee pr*ck!!!! Mrs PB
  20. Good for Deano - shame it didn't work out for him with us! Mrs PB
  21. Taking Foran off made no sense at all...he was linking up really well with Proctor!!! Very strange decision! :025: Mrs PB
  22. Most Famous - George Clooney & Mark Wahlberg - Prefect Storm Premiere in Birmingham - swoon! :P Favourite Famous Person - Sir Terry Wogan - I worked with him on Points of View, really really lovely guy. During filming I missed a week to go to my friends Wedding in Aberdeen, when I got back he remembered and took the time to ask me all about how the Wedding went - which I thought was just top! TOG for Life! Least Favourite - Laurence Llewelyn Bowen - Arrogant Erse! Likes his Sushi though...that's another story :P Worked with quite a few others: Jeremy Clarkson All
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