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  1. My Dad had a classic Austin Morris Mini. It is in the same shape as Nathan.
  2. Come on - Who actually thought that we would get to the play offs - I didn't and I am a feckin Seer.
  3. Who cares - Doonhamers are sending us to Ayr and the path to the promised land ?
  4. Two horse race. Both had injury spells and time on the bench. Walsh evidently gets more accolades due to the quality of his goals and assists BUT I am going fer McCart as he has made the most improvement AND he has formed a fine centrat defence partnership with Coll. Saying that lets hope that both will be vying for Player of the Season in 19/20
  5. Yes I would far rather be in a conventional domineering position and would cry if we would get doggied by the Fifers.
  6. I suggest that we get every fan to answer the question - "Was Ian Polworth a great and loyal servant to ICT?" on a Pollygraph and I bet there would be a large majority of "yes" responses and a lot of "youre feckin lying mate" results as well.
  7. I just love that OFW painting depicting him and Foran in the dressing room.
  8. Any forward "line" that makes Berra look like Beckanbauer needs refashioning.
  9. Beat Morton - "Blood" some of the "kids" - 90 minutes worth - and lets see what they can do. Why lash out the spondoolicks when the answer may be in our own back yard.
  10. Great afternoon Red Card - Passers by must have thought we had won the feckin Cup.
  11. Exactly IBM _ We were outplayed and outclassed today - by an average Hearts team. Some of our players were found out for being lacking at this level. Without Coll and Tremarco we will struggle but we have got further than I thought that we would