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  1. Well we are on the road to Bony Dungdee again and lets hope that this will be a more enjoyable and fruitful return journey. Surely we can't repeat the Dens performance of a few weeks ago and lets face it - Dundee did not look at all formidable and are clearly the lowly neighbours in the vicinity. I had hope of a point at Tannadice - I have expectations of at least a point 200 yards away. The return of Rooney was an unexpected boost even if it probably means that we will stick to 4 at the back with the line up inevitable. Lets just hope that Coll and Tremarco are determined to prove that their last showing at Dens was a season one -off. As for midfield and attack that is a real conundrum. As I alluded to prior to the Smokies I was afraid that a win would mean "same again" this week. Now I am not so sure and live in hope. To be fair to Robbo it may be that Todorov and Storey were not match fit for a 90 minute outing. Given what we have seen Todorov and Storey would be a nightmare pairing for Dungdee whereas the tall, immobile Dundee defenders would be smacking their lips at the prospect of White in the lone striker role. We also have to cut out the long ball as it has been proven wholly fallible against Dungdee. Lets use our width and hit the bye line more often and look at using the pace of Storey and the guile of Keatings. Despite mixed reports I am hopeful that Vincent will show more of a playmaker ability RIDGERS ROONEY COLL McCART TREMARCO CARSON VINCENT WALSH KEATINGS TODOROV STOREY
  2. Beat Morton and that increases the chances of a "plum" away tie - I suspect that all 8 of the non-Scottish outfits will progress.
  3. The draw will contain 32 Clubs – 2 clubs from Northern Ireland Football League (Ballymena United & Glenavon) – 2 clubs from Welsh Premier League (The New Saints & Connah’s Quay Nomads) – 2 clubs from League of Ireland Premier Division (Waterford & Bohemians) – 2 clubs from English National League (Solihull Moors & Wrexham) – 10 clubs from Ladbrokes Championship – 14 winners from Second Round The SPFL have announced that the draw for the Third Round of the 2019/20 Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer Cup will be made on Wednesday 14 August at 12.30pm.
  4. Oh dear - Has Vincent taken over from Polly in more ways than one ?
  5. She was 52 in 1994 - Happy 77th Birthday MrsCaleyjag 😉
  6. My apologies to the Seer Society but I thought that it would take at least half an hour for this prophecy to register in Canada.
  7. Just when you think an old bulb needs changed it fires into life.