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  1. I am happy that the world is becoming a safer place to live in. I am happy that me and the missus have had 2 jabs and can plan to get back North. I am happy that my immediate family have survived the pandemic. I am saddened for the number of friends and colleagues who have experienced losses or stress induced illnesses. This football season means little except ICT are alive and kicking, we booted the Tinks out of the Cup and we may all meet up again next season in pre=match pubs and enjoy watching from inside the grounds. Basically - Good feckin riddance to the 2020-2021 football season a
  2. Qué Sera Sera whatever will be, will be. It is now down to the "bottle" factor and at least we have momentum going and we should regard ourselves as the underdogs, pis£ a few peeps off and walk tall at the end of a torrid season. And apologies but the Grand Seer Committee will not allow me to even hint on the outcome 🙄
  3. Dont you love this forum - a bit like real life itself - a short while ago we were preparing to meet our maker and now after two jabs in the arm we are world beaters again - Its a funny old game
  4. I was never treated with such civility
  5. Typical of the Jaggies to try and take over.
  6. Sha la la la la Pretty Flamingos - Just fly like a bird in the sky - we need you now boys - Carry us high 🥰
  7. Well I have just got home from another busy night caring for the mentally ill of Lancashire. I now cant believe that - as I would always have done before - I did not look to swopping my shift. I have evidently expressed my disinterest in this season as a whole, probably related to my work experience. But I was keeping an eye on the scores as I drove through the streets of Preston - and when I saw the final score that olde beautiful buzz restarted the footballing heartbeat. It felt like we had actually won the Scottish Cup again. I could only picture a full, rejoicing Away End and taught by Hea
  8. Well that was my first sight of ICT this season. So nice to see the Dump again. Point was a bonus against a stronger Hearts team. BBC commentary came from BBC Gorgie. Great comeback from McCann after the game. All strength to him and hope that the point gives Robbo a wee boost. As I said before let ICT climb up the Championship, get this damn season over and done with, keep us all safe and enjoy the terrace craic and camaraderie next season.
  9. My thoughts are with Robbo and his family. Experiencing the physical and emotional trauma of this pandemic has been difficult for many people. I can appreciate how footie can provide distraction to many but I simply cant enthuse whatsoever about this season and cant wait until it is over and we are safe to battle it out again next season. I dont see the need for an interim manager as that may just cause more problems. I would be happy to leave that the "old school brigade" are capable of keeping the ship going and hopefully none of the Robbo vultures will turn on them to. So you take all
  10. And that was the last day we ate a free Alamo pie !!
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