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  1. Thanks for sharing that brought back a good few memories, what a day out that one was!
  2. I am finding it hard to separate the football club with the problems with the concert company. I get why a separate company was set up to protect the football club but, is the football club not relying on profits from the concerts to keep it solvent? The accounts that were signed off in May 22 for the football club says under going concern that the company can meet its liabilities for the coming 12 months with projections reliant on new income streams, in particular from contracted entertainment events. I can only assume that this relates to the concerts???? If this is the case we could be in deep financial trouble.
  3. Doesn't look like tabloid bullshit unfortunately, the letter sent to all creditors asking them to accept the CVA and accept a dividend of 65% of what is owned to them was published in the Courier. What is confusing is that the directors are blaming the production company for going over budget. Did the club not organise everything themselves to maximise profits for the football club? So they are the production company????? Whatever way you look at it, its a disaster for the clubs reputation with the local community. How can you get local businesses to support the club when several will be out of pocket after the concerts.
  4. Like Fraz I too have been on the trust board and was chair for a while a few years ago. It can be a thankless job with people quick to criticise but not so quick to help improve things! The Trust has been stagnant for a few years now due to many things including lack of active members and not having a great relationship with the club. Covid didn't help neither! I really welcome the statement from the football club now showing a willingness to work with the trust and I hope that our supporters will get on board and join the trust to make it a strong voice for the fans. At the end of the day with around a 12% shareholding the trust should have a much stronger voice within the club. The only one concern that I do have is that the current football club directors and CEO have a better understanding of what a trust can do and how it can benefit the football club and not expect the trust to be a cash cow for the football clubs running costs. There is a lot of work to do and this is only the start of re launching the supporters trust. So get behind them, join the trust and have a voice to make things better. And finally yes I'm also born and bread Invernessian too (not that this should really matter).
  5. I didn't sponsor last season neither, but have done so in the past. Does seem like its just turning into a bit of a donation to the club. It seems odd especially when you look at the names of the sponsors, the vast majority are individual supporters and not companies. To do a sponsors night and a wee thank you in recognition would not cost the club much but means a lot to the fans who have used their hard eared cash to sponsor a player. As for hospitality, its such a shame that its become very expensive and not as inclusive for the day to day fans. As somebody who would do at least a couple of hospitalities a season, usually more, just feel that the bread and butter fans are not really the clubs target audience any more.
  6. a permanent memorial would be a great thing for the club to do. It would pull together to bricks outside and the tiles in the tunnel
  7. As section E has been a designated area for a very long time for signing, id find it strange that there would be an issue with season ticket holders to have the young team back in the front rows. And yes, my season ticket is in section E
  8. Dad got his delivery from Scott yesterday too, made his day.
  9. Totally shocked by the news, a true ICT fan who was there from the start. Many happy memories with Bronson in the "old days", cant believe he's gone. My heart goes out to his family and in particular his lovely dad. RIP Bronson
  10. Who is already in our hall of fame? Would be helpful to know so we aren’t suggesting somebody already in it. But for hall of fame I’d out Tokley and if a manager is allowed Pete. Memory is when we beat Hearts in the Scottish cup 2002, another magnificent unexpected 3-1 result
  11. When my kids were little back in the first division first time round the club did family hospitality a couple of times a season. All the players were involved after the game. At one there was a giant chocolate fountain and my kids still go on about that day. My youngest won a signed ball, every table had one to win, and it’s still pride of place in my living room. Stuff like this should be done again. It was always a sell out.
  12. To be honest im really confused over the foundation. It was launched at the 25th anniverary ball the other week and all the funds raised (over 27k from the auction alone) was in aid of the foundation. But there seems very little detail anywhere on what exactly this foundation is about or as you say the governance around it.
  13. This makes it very strange that somebody who was so commited and as you say right in the middle of different things to up and go like this and not at least finish what she started. Where does this leave the new foundation that she was key in setting up?
  14. I have always liked the idea of the killie trust. https://killietrust.killiefc.com/ Its been very sucessful in raising much meeded funds for the club while geting a fans representative on their board.
  15. definately will be going, still smiling from yesterday, cant wait.
  16. I just feel its really bad timing to come out and request more money from the fans. Just now there is a feeling (rightly or wrongly) with a lot of fans that money is being squandered and money spent in the wrong areas. By this I mean not dealing with simple day to day stuff, filling hospitality (most have been half empty this season), selling naming rights for the club, advertising boards, even not being able to purchase a scarf in the club shop on match day! We have a new so called marketing expert but this far in the season I can see no improvement. So before I part with even more of my hard earned money, I would really like to see what the club are doing to maximise their revenue streams. Maybe this is happening and we are just not seeing it, but this is what I would need to know before I start donating money into the club.
  17. That was the one I was on about the other day to you, the Cheiftain, it was a brilliant night.
  18. Read the auditors notes on last years lodged accounts and make your own mind up on that one.......
  19. If you have a negative balance sheet then in that situation any business is bankrupt and no accountant would sign off the accounts.
  20. It’s gives the club an asset on their balance sheet and removes a debt in accountancy terms the club is no longer bankrupt. It stops the rental payments having to go through the accounts ever year (which didn’t get paid) which would be owed to tulocchs then requiring a letter of comfort to allow the accounts to be signed off. Tullochs could have called in the debt which would have ended the club. As part of the deal Tucllochs have also given up the naming rights to the stadium. This can now open up a lot of income if the club manage to sell these naming rights to another company.
  21. All very odd as the official website shows that we currently have two number 8s lol
  22. The one at my office was start of December if I remember correctly, not sure about the trust one but it was some time ago.
  23. I get lots of e-mails from the club, and yes im a season ticket holder, but never got an e-mail regarding this ball. I knew about it due to my work as the owner of the business I work for got an invite to purchase a table. The supporters trust also got an invite to purchase a table but there was nothing as far as I could see generally advertising the ball until last week.
  24. Definately aimed at the great and good of Inverness unfortunately, £120 way to expensive for the avarage supporter. Been offered to selected groups and businesses, obviously not sold out to them so being offered to us, 3 weeks before.
  25. Its a big no from me too. Not all our supporters live in the town and im one of them, so moving from Saturday to Friday night would definately stop me going to the games, in fact a season ticket would be utterly useless as I very rarely get to midweek games as it is. I just would not physically be able to attend and get back home. Also seeing what happened with the attendanced at the scotland games shows moving from a 3pm Saturday does not really work for the majority. I also agree with the above comment that it would only really stand a slight chance of working if we also switched to summer football.
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