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  1. Big scraps in the Howden End that day. Ended up with an overnight stay in the Infirmary.
  2. Add: Martin Taylor Gary Munro Mark Robertson Kevin Wemyss Charlie Christie Danny MacDonald Davie Cooper
  3. Never actualy thought of that. I asumed it was maybe somebody who knew Charlie from Inverness. So who is ghu then.... Alex Bone perchance? Charlie Christie was a brilliant player. I remember him just walking through teams as a youth player.
  4. Of all those you used to hear singing at the Caley games, how many did you see at the game today? You would have seen many more old school Inverness fans in the away end. No matter what anyone says, this lost generation was a massive loss to the merged club.
  5. Very sad to hear of the death of Jocky Clark, who, amongst other things, was first team trainer with Caley in the early to mid 80s. He was a cracking little guy, encouraging to young players and the kind of guy who would light up any room with his enthusiasm and good humour. A true gent. God bless you Jocky. http://www.north-star-news.co.uk/news/full...ll_starlet.html
  6. Tear in my eye here, nostalgic for days scurrying home from Clach Park, looking anxiously over yer shoulder.
  7. Well done indeed. Is he a local lad then? From what part of town? No relation to any other footballing Duffs? (can only think of Alan "Duffers" Duff)
  8. That came through quiet and clear on the radio today. well done to both sets of supporters. unlike elsewhere where a minute's applause had to be observed to drown out those who would disrupt it. Well maybe things are not so clear cut, and maybe some among that support would have little cause to celebrate the memory of lost British soldiers, who until very recently had been considered an occupying, enemy force. We no doubt all have relatives who have died in wars, and we honour them, but other people's experiences are not necessarily the same as ours.
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