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  1. Think this one might appeal to the likes of @Govan Jaggie, @Kingsmills and @RednBlackComeback in particular... 😉 Seriously though, Charlie talks with so much passion about the club, about Highland football generally, and about how he likes the game to be played, that it's well worth 45 mins of anyone's time.
  2. Brilliant, thanks - I won't be on this episode, but I'll certainly pass it on to the guys who are interviewing SG. Even if they're late, it would be great if these things could still happen.
  3. Out of interest, what were the broken promises you're referring to? The 25th anniversary year certainly seemed underwhelming and as a centrepiece, the ball at the Drummossie was really ill-conceived, but I can't remember what else was promised.
  4. It's really good to hear that - cheers! We did have a discussion about the unusual length once we had finished recording, but hoped that the majority of listeners would be more tolerant of it than they would in other circumstances because of the 'time to kill' factor. The edit is a lot of work for Moff at the best of times. Glad the time stamps were helpful too.
  5. Really appreciate the feedback guys - thanks. Part 2 is a cracker too - Carlo and Greg were brilliant.
  6. One of us made Doran his first choice to be offered a new contract... 😉
  7. I know Simon had a lot of close friends who post on the site. It was a privilege to get to know him through them and to stay in the same house for a few unforgettable days in Bucharest. What brilliant company he was, and what a kind and welcoming guy. Thoughts very much with his family and friends.
  8. Cheers! And thank you for taking the time to offer a few suggestions for future pods. We have been taking turns to do player ratings at each match, so a player of the month is potentially something we could do, as is goal of the month, of course. I think we'd all really like to do more episodes like the Dunfermline game one, so hopefully there will be others - the biggest barrier is the fact that all the recordings then needs to be edited into a coherent episode in a fairly short time-frame. And among ourselves, we have already discussed the possibility of trying to set up interviews with past players, so fingers crossed that could happen too. Thanks again for the kind words. To address the comments about swearing that have come up, obviously we've no desire to offend or alienate any ICT supporters, and I don't think that we set out to swear in any given episode (direct quotation from Paul McGowan in Ep 3 aside), but in a 60-75 show that is pretty much unscripted apart from the intros and links, and in which we are speaking pretty much in the way we might speak to each other in everyday life, it's probably inevitable that the odd swearword will emerge. And there are times when a more restrained, mannered word or phrase just doesn't seem adequate to capture the emotions involved in a particular topic or recollection. For example, when I was discussing John Hughes' quoted predictions for Dani Lopez versus the reality of his contribution, a couple of s-words slipped out; that wasn't pre-planned, but I can't regret it either, because it reflected the way I felt far more accurately than anything else would have done. In any case, there were, I believe, fewer swearwords used in the most recent pod than in the previous one, so maybe we're getting better! And as Caley Stan pointed out above, while the other three of us might be able to rein it in successfully, it would probably be a lost cause trying to persuade RiG to tone down his language, as he's so intractably foul-mouthed.
  9. I missed the first 10 minutes, when it looks like Ayr could have gone two or three ahead, because I was standing queuing at the ticket portakabin with @RiG for quarter of an hour and then we found that they'd closed all the turnstiles and we had to get let in through the main entrance. Struggling a wee bit to see how that's supposed to improve efficiency, tbh. It was a really disciplined, hardworking performance from ICT. It looks like Robertson and Kellacher are more focused on coaching players on their individual roles than either Foran or Hughes were: Doran is tracking back and covering Tremarco far more then he used to, and Storey did the same really well on the opposite flank and provided real strength there, which is obviously necessary for us when Rooney goes off on his peregrinations. I thought Storey would be absolutely useless if not played through the middle, but he did an excellent job yesterday. Vincent worked his socks off in the middle and Trafford did fine when he came on, although it is going to be a big blow for us if Welsh does turn out to be long-term injured again. I thought Ayr played some lovely stuff going forward - some great interplay between Forrest, Kelly and Moffat, and McCowan looked dangerous too - but Donaldson in particular dealt with them really well. And Rooney is just an absolute force of nature at the moment, and looks like he's loving playing for us. He's probably always going to struggle defensively if he's up against a fast, tricky left winger, but those rampages forward have been getting more and more audacious and basically made the difference between the teams yesterday. It's an absolute nap that he's going to get caught out at some point soon, and some team is going to ruin us on a counter-attack down our right, but it's worth it. Biggest cult hero we've had since Tokely. When I first saw the tweet about him getting abuse about his mum's death, my instinct was to not to believe it, simply because why on earth would anyone want to shout that sort of thing at someone else, but if it was his partner who tweeted it then it must be true, as she's not going to say something like that lightly. I'm sure, though, it'll just have been one or two utter morons who don't represent the attitudes of ordinary Ayr supporters in any way, shape or form. It would be nice if it was reported so the club was able to act appropriately.
  10. Only our lovely host went to the Academy. Of the other three of us, two went to Millburn and one to Culloden. And Red Card Riley from Ep 2 went to borstal. Thanks for the kind words, btw.
  11. Yeah, the nature of podcasts is that they're audio only, and while we'd perhaps like to involve ex-players and possibly current players eventually, it's an independent venture, much like this forum, which allows us to express and solicit opinions without feeling like we're beholden to anyone. Give it a listen and feel free to criticise!
  12. This is the plan for podcast 4. We're going to invite them on, cross-breed them in the lab adjoining the studio and create the ultimate ICT supporter, a statistician in a vest known only as Grimpson.
  13. That was good crack. Got to admit that I assumed that our chickens were coming home to roost after a few decent results despite dodgy performances recently. We were clearly second best against Dundee Utd, Alloa and in the first half against Partick, and yesterday Queens again played the better football in the first half, and then absolutely tore us apart for about 20 mins at the start of the second. Up until he scored, Dykes didn't impress me all that much, but after that I thought he was superb. When Dobbie finally got his goal against us, I assumed that the unbeaten run was coming to an end, and deservedly so. Ridgers, uncharacteristically, looked shaky, Charlie Trafford's touch and distribution in the middle of the park were miles off (again) and the team as a whole looked like it was scared of taking any risks. It only changed once Trafford and Oakley went off and we went to 4-4-2, and when Walsh and Polworth seemed to start playing without fear after it went to 3-0. Both were superb, and hopefully they'll take that into the Falkirk and Ayr games, as we can't keep starting games so hesitantly and still expect to get results. Great to see young Roddy McGregor get a run at the end, and he almost helped to set up a winner for Austin at the death after some superb interplay with Polworth cutting through Queens in the middle of the park. Definitely looks a player. Agree, sadly, with the comments about Doran. He seems to have lost both pace and confidence. He's got the talent to tear this division apart, but I don't know whether it's just injuries taking their toll or something psychological. If he can't regain form over the rest of the season, then Robbo might have some hard thinking to do.
  14. I wasn't there last week, when apparently we were very good, but in footballing terms today wasn't a great performance, although a definite improvement on the Utd and Alloa matches. Partick probably played the better football and made the better chances in the first half, although they barely tested Ridgers; we definitely had more of it in the second, with Polworth controlling things in the middle, but even then, to secure the win, we had to rely on a brilliant penalty save from Ridgers and a horrific miss from Aidan Fitzpatrick when he was through on goal in the final minute. It was, however, a battling performance, and you could see what it meant to the players with the celebrations at the end. Coll Donaldson seemed to be playing most of the second half with an injury and still won everything; McCart had a fine game alongside him; Chalmers was tenacious and mostly solid, filling in a position where he struggled badly at the start of last season, Welsh and Polworth were excellent and Walsh never stopped looking to create, despite some frustrating final balls, and was eventually rewards with a great goal after a terrific run. Even Trafford, whose touch and distribution were ropey at times, and who must have sensed the crowd's frustration, never hid and never stopped fighting. And Ridgers, of course, was Ridgers. To be honest, the tense, scrappy nature of the win probably made the end of the match more cathartic and satisfying than a 3-0 stroll would have done, but it would make our games an easier watch if we had better final product and better movement up front at times. Hopefully this is something that will improve over the season, although with our budget and squad size there are always going to be limitations, not helped when one of our more creative outlets makes his position untenable. Hopefully the freeing-up of Calder's wage will allow us to bring in someone else who can add width and creativity to the team, in January if not before. In the meantime, we have a great opportunity to build on finally breaking the run of draws in Dumfries next week.