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  1. The Portmann Hotel is a 5 minute walk from the ground, on Portland Road, and isn't asking people to book ahead. Alternatively, you've got The Brass and Granite on Grange St, which is just off Portland Road.
  2. At the risk of being accused of picking on you again, I really think it has to be pointed out that this is an unacceptable comment on several levels. Surprised no-one else has picked up on it.
  3. Really grateful for all the kind comments about the pod here, and glad everyone seems to have enjoyed it. Thank you. I think this is spot on. He mentioned something early on about us having done our research, and he seemed to appreciate that. I think he was determined to give the best interview he possibly could, and either he's got an incredibly good recall of the narrative of his career, or he'd taken the time to do a bit of research and revision of his own. Either way, it says a great deal for him that he was so generous with his time and his memories and, as you say, a really nice
  4. It's the same guy. He moved from Ayr to Dundee at the start of last season. Any time I've seen him, there have been odd flashes of skill that put defenders on the back foot but little end product, and neither Ayr supporters or Dundee supporters are particularly complimentary about him - comments ranging from 'frustrating player' to 'gutless shitebag'. We certainly need a replacement for Kennedy, but we don't need another Billy King, with some skill but no heart. On the other hand, as people have pointed out, we have a habit of getting the best out of players who haven't met their potential els
  5. Once upon a time perhaps, but I've got about as much hair as you and Red Card these days.
  6. Seems to be taking us a while to find our feet in games this season - why so many long balls in that wind in the first half? - but a much improved second half performance. Getting the early second half goal was probably crucial, as Arbroath sat in really well in the first half once they had scored, but we used the ball far better after that. Kennedy looks like he'll create a lot for us, Todorov misses chances but gets into the right positions and is starting to put a run together, and Allardice is looking like a great signing already. With so many players still to come back, lots of reasons fo
  7. The camera seemed a bit more consistently focused on the play in the second half, but hopefully the club is still exploring other options; a manned camera and a commentator who knows the team would make a huge difference.
  8. I’ve got no problem at all with you having an opinion, and in fact I broadly agree with your opinion that Brad McKay probably isn’t good enough for any team with hopes of promotion from this league. What I do have a problem with is your repeated name-calling and personal attacks on our manager. What exactly has a man who has achieved successive third and second-place finishes, against better-resourced teams with a reduced budget each season, done to warrant being called a ‘stupid donkey’ by you? Frame your criticisms in a respectful manner and no-one will have a problem with them; continue to
  9. It's as you predicted, with the exception of McKay for Devine. Pars Team 1 Owain Fôn Williams 2 Aaron Comrie 3 Josh Edwards 44 PaulWatson 5 Euan Murray (c) 11 Ryan Dow 15 Iain Wilson 8 Kyle Turner 23 Dom Thomas 7 Kevin O’Hara 10 Declan McManus Subs 4 Lewis Martin 14 Lewis McCann 18 Paul Allan 21 Fraser Murray 22 Lewis Mayo 24 Kerr McInroy 20 Cammy Gill (GK)
  10. Just catching up with this now, and a combination of injuries and having managed to watch streams of some of our pre-season and cup games has me rethinking a bit. I'd picked Harper over McHattie because of the way Barry Wilson raved about him in the close season, insisting that he was 'ready' and pretty much acknowledging that Tremarco hadn't been made a new contract offer for that reason. Harper's inexperience was evident against Hearts though (admittedly up against a very good player in Ginnelly), so I wouldn't be averse to McHattie maybe starting the season as first pick, although I'd love
  11. I think it's very likely that this is what Robbo will go for, unless he prefers McKay and Harper to Devine and McHattie. I'd go for exactly the same back four and midfield two as you; the one change I'd quite like to see (but I don't see any chance of Robbo making it) is Toddy dropping out, Keating playing as our 9 and Vincent coming in, either as the 10 or on the right of the three. I worry that with Todorov starting we'll be too quick to start just trying to hit him with long balls, and nothing really seems to stick to him. Obviously Keatings' tendency to drop deep to try to pick up the bal
  12. We discussed this on the latest podcast a week past Friday and at the time I went for: Ridgers McKay Devine Deas Harper Welsh Carson Doran MacKay Keatings Sutherland Throwing Sutherland and Dan MacKay in there would obviously be a bit of a gamble, but my thinking was that I really don't want another season of seeing us slinging it up to a big target man from 30 yards in front of the goal line, and that front four would in theory allow for a bit more fluidity and flexibility up front, espe
  13. Think this one might appeal to the likes of @Govan Jaggie, @Kingsmills and @RednBlackComeback in particular... 😉 Seriously though, Charlie talks with so much passion about the club, about Highland football generally, and about how he likes the game to be played, that it's well worth 45 mins of anyone's time.
  14. Brilliant, thanks - I won't be on this episode, but I'll certainly pass it on to the guys who are interviewing SG. Even if they're late, it would be great if these things could still happen.
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