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  1. Well said ! And yet we reward that with a 2 year extension . Some will buy into that . Some won’t
  2. Just hope the club have his ‘’email ‘’address
  3. Funny how club are so quick to respond when they want to . One certainly likes to be heard when he wants to .
  4. I bet Coco the clown never got his 2 year head coach extension by email ! Well done Shane for going public . Show these Dundee mob for what they’re worth .
  5. Dodds 2 year extension ! What a joke ! Interesting to see how many Don’t renew the season ticket .
  6. Sooner the bloody better enough of this crap and dribble of excuses week in week out . Only in cup by default. And this is him with his boys back. Hopeless ,utter hopeless.
  7. Board are just playing the fans for fools .But fans are way bigger than they appreciate and will be around long after they have gone which hopefully is very soon and not just Dodds .
  8. Absolutely awful display yet again coached by this clown of all clowns . Club slipping further each week from playoffs not helped by a poor inadequate board that seem happy to just sit and watch the backwards transformation of the club . Less placed in the league = less money at the end of the season. Smart move would have been to have got rid long long ago .( writing was n the wall last season ) And people wonder why the club lacks decent support . Numbers are falling rapidly . Fans are so fed up of all this it’s unbelievable. Massive shake up of the club needed and not just coaching staff . What are certain people at this club been paid for ?? Absolutely embarrassing yet again.
  9. Serious sense of humour whoever picked the manager of the month award last month nice to see there are still some people about with a sense of humour .Well done had me going there
  10. Counting the weeks as YES it will eventually happen. Actually think the team would play better football without any manager supposed to that clueless clown in charge .
  11. Shows how bad we are under Dodds when there seems to be an escape route to stay in the cup and lots of supporters just want Queens Park to stay in it instead ! . Would just be another dismal performance no doubt with the same Old dribble of excuses coming out of his gob . Actually it would be embarrassing to get a pass to the next round by default. Not that this is a big game in the next round with big revenue either. Dodds and his circus out and sooner the better for all concerned.
  12. Think there are a lot of us season ticket holders now not using them . Anyone that knows anything about football can see how backwards we have gone with Dodds . Certainly can’t see me renewing mine which is sad really .Drawing with Raith is not a good result and should not be applauded as some are doing . He is extremely lucky the club is not in a financially strong footing as he would be long gone . Very poor appointment at the time which looks like we are now stuck with till the end of season . Roll on the end of this era.
  13. wow 1 win by a team we should be beating and we are now going to win the league ?
  14. It is against a team we should be beating convincingly week in week out . Law of averages we surely have to win the odd game in 12 as do the likes of Arbroath , Hamilton etc . Football has been horrendous this year injuries or not . He in my eyes is absolutely clueless and way out of his depth. Is it really worth hanging on to him ? Is it not worth getting rid now and hopefully climbing up the table with someone that knows how to manage , Thus reaping the financial rewards of finishing higher up the table than gambling that this clown somehow manages to keep us in the league ? Amazing how the happy clappers get 1 win and it’s how wonderful things are . SHORT memories!!
  15. Same here .Season ticket holder for many many years and always try arrange everything around home games . Day after new year and not much to do this afternoon but i certainly WON’T be there watching that clueless clown try manage a team. Enough is enough for me and apparently many . Soul destroying watching that crap week in week out .
  16. Getting 19% possession will be seen as an improvement by Billy Smart . •Correction Billy Dodds
  17. Absolutely awful football and fed up of the excuses BD will come out with. Coaching between the 3 of them has a lot to be desired these days and so very hard to watch . Another wasted season it looks like unless the club act NOW and not waste any more time.in getting shot of them . He clearly is upsetting his own players and things will get far worse no doubt . It’s a lot of his players playing week in and week out and his tactics which clearly are not working ! BD is Very Very lucky to have kept his job after last years mid season shambles and scraping playoffs really kept him in office . For me last year he had to go. Now he really has to go and fast! Show some ambition and balls chairman.
  18. so would 1 sooner the better or the season will be too far gone . So should have got rid of the clown Dodds last year.
  19. Has to happen now ! we can’t let this go on any longer Dodds has had plenty opportunities to sort this out and appears clueless as what to do .
  20. Absolutely clueless management that clearly have NO idea how to change a game or at least tactics . Actually glad there wasn’t a home game this week as they are a very hard watch these days . Obviously it was McCann that was the coach when they arrived and not Dodds . Same excuses and he will have positives from the match . Really don't hear many agreeing with him .
  21. Are we going to have another season like we did when Robbo constantly played Baird when everyone could see he was Utter mince .Why oh why are we playing whyte week in week out . Robertson’s team selection today was hard to fathom . Was that actually our best 11 that started ??
  22. caley1

    Alan Hercher

    R.I.P Herchie . Truly wonderful guy on and off the field . True legend that’s sadly passed away far too young . You leave many happy memories big man .
  23. Wouldn't it be wise to appoint the manager before a non football head releases players ? Here we go again ! So badly need someone football minded on board quickly .
  24. Good fekin Riddance should have sacked that other clueless manager first before leaving . Him next !!
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