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  1. You havent listed a single reason how or why you consider it affects you - just why you are annoyed? A modern football club is a place players come to play, that doesnt change. Just because wont see Billy wandering in Tesco or Ridgers filling his car up with petrol doesnt change a thing come 3pm on a Saturday. Acting offended because the club is looking to recruit from outwith (which we normally do) and mitigate costs associated with relocation seems odd. There is a question around those already rooted locally but given where we are there are very few signed up next year with a permanent base in the Inverness area so that the only part that is unclear and being concerned by. ICT as a club stopped being embedded in the community or representing the city as soon as we started signing players from outwith the HL or local area and that isnt from this regimes watch. Suggesting its ok to recruit and fill our team with nobody players from elsewhere when its successful but not when we are struggling is hypocritical.
  2. Correct, it really has no impact and nothing to do with fans at all, but if this was proposed under any other regime its hard to sense there out be so many tears. The current cohort are unpopular so I think we are reaching the point that no matter what they do people want to get upset by it.
  3. Why - we dont train at the stadium and it'll still be used for home games.
  4. Not sure how the plan works for those settled in Inverness, hoping they get relocation and arent just jettisoned. The opportunity to have a larger pool of talent at better cost base is logical and hopefully it is done right. Not sure the proposal of giving money to competitors is great or that we spent money on facilities in Inverness that we dont and have no plans to use, but its maybe going to work out. Having the team train locally doesnt actually make any difference at all.
  5. Thats fine if its the approach fans want to take, however the same fans cant then complain our squad is under invested or if we fall further into the wilderness especially if the same regime remain in place - which right now looks increasingly likely. I'm not criticising or suggesting either way is right or wrong - its down to individuals.
  6. Amazing contribution there. You should really post more on here so we can all read these deep insights of yours.
  7. Lets remember this when we are looking for our next manager and inevitably someone suggests Robbo
  8. Sounds like a principled stance, however all this does is weaken the finances at our club and increase those of our competitors. In another years time everyone will say we should have invested more or done better if results dont go our way yet individuals including fans need to be honest about their roles in that case.
  9. Cant afford the luxury of passengers next season who will only play 50% of the league games. Apart from the budget issues it does nothing for continuity and a settles starting line up - we are unlikely to have a packed schedule where we need that level of squad rotation. Need to avoid guys who get injured looking at artificial pitches - we know the situation so should be preparing for it accordingly.
  10. A phoenix club playing in the HL is necessary and look at rebuilding sustainably. Merging 2 clubs with constant debts and being financed by others (with one fully funded by a single aging individual) doesnt look like a master stroke either.
  11. Perhaps this is a cost we can cut and just elevate either Esson or Kellacher to #2.
  12. Dundee has 2 clubs on the same street. In the central belt there are lots of clubs in a 15 mile radius - should they all merge too? And IMO its not the same pool of supporters at all - you make a choice and stick with it through loyalty and if you're fair-weather enough to be 'chased' or woo-ed by another club flashing its knickers suggest you are already a flaky glory hunter with more than one 'big team' whether that be domestically or elsewhere.
  13. Anyone who wants to go watch a merged Caley & County clearly cares right now more about following a team doing well or in a higher league then loyalty to their own team. On that basis they are all free to **** off to Dingwall and enjoy the Uncle Roy ego project.
  14. Yup, clear out of supporting & admin staff no doubt, followed by requests for volunteers to help run some match day support functions. Typical cost cutting moves in most organisations - start chopping at the bottom I'd suspect
  15. Maybe Dunc has arranged with Don Carlo we will become a feeder franchise for Los Blancos
  16. Explains how we found Alex Samuel then
  17. Bollan hopefully too. Not keen on him taking over
  18. Great news but, if that is true perhaps Dunc was instructed NOT to play him and maybe others too with similar clauses? Maybe what we see on the surface is only part of story? Jan clear out of players - Done Lack of game time for established players (maybe more of them have clauses like above) - Done Bring in loans who always have to play (in return for parent clubs probably ask little to no contributions perhaps) - Done
  19. Can you expand on this? I perhaps dont follow the youth teams that much so maybe the achievements and accolades have passed me by. Any manager decision would depend on what if any budget there would be. I doubt if we pay off Dunc & Bollan there would be much desire/ability to invest heavily in a manager given where we are with playing squad rebuild. Therefore you may be right about Esson being already incumbent and cheap option along with Kellagher.
  20. Others may disagree here, but unless he cuts his wages then I'd expect him to be a higher earner which could be better used to fund more than one player. Additionally given his age, dwindling mobility and pace coupled with the increased physicality of League 1 - I'm not convinced he will bang in the bags of goals he or other think. Time to freshen up and find the next 'Billy'.
  21. Probably because he hadn't realised until the final whistle that we were so bad even god couldn't help
  22. needs to have a poll listing your options for us to assess also noting we still currently have a contracted manager in Dunc.
  23. Fingers crossed we can keep devine, both cammys, Hyde, bray and cairns maybe even Duffy to add with what we have. Wouldn't cry if Billy left especially if we could use the cash to fund some of these guys. Devine is our only real leader within the squad so we need a character like that to stay......
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