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  1. How many of them have built battery storage facilities and previously put together proposals for such ? Its not one size fits all and although apples are fruit, not all fruit are apples.
  2. .......or maybe some in HC just are upset they never got some business trips, golf wknds and fancy meals during the engagement stage
  3. In this case if the club had gone without expert inputs everyone would say how its unprofessional etc, but on this occasion it actually looks like they considered the approach most would deem prudent. The gaps outlined in the initial proposal were a identified and addressed, it may be argued that a more robust proposal could have been made, but why burn time and money if it is considered by all that it was adequate based on previous analogues?
  4. With calls for Dunc to go already in some corners of our support, it's maybe worth revisiting what expectations were on arrival. Concensus was 4th to 8th with us currently 8th and only 4 points off 5th is this not what was expected as being optimistic?
  5. I'm glad we still have Mcgregor around so there's calls for him to play each week now as our saviour since Bray went out on loan.
  6. Thats the thing though, we got spoony on the back of being crocked and no club for months and wrong side of 30. All in it was a gamble and he could have flopped like Sheridan. Not sure we have the money to throw at more perma-crocks just to keep physios busy.
  7. TBF, if the application was 'shoddy' is that really fully at the door of the club, you surely blame the experts ILI given their involvement having provided consultants and support. Sounds like another cheap dig at the board based on bias rather than facts. Additionally let's not overlook this application was approved was so clearly those with the decision making powers thought more of it than some online experts.
  8. Based on our finances, location and being January who do you suggest was available to meet that criteria which we missed?
  9. Huge game tomorrow at EEP, results depending over there, we could be 2nd bottom or only 3 points off the bottom spot with a game more played if we dont pick up something. 3 points badly needed and a home win for some confidence, but expect PT to sit in knowing we will be insipid and a nervous afternoon all round.
  10. None of which is unique to just this regime though, as the club has systematically over the years failed to develop a sustainable model and create alternate revenue streams.
  11. I suspect they would have offered to swap the venue to forfeit any chance of sporting success on return for increased revenue and a day out in corporate areas of 'the big house'
  12. Does anyone really believe if we never took loans or short deals this season (including Wotherspoon) we would actually get points persevering with start of season the Dodds squad?
  13. Pros - we can afford them and they are willing to come and play Cons - we can't afford anyone better or risk longterm contracts because if we are relegated to the seaside leagues it'll bankrupt us
  14. Fans were happy to defend dodds during utterly horrific runs of results yet seem to want the new guy out after a few months when trying to sort out our **** show that was left Perhaps the fact he inherited a squad with only a 34 year old striker and zero creative players which was leaking goals might be worth considering. The point he has seen all these issues and with our limited budget managed to bring in during what is seen as a difficult transfer window some options, more time is needed to see if it works. All those wild shouts for imrie need to consider we can't afford compensation and ultimately that Morton squad exceeds our quality levels so why would he have chosen to leave a club he has turned around to walk into a (smaller club) with a worse financial mess?
  15. Have to agree. While be had some credit in the bank from last season, he's run out of that this time. Too often his touch is poor, lightweight, bad decisions and passes which questions whether he's deserving of a start. We all hope he turns it round but right now a waste of a shirt unfortunately.
  16. Realising when a player like Oakley is at your club play him in the right position and you see the benefits rather than letting egos get in the way. Out of all the Robbo/Dodds recruitment decisions letting or wanting him gone is one of the worst. Anyway, Martin Boyle plays well and we will loose, contain him and we can win. I expect hibs to come at us more than visiting teams in the league so hopefully more space to get in behind which we seem better at.
  17. Not ensuring a percentage of any long term profits at the expense of reducing the initial lump sum may prove an unwise move.
  18. Not sure that's the case. He clearly identified there were weaknesses in the squad which he has looked to address, however we need to wait and see if the recruitment he has undertaken is better than those jettisoned where he felt they had levels of culpability. In patches we moved the ball well but it was too infrequent and in areas that offered little forward threat. Latter chasing the game was reverting back to high ball, hit and hope which agreed is verging close to Doddsball. Overall we have gone from rock bottom with a solitary point and looking like loosing every week to sitting above relegation with remote possibility of pushing up the table although promotion play-offs are highly unlikely. Is that progess, a little I guess.
  19. Controversial and early days but I'm not convinced some of these guys are going to be better than Carson or Welsh. Although others have improved positions. However I do expect given how deep visiting teams set up against us we will get more success away from home.
  20. I expect QP to be negative as all Davidson teams are. Another game of the visitors sitting deep but hopefully now we have some creativity to break them down. Can't see is getting many as I doubt QP will open up even if behind, but after the RR result we should have some confidence among the squad and new guys.
  21. Loan to Elgin is surely an option
  22. Or at least a defensive minded coach for the many we have?
  23. That and our average of 0.15 points per game has almost improved 10 fold to approx 1.5. Continuing at that rate we should get around 22 points from our remaining 15 games which should be more than enough to avoid relegation. But we all hope for continued improvements throughout
  24. 7 points separate 9th to 4th. I defeat and we could be bottom but if that's a win we could be 6th. Hardly the doom and gloom times when Dodds left, we were rock bottom and 10 points off the playoffs. Points taken since Dunc arrived Raith = 31 DUtd = 30 Partick = 26 Morton = 22 ICT = 20 Airdrie = 18 Ayr = 17 Dunfermline = 12 Queens = 11 Arbroath = 6 Pos Team Pld W D L F A Pts 1. Dundee Utd 6 4 2 0 12 2 14 2. Raith Rovers 6 4 1 1 10 7 13 3. Arbroath 7 4 0 3 13 8 12 4. Dunfermline 6 3 2 1 9 5 11 5. Partick Thistle 6 3 1 2 14 9 10 6. Airdrieonians 6 3 0 3 6 10 9 7. Queens Park 7 3 0 4 10 15 9 8. Ayr United 6 2 0 4 8 14 6 9. Morton 6 1 1 4 8 15 4 10. Inverness CT 6 0 1 5 3 8 1
  25. Better going somewhere to play than sit on the bench for the rest of the season if the manager doesn't think he's ready. Suspect if we get short on numbers etc he's able to be recalled and at his age doesn't need to relocate.
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