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  1. Collected more points in April than any other team except Celtic so probably justified statistically. I guess it wasn't an option not to give it to anyone.....
  2. Anyone care to speculate on who these two mystery prospects might be? Given the carefully crafted statement from the Board I'm thinking they must be pretty confident of tying them up. I'd love one of them to be El Bakhtaoui but I'd be amazed if he doesn't get a better offer than we can make. surely it won't be another couple of midfielders?
  3. Quite right Scarlet but probably not as far back as you being a youngster! BBC Scotland HQ was opposite Botanic Gardens at end of QMD until they moved to Pacific Quay about 10 years ago.
  4. Spot on - to say this publicly shows a really poor grasp of man management. Even if by some miracle DR does stay how much respect will he have for a manager who effectively said he's not good enough to stay? The momentum and feel-good factor generated last season has been totally undone. Partly this has been beyond the Club's control with injuries and key players going on to bigger and better things. However the Board seems to have gone AWOL and JH has got carried away with his own hype and is increasingly making baffling tactical decisions and clumsy statements. Someone at the Club needs to b
  5. The SFA tried to decide who plays when by drawing plastic eggs out of a fishbowl. Two of them contained small plastic toys and another turned out to be a real one which cracked open as it was taken out of the bowl resulting in a bit of egg on Stewart Regan's face. In the confusion the fourth egg was dropped and rolled under the sofa. An emergency egg retrieval committee meeting has been scheduled for 7th March to decide on a suitable strategy for getting it back in the bowl. When they realised that this is the day after the quarter final weekend an emergency 'meeting rescheduling meeting' was
  6. Did Asda send Willie Good-David for work experience to Aldi?
  7. Says on ICTFC.Com that you can pay cash at turnstiles from 2pm (subject to availability)
  8. According to the BBC the club has the option to extend his contract by a year. If that is correct then as you suggest his value should be higher.
  9. Perhaps Mr Bannerman or one of the other journalists on here can highlight this story of our fans' great gesture in Romania and indeed our club with the top-up cash. This would be very nice and positive PR in the press. I've sent a press release of sorts to the club so hopefully they will pass it on to the press.
  10. Just confirming that we have now donated £1,000 to FARA – a charity which helps some of Romania’s most vulnerable and neglected children. FARA (which is Romanian for ‘without’) provides homes, therapy and education for orphaned and abandoned children in Bucharest and other parts of Romania. £640 was left over after paying for the coaches, £50 was donated anonymously by one of the 'time of first goal' winners and Kenny Cameron added another £310 on behalf of the club to make it up to £1,000. Thanks to all who contributed and hopefully we'll be welcomed back to Romania next year! For furthe
  11. He was on trial at Brechin a couple of weeks ago and didn't make an impression - and they're almost as desperate for a striker as we are.
  12. The most concerning thing for me is that I don't think I've seen any quotes from Yogi recently saying that he actually needs a striker - he just talks about needing to be more "cutting" in the final third. His quote about Mutombo "He can play in all positions across the front, either on the wing, behind the first striker or as that first striker". He's presumably not been played as a striker much - if he has then his goal record is woeful and in any case 4 goals in his last 80 games is not exactly encouraging for an attacking midfielder. Maybe Hughes sees him as more of a striker than his pr
  13. That's great - thanks Chris wherever you are.....
  14. I still have prize money waiting for 5 winners of the ‘Time of First Goal competitions’ from the bus convoy. I know two of their names are Shona MacGillivray and James Vallano and the other 3 should have winning slips with the 0-0 result printed on them. Can anyone that knows Shona, James or any of the other 3 who did not get their prize money in Romania please get in touch with me so I can get their money to them. We managed to reduce the cost of the coaches so we have £640 left over which, after discussion with CJT, we have decided to donate to a Romanian charity on behalf of ICT fans.
  15. No worries - it looks as about exciting as Dingwall.
  16. Looking at Google Streetview it does but not a huge amount. I wasn't suggesting we drink there - that is just where the coach company picked up the Celtic fans from last year and they said it's convenient for them to park the buses up there. If you can organise the Strada Selari one then I would go with that. It's already been mentioned by others that we don't want to go to Bucharest and drink in an Irish Pub!
  17. 3704 now. 3919. 4153. I've not counted every dot but with 3 sections of south stand now available and virtually sold out already I think we are over 5,300. 4504 by my count. The front halves of those sections haven't been opened yet. Can you tell that the front half not available from seating plan or just privileged info?
  18. 3704 now. 3919. 4153. I've not counted every dot but with 3 sections of south stand now available and virtually sold out already I think we are over 5,300.
  19. The pick up point is going to be opposite The Harp Irish Bar: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Irish+Pub/@44.4273482,26.098935,15.75z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x40b1ff16ebd77429:0x98e3759646093fb1?hl=en Still waiting for confirmation of departure time but your plan sounds good - presumably it's not far from The Harp? Cheers Eric
  20. Now have 7 coaches booked for Bucharest - Giurgiu transfer!
  21. I sincerely hope they manage to fill these seats and get some money in but that seems an 'Astra'nomical price. Do you see what I did there? Does anyone know how the Gellions are getting on with filling their plane?
  22. CJT were understandably waiting for confirmation from the club about any spare plane capacity and ticket allocation. With still no word from the club on this (as far as I'm aware) most people have already sorted their flights and we've organised coaches from Bucharest to Giurgiu so I wouldn't hold your breath. The rumour I've heard is that the team are travelling out and back in about 24 hours - presumably coming straight home after the match. If this turns out to be true it seems a bit short-sighted. The big cost is getting out there - staying an extra night and giving the players a proper ch
  23. A facility to pay online by Paypal / credit card will be set up here in the next couple of days. We'll let you know when and how to pay
  24. That's us over 170 on the list now so only another 20 or so and we're onto coach number 5 which I think is a great effort! No problem making it 6 coaches if we need it..... As Scotty has said on the event page the online payment facility will be set up in the next couple of days - £10 per head return including online transaction fee. Needs to be paid before we go as I don't want to be wandering round Bucharest with loads of cash in my pocket!
  25. Not an exact address but the bus company is suggesting there's somewhere near the Harp Irish Pub where the buses can park up - presumably because it's the same bus company that did the Celtic transfers last year. As soon as it's confirmed we'll make sure everyone knows where and what time.
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