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    Twyford Berks
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    Golf, cricket and most sports. Collector of old (pre 1965) Wisden almanacs.

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About Me

Born just outside Inverness.  Educated at Inverness Royal Academy and Glasgow University.

Supported Caley from about 1950, actively until 1959 and then 'from a distance' until the merger. Had I been living in Inverness at the time, I would have voted against the merger.  However, once it happened, I fully embraced ICT, and have been a long distance supporter ever since. These days, I get up for about half a dozen games per season, usually away games where I can fly to Glasgow/Edinburgh as a day trip from London.

I have not  lived in Inverness  since about 1959 apart from short spells in 1962 and 1964. Spent about 2 years in Canada from mid 1962 to early 64. 

Moved to London in late 1964 and to Berkshire in 1969.  Married, 3 children, 5 grandchildren. 

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