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  1. Quite happy for them to hate the journeys up here and hate the return journeys even more. Do we hate traveling down to play them, of course we don't. That's all that matters.
  2. We did alright against top 6 Livingston. The team is capable of achieving promotion through the playoffs even with a makeshift central defence. From Tuesday night we have 4 games in 11 days, if we come out of these games without dropping to many points and still in 2nd we should be within a hair width of confirming the team in the playoffs while also getting closer to last season's points tally.
  3. Yeah remember that as well, top of the league and never happy. 0-0 at home to Motherwell at 25 minutes and the complaints from the Main Stand are in full flow. Could have been to do with not knowing what do when teams sat back when playing us at home as we were back then set up very much as counter attacking team which could pull teams apart with pace. Our best performances more often occurred away from Inverness. For a year and a half before Butcher left we were playing the best most attractive football ever seen at the Caledonian Stadium, it was a joy to watch.
  4. Last season this could have easily become one of the many goalless draws, so picking up a further two points in a game which we didn't deserve to win on the balance of play is fortunate and leaves us only 2 points off the top. Maybe it was more about everything going wrong for The Pars than our luck but its an extra two points we could be very grateful for end of season.
  5. Nice win in the league but did they not beat Nairn County in the North of Scotland Cup earlier in the season?
  6. No doubt the boo-boys will start picking on someone else. I would struggle to call these people supporters because they quite clearly aren't by definition of the word, .....''fans'' maybe even not that.
  7. Snafu

    January signings

    McHattie a worse signing than what we already have? Raith Rovers fans in their relegation season never rated him.
  8. We were playing 4-4-2 at the start of the season and it was chronic. Lets keep 4-4-2 in the 90's and 00's where it belongs. Even though we didn't play 4-4-2 under either Pele or Butcher We need attacking midfielders
  9. wtf is this, 3 points for a what? Championship title still on.
  10. There was a few times when in the top tier we even struggled to muster even 13 fully fit players. However now the opportunity is there for the youngsters to stake a claim for the first team.
  11. A weekend when we didn't play a good weekend?? I'd rather we had taken the three points yesterday and had the free weekend knowing that some of our rivals would drop points. A game in hand against the league leaders is not an advantage over our rivals, we don't have the points in the bag. When you consider that everyone below us bar the Pars gained on us and two of the teams above pulled further away it is not that good nor comfortable.
  12. Shambles Doesn't encourage the few that did travel to travel a distance during the week again, especially at this time of year. Scottish football doesn't give a jot about the what keeps it breathing, the fans Why if a match is in doubt due to weather conditions especially if one set of fans have a five/six hour journey to reach the ground can't SFA officials make a decision on whether a game is to take place much earlier similarly like they would before a match during the weekend, this is just tin pot amateur level here.
  13. We would have won that anyway.
  14. First of all I was very impressed with Roddy MacGregor when he came on. His run into the box and going straight past two City defenders if they weren't there to set up Doran for the sixth was outstanding and a way of opening up defences we don't see with the regulars. With MacGregor we have an attacking midfielder who can run at defenders with pace and go past them, where as with Chalmers, Trafford, Polworth and Doran they are all more or less similar in that more often they will hold the ball up and look to pass the ball about usually to the side or back. Doran is I suppose an attacking midfielder tries to run with the ball past defenders but lacks the pace to do that so looks for the short one, two, but tends to run out of room and options. I don't see MacGregor suddenly getting a regular game just yet but will have done his chances no harm and should get opportunities. I didn't see enough of Cameron Harper to comment. Maybe he will get more of a chance in the next round Tremarco isn't back by then. It's great, it fills you with optimism for the future with the young players coming through and young Robbie looks like another piece of the jigsaw along with Dan MacKay for maybe dare I say it our next top flight adventure.