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  1. For anyone thats interested you need to contact the club and give them a second email address. They will then give you a second code.
  2. Does anyone know if you have bought two season tickets, one for a brother for example, would you be entitled to two access codes?
  3. I would be interested in hearing more, as would members of my family. I'm not sure how I would feel about paying for a journeymans wages for one but if it was put to good use such as youth development as mentioned above and there was fan representation then I would be happy to contribute.
  4. I heard he will be paid up only till the end of this year and not the remaining 2.5 years. Pretty confident this is true.
  5. Some of the signings sound decent enough but its really far too early to say if they're any good or if the manager has done a good job in the transfer market. Boden came with a decent scoring record in league 2 remember. It is good to see some younger players being signed with a blend of experience at this level so at this stage I am fairly content with the activity. Draper needs to be retained, I agree that he could be the main catalyst(by playing him in his best position) to us gaining promotion.
  6. Agreed, the complete lack of reasonable communication together with the season ticket carry on is a complete shambles. The names that are cropping up as potential managers is nothing short of **** poor and not a single one makes me consider paying more than last season for my pair of season tickets. I'm not saying people shouldn't have holidays but the more I keep reading about poor quality linked managers, Brian Rice organising the team, 'player recruitment' happening before appointing a new manager and the fact that half of our board are off on a jolly during one of the most critical ti
  7. No pressure on us though according to Foran. Have to disagree and say there was some pressure not to get absolutely battered.
  8. Agree about the white collar but they're otherwise both really nice tops.
  9. We might have spotted something if Yogi was the kind of manager who played his players in their best positions.
  10. A very positive signing by the sounds of it, a striker that has a recent record of scoring goals. See Yogi, that wasn't so difficult .
  11. Nice one Richie, I was feeling a little pessimistic a couple of weeks ago but now we have an appointment I'm really happy. Someone who will be totally committed and knows the team already, hopefully get a decent assistant on board and we are good to go. I think the club has made the right move at the right time. If Yogi was still in charge I would not have been looking forward to the new season, now I am and probably time to commit to that ST renewal.
  12. KC: "so Yogi storms into my office, he says it's me or Dave, Kenny he has to go"...."I said I'll let the fans decide that one!"
  13. So pleased for David and the fans. Now starting to look forward to next season with some optimism, some difference a week makes! Had a feeling this was going to get done so well done to the club for making it happen. A well deserved contract which was a no brainer to everyone except John Hughes.
  14. I think Horner has had some decent games and can be good going forward but on the opposite end of the scale he has had a couple of terrible games and can literally just run straight into an opposing player with no idea of what to do next when attacking, conceding the ball in feeble fashion. The decision has been made that Raven is going and Horner is staying but at the very least I am hoping we see Horner in the RB positon and not Josh, I agree with the line ups mentioned above. Tremarco was quite poor when he first came to us but stepped it up a gear this season and was one of my players
  15. It's hard not to feel a bit sick about this deal, if not only because it is Aberdeen yet again poaching a player who has shined for us. This is probably unlikely to be them finished in that respect.
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