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  1. He already has been, noticed a couple of comments on P & B saying that he's a failed journalist and doesnt bother to do any research
  2. Wonder if the SPFL will be hauling Robbo up again after those comments about the ref? Not because he was wrong, because he was totally spot on about that ref. He gave nearly everything the other way. Especially not blowing for the fowl on Charlie in the first half and then sending Keatings off, when it was obvious even to a blind man that there was plenty of contact.
  3. It was said at top of the game. United's chairman has invested in the club? Does that mean he's bunged the SFA and Ref assoc? Thats both legs the ref's influenced the game. They dont want little inverness with a chance of getting back in the league above a so called big team
  4. Trafford is free to play next week. Seeing as how he wasn't given a straight red for violent conduct or for spitting, but 2 yellows. He's only suspended for the next game in the challenge cup. Dont know where you found the information you've quoted, but if what you have quoted was the proper rules. How come when Tremarco got a red in the cup final. he was only banned for the following scottish cup game, and not the first league game the following season?
  5. Rather than Manning up and going "Sorry guys, we f**ked up" They've just gave the club the middle finger instead. If they were proper supporters of the club then they'd either issue a statement of apology if any of their members were responsible or at least say they'd offer to assist the club in helping to try and find those responsible. I could be very wrong here and apologise if i am. But from this statement it does kind of sound like some of the guilty parties maybe within the leadership of the group. Respect must be earned, not just given. These boys must learn that, as from the wording of this statement they don't respect other supporters, the club or its good name which because of them is being dragged through the mud. If this is the case then good riddance, go support a club which will condone this behaviour, either of the ugly sisters come to mind. As has been mentioned on this thread and a few others. We all want a bit more atmosphere at the games and generally these guys do try to inject that into the north stand. and then go an ruin it by setting off smoke bombs and chucking them onto the pitch because they've had a whiff of a pint and think they're the big man in front of their pals. When actually its quite selfish, they don't know exactly how many people in the stands have asthma or other respiratory conditions that these could aggravate. Plus as has been said many a time, setting smoke bombs and flares off at a match is actually illegal and these idiots are lucky they just get chucked out the stadium and not into a cell for the night or weekend or have the police waiting for them to do the same when the bus dropped them off after the criminal damage that was caused Unfortunately I can't ever see this problem stopping. Unless because of a few idiots and not just those ones "claiming" to support our great club. They decide to do a stop and search of everyone entering the stadium regardless of if they have a bag or not and if found to be carrying such items are then refused entry even if they've just bought a ticket or are a ST holder. Then imagine how long those queues would be, plus the extra expense to the club of having to take on more stewards to deal with this. That wouldn't improve anyone's matchday experience. In fact may actually drive already low attendance figures down even more. Just because a few wee idiots within their ranks think its "enhances" the atmosphere. Just singing, banging the drum and generally cheering the players on will do it, and if they behave they may find their numbers may rise with both younger and older fans.
  6. I'm thinking more than likely it'll be Aaron, Given he's hardly played the last 2 seasons due to injury. Plus he'll more than likely be one of the big earners given the length of time he's been with the club and the length of the last contract signed.
  7. Wasn't there, as was working but watched on BTsport 5 points has to go to Owain, best performance he's ever had for us 3 to Drape's for his as usual hard work in the middle of the pitch and attacks 1 is hard as I want to give it to both King and Fish for the goals, but will give it to Fisher as it was his first for the club and after injury Ref gets 2 cause how he missed the blatant foul on King near the start and then not sending the sviatchenko off or at least giving a pen is inexcusable Then giving yellow cards to our players for fouls that celtic never got book for is bewildering. he would of got only 1 point. but he did have the decency to at least give Brown a yellow card
  8. BBC is saying McNaughton's season is over as he had surgery on an achilles injury
  9. And both the ugly sisters relegated to the lowland leagues for 50 years? (We can but dream) haha
  10. Maybe a bit left field and risky, but with our reputation for finding gems. I see that striker connor gethin has left Nairn county Hasn't got a bad record of 173 goals in 178 games, Abet against highland league opposition, but still a pretty decent return and with some pre-season and guidance he may be the next billy? Plus as coming from lower leagues, probably wouldn't break the bank on wages
  11. I'm seeing hibs have agreed to let malonga leave. Would it maybe be worth taking a punt and seeing if he wasnt to come north?
  12. Looking at his stats, he could be just the person we need to play just behind/in front or along side Miles. Has quite a few goals in him and at least he's match fit having played 22 games for torquay this season. Also it seems he's trained at the glenn hoddle academy. Quite a few decent players have come through there, ikechi anya is instantly one that springs to mind
  13. Only 1 more goal to go till we hit the target :)
  14. Excellent point, HtG! Now that they've knee-capped the teams that were 3rd and 4th last year, they just need to decimate Aberdeen and Hearts to clear the path for another stroll to the title. They havent gone near St Johnstone tho? Only kneecapped 3rd and 5th places