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  1. Very pleased with this appointment which also brings a bit of continuity - he knows the squad , what we have and what we need. Scott kellacher is still the assistant as far as I know.
  2. So sorry to hear this sad news. He was a young man! Shocking news. RIP Bronson
  3. I think Storey might be a decent option if he’s available for nothing. He showed real promise when he first came up here with us and clearly his moves after have not been good ones. I think he’s the type of player that needs to play , since he left us he’s pretty much been benched and never kicked on from there. Surely there are other decent forward options out there........
  4. Id say that is not a bad shout recognising the fact that Grant has only ever played for his local team up til now - since being a wee boy playing for the "Young blues" and going onto Captain Inverness Caledonian Thistle. Well done Grant!
  5. Id like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate Terry , Maurice all the players and backroom staff for an amazing run this season which takes us to the position we are in at this moment = 9 points clear and 18 goals to the good. I know its not official yet , but lets be honest Dundee are not going to take the league championship off us now in thier remaining 3 games. Well done guys!!!! You've achieved something to be very proud of this season - its not very often the team thats been relegated makes it straight back up again. Congratulations ICT CHAMPIONS!!!! Soun
  6. I thot he was quite upbeat tonight and full of personality myself............ NOT! Where did they get that guy from?! :D
  7. We're reeling them in nice and slow! I like it :D :D :D :D
  8. Spoke to 2 Aberdeen fans after the game on saturday in Deanos and they were both adamant Blackie was definitely siging for Aberdeen in January............ Nice lads - bought me a pint to!
  9. Im not enjoying watching us play at home just now for obvious reasons. I want to boycott the home games just now , but id feel as though i would be turning my back on the lads and i dont want to do that. I support Caley Thistle NOT Craig Brewster But your right, its understandable why people arent going to the home games , my own ticket costs well over 300 quid a season and its not handy watching crap football week in week out. I left with about 40mins to go yesterday after the 2nd goal........ I was surprised at how few joined me for the miserable trapse back to the car!
  10. Ive never rated proctor evn in his early days at the club, hes a half decnt 2nd choice right back. I think brewsters got a wee fancy for him maself.............. After all he did take him to united and straight back to us. I do recall one of the first things Levein did when he took over at united was to drop him from the first team and farm out proctor on loan to Airdrie.........
  11. I walked out after the 2nd goal yesterday with 40 mins to go.............. I HAVE NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE! At the time we were STILL playing 4-5-1 at that point and there was no sign of a change....... When is the penny going to finally drop with Brewster or the board??? With regards to the corners yesterday, each time we won a corner Brewster actually tunrned his back and walked to the back of the technical area - thats not what a manager should be doing is it??? He should be barking orders and organising the team. And what worried me even more is that he did the same thing when we
  12. Thanks for the update CaleyD - Hopin we get more sooner rather than later...........
  13. Charlie left us after 3 straight defeats at the start of last season. Brewster took over and we lost at least the next 3 if not 4 straight games equaling a 6 or 7 straight SPL defeats. There is no way based on the facts that we can say Brewster took over and turned things around from Charlie......... That spell also equaled the record SPL defeats in a row which was previously held by Aberdeen at the time i think??? PS Just for the record i emailed my concerns into the club and copied them in to CaleyD last night. PPS CaleyD - How many of us have emailed mike smith - you have any id
  14. Its a straight YES for me - i dont even have to think about this question........ Hes had long enough , now its time for a chnage before its too late.
  15. Brewsters not soley to blame although he is a massive part of the problem , hes not the right man for the job and its high time he took reponsibility for the results on the park which he has never done. The board are not helping matters at all.............. AGAIN we find ourselves bumbling through contract negotiations with our top assets. Black and Cowie are available to talk to any club in a couple of weeks time and we are nowhere close to agreeing new deals. Too little far too late! These guys should of been signed up on 3-4 year deals before the end of last season. But oh no we only d
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