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  1. New Manager

    Has this actually been confirmed? I can't for the life of me imagine taking up the job as Chairman of my club, sacking the manager and then swanning off on holiday. We are such a passive fan base, it's arguably the most important period in our clubs history and we're not even sure if our board have started interviewing or not. The league cup starts in under 6 weeks and we have a grand total of 10 first team players, no manager, maybe an assistant manager (still no clue if Rice is still about?), and a vague suspicion our board aren't even in the country. As the fans we should be demanding better communication from the cub, and withholding our money (be it on season tickets, new strips etc.) until we get it.

    This is about as good as we could have hoped for imo. County game out the way early doors and both Motherwell & Hamilton at home. It's a disaster for Hamilton fans too; away to us is an early kick-off and away to county midweek. Also no home 3pm Saturday kick-offs for county This gives us as good a chance as we're going to get, ******* mon
  3. Elgin -V- Inverness CT

    No Draper or Meekings. Three at the back?
  4. Mental Health of Players

    How someone can honestly think like this, much less type it out, read it, and then post it for others to see is beyond me. Regardless, it's clear you have no understanding of mental health whatsoever, might be worth doing some reading on the subject. Drivel. Well done to Richie, proud my club is associated with this.
  5. [merged] : John Hughes Interview (BBC)

    Can't believe a post with this in it is currently up-voted...
  6. Where are the goals coming from?

    ICT boss John Hughes revealed at the weekend that club chairman Kenny Cameron had a surprisingly hands-on role in the 21-year-old striker’s arrival and could be targeting a sideline career as a scout. “Miles Storey is rapid quick,” said Hughes. “It’s all credit to the chairman who came in with the name actually."
  7. Motherwell -V- Inverness CT

  8. Should Hughes be SACKED?

  9. Mr Angry

    Someone must know him as there can't be many that have such an accent amongst all the incomers Dougal That barely make sense you dullard. I feel bad for you man but try getting a hobby or something.
  10. The who wants to donate to an ICT flag

    Aye, count me in for £20
  11. Hearts -V- I.C.T.

    fecking heroes
  12. John Hughes

    Azgaz as a fan is a loser .. why oh why did we have to have him when there were other suitable and available fans. There is only one way he can now progress and that is downwards. His ability to support players once a slide in form begins does not exist. He is one of the most prolific bullshitters in Scottish football and his ability to analyse situations is very poor .. you only had to listen to him on CTO. Goodbye Azgaz, next season it will be a scrap against relegation for County.
  13. China

  14. Butcher offski? ?