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  1. Glebe Park

    Wheres the pre match boozing plans?
  2. Glebe Park

    Im planning on arriving into Montrose about 12.15. Anyone else arriving about then and we could share a taxi??
  3. Next Match

    After witnessing that defensive shambles on Saturday I would be fearing any team in the league. If significant changes are not made to that defensive line up then I fear the worst. I shall attend in hope more than expectancy.
  4. The Liam Polworth Enigma

    Didn't think he was any worse than anyone else yesterday.
  5. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    That back 5 need some serious work. Seedorf had a dreadful start and took a while to adjust the pace. When he had adjusted Cardle ripped him some more. Mckay, the worst for me, being the longest server defender out the back 5 (which is a huge problem for any team) should have been the commanding, dominant leader. He was pathetic, poor on the ball, hesitant, the 4th goal it literally was like he was trying to avoid the attacker, even though he was running at our goal. Elsdon. Slow, cumbersome, cant pass, hesitant aswell. Chalmers. Not a football player Ridgers. Has no confidence. If a centre half is not our priority we are in serious trouble. Immediately reinstate Raven and OFW. Seedorf is worth another go but needs to up his game. Bring Calder back into defence (he was anonymous going forward anyway. If no new signings before Morton game I would go with this, which is the best of a bad bunch. OFW Seedorf Raven(c) Elsdon Chalmers
  6. Pars Away

    So just one of the pubs in the stadium is the plan?
  7. Worst summer in the clubs history

    Hmmm, the more I hear, the more I back the club. The club receive a bid. Draper is asked if he wants a move. Draper says yes. Then the club ask the contracted player to submit a transfer request. The club then accept fee and allow talks between clubs to commence. Perhaps its a bit underhand of the club to invite a transfer request to protect themselves from a fan backlash, but at the end of the day, Draper could have said he didn't want a move and the club would have rejected the offer. It was left upto him and he choose to move. No point keeping a player who would like to play elsewhere.
  8. Worst summer in the clubs history

    Playing devils advocate... Draper (or his agent) tells ICT in an informal manner, happy to move on if it suits club. ICT decide to cash in, use transfer request line to appease fans. Draper claims no 'official' request was made and he is being scapegoated. Creamy mess all over ICT face yet again! Never nice
  9. Pars Away

    Forget transfers, statements, badges, cold pies. Time for the (re)ale important stuff... Pars the (belhaven) best pub pre-match? Also team lines... 11 x Seedorf please
  10. Transfer in and outs

    Obviously disappointed with the outcome, draper was a fine player for us and will be remembered as so. However, there were signs last season of a lack of mobility and general ageing. This is a one-way road heading downhill. While I would have loved him to stayed and feel he would have been perfect for this season I kinda see the financial sense of cashing in. What happens if he gets crocked early in the season, he is on heavy wages, leaves a big hole in the team and we would not be receiving any transfer for him. I think he may struggle to get into a very mobile county side. Perhaps I am just sour. I wish him no further success in his career until he moves elsewhere. Whilst signing for County is hard to take, due to our locality it is an easy choice for settled pros to make the short and relatively short moves to our neighbours north and east. They are now playing at a higher standard and receive much better wages so you cant begrudge them moving on too move. Globalisation and professionalism of football has put paid to this 'loyalty' nonsense. Its long gone, accept it. Anyone of us would do exactly the same.
  11. Watering Holes updates

    I'm moving down to Kirkcaldy soon, so expect more regular appearances at said waterholes than in previous years from myself. Looking forward to this season a lot... really hope the team don't turn it into ****.
  12. Merchandise Suggestions.

    Not a fan. Why would you want your own name on a scarf. Its a no from me Ann
  13. New Manager

    I have no proof and cant be bothered to check but was Sheerin's initial success not as a player manager? I might be totally wrong. Apologies if so. Having a experienced leader in the middle of the park can have a big impact in the lower leagues. Or even at a higher level...Brewster's first stint anyone?
  14. I agree with what you say, it is too little to late but what do you expect him to say? The win doesn't matter, we are already relegated. No point getting excited by clichéd soundbites answering generic questions
  15. Bottom Six Money

    So for finishing bottom of the premiership (shudder having to call it this), we get 950,000 prize money, plus a parachute. If we finish 5th next season for example it drops to roughly 200,000 prize money. Ooya, harsh!