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  1. Agree great idea. Clever move by the club
  2. I agree with what you say, it is too little to late but what do you expect him to say? The win doesn't matter, we are already relegated. No point getting excited by clichéd soundbites answering generic questions
  3. So for finishing bottom of the premiership (shudder having to call it this), we get 950,000 prize money, plus a parachute. If we finish 5th next season for example it drops to roughly 200,000 prize money. Ooya, harsh!
  4. The contract clauses shall be interesting. It would be in the interest of both player and club to have the highest earners - Warren, draper and Fon I presume - on release clauses for relegation, or at the very least a big Percentage paycut . Whilst their experience could be valuable their wages could cripple us i suspect. The loss of away fans, before even considering the potential loss of some home fans will drastically reduce our average attendance. It's just hitting home to me now how bad the situation is. Big cloth cutting incoming. Still, looking forward to fresh feel of a new division.
  5. Don't care. The team will be mostly egotistical posers and a few players who have fight but not the legs. Sad times.
  6. John Hughes is hardly setting the heather of fire at Raith. If he didn't like our budget previously I'm pretty sure he won't like next season's! Move on. His arrogance and greed screwed himself and the club.
  7. Haha. Torch protest. Is the protest that we were good for a couple of seasons and now we are back to below average. Thats football, unless we muster up 50,000 fans get used to it, we made some very shrewd signings who developed well with game time here, we brought a few gems through the youth system. They left for more money, mostly play for the top 2 teams in Scotland or down in England. Our wages is circa 1,000 a week or a bit more. If players are successful they will move on to bigger and better things, which is fair. We didn't replace them well, there was never a guarantee we would, otherwise it would be boring. Our Senior players are ageing quicker than we thought. Things are bad, but hopefully its temporary. Its what footballs all about. Lows make the highs even higher. On the whole our club is pretty well run, we have experienced europe and a scottish cup win and are the envy of many teams. The board have made some bad choices, but should be given the opportunity to turn it round. It could be worse, you could support a basket case club like Dundee, have your ravenellis and odd good season but also have the administrations, and no cup wins for donkeys and...Neil McCann!
  8. Yup, I am the same. Been feeling pretty miserable every Saturday night after the games. Then by the following Saturday morning I'm full of hope! Even for County, I have hope that this is the game where the season turns. Although deep down, I know we are gone.
  9. So Davies is definitely out, Shalk probably but Boyce can play?
  10. I think the 3 year player deal to Foran was intended to be transferred into a coaching position. It probably came sooner than intended with Yogi's antics. I'm sure financially the 4 year deal was essentially the equivalent of his 2 year playing deal. The whole point was to give the club sustainability and a medium term plan with the club trusting Foran. I don't blame the club for this idea but it does seem we have backed the wrong horse. Two options remain, we ditch the plan and turn to someone else on a short contract or continue with the plan however painful it may be in the short-term that with time and more experience beside him, someone he chooses, that Foran will succeed and return us to the top flight.
  11. I'd much rather be a Inverness fan than a County fan. We have dominated them since we joined the national set up. First up through the leagues, we have the Scottish cup, we have been in Europe. Despite them lot throwing a lot more money at it. When planning the criteria for the spl was 10,000 seats so we had to plan for that. County benefited from us getting there first, highlighting the ridiculousness of the rule and it being changed.
  12. After 33 games the stats become slightly skewed. Our final 5 games will be against the weaker opponents within the league. Chances of picking up points are far greater. Hopefully we play Killie/county towards the end of the 5 games once they have secured safety by beating the others (I'm clutching!)
  13. I forgot to say bar the Celtic game. Which most see as a freebie given their domestic form.
  14. I am more hopeful than I was after the Hamilton debacle. Since then we seem to have tightened up at the back considerably. We were conceding 2 goals a game. Not sure what the stats are like now. Presently we are giving ourselves a chance in every game. If we continue as we are, we will finish bottom but a slight improvement going forward will see us with a good chance. A lot depends on the teams around us. Firstly we MUST beat them. If not and they pick up unexpected points we are goosed. I believe its a bottom 3 of us, Dundee and Accies. I think county will pull away, as will well to a lesser extent. Im a positive person, one bonus is; at least its exciting!
  15. I think that is harsh. After conceding so many goals earlier in the season he seems to have settled on two systems, 4-2-3-1 and 5-3-2. I think he picks depending on his players available and the opposition we are about to face. The 5-3-2 is a lot more direct and counter attacking, but is reliant on tremarco and raven being available as no-one else is really able to play the wing back positions. The substitutions in this formation are limited, the wingers are pretty useless, whilst your strikers on the bench are more likely for a run out. The 4-2-3-1 is a more patient style, attempting to control the game more. We are reliant on the 3 attacking midfielders supporting Billy. The wingers are required here and will get game time, billy is number 1 so the other strikers will rarely be involved.