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  1. Stirling Observer

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    Think I heard we have played enough rounds for the bookings not to carry over this time. Can't confirm though.
  2. Stirling Observer

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    Oh my. That was tense but the relief is so great. Love this club to bits. Hats off to the players. Same again next round!
  3. Stirling Observer

    Scottish Cup replay

    Believe radio Scotland has commentary of the game. No TV this time round. Need to progress to get back on the auld box
  4. Stirling Observer

    Calling ALL Armchair managers

    Thing is. Whilst playoffs keep the league interesting, they are disproportionate to the league. You can essentially be a mid table team, miles of the pace and feel like you are in a with a chance of promotion. We almost made playoffs last season after a horrendous start. Half expecting Falkirk or partick to do the same. Essentially we need to tailor our expectations until we improve the squad. Accept we are mid table with no devine right to beat anyone whilst capable of getting results against the top sides occasionally.
  5. Stirling Observer

    Calling ALL Armchair managers

    With such a tight squad. Injuries to a 3rd of our first team starters is bound to have an impact. Ayr seemed a bit of a freak result due to a crazy 15 min spell. I wouldn't expect results to improve until these injured players start to return. We are a mid table team this season. Let's start accepting it.
  6. Stirling Observer

    Ayr Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Double change for Ayr. Shankland and Higgins on
  7. Stirling Observer

    Ayr Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Like I said, pivotal.
  8. Stirling Observer

    Ayr Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Feeling like this could be a pivotal game in our season.
  9. Stirling Observer

    Fifth Round Draw.

    Robbo mentioned it in his post match interview on cjtv. Coll out for 4 weeks. Walsh 6. Two key players. Hopefully we can strengthen with a couple of quality loan signings to keep us going til the end of the season.
  10. Stirling Observer

    Inverness CT -V- Ayr United

    Last weekends result was highly frustrating due to the nature of the results around us as well as throwing away the lead at home. This time we got the job done and most other results went our way. If we can get three wins from the next 3 games, the last few months will be full of interest.
  11. Stirling Observer

    January signings

    I liked him. Was he not 6 goals from 12. Gregor get the stats out 😝
  12. Stirling Observer

    Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South

    We started the season 4-4-2 and it was largely unsuccessful. Our better performances and results came when we were 4-5-1/4-2-3-1 whatever you want to call it. The issue is CM, Chalmers nor Trafford are strong enough to play in a two. Hence the need to sacrifice a striker and play with 3 in the middle. Personally from what I have seen, Oakley would be my number 1 choice. But perhaps a run of games for White will bear fruits. We are stuck with what we have by the looks of it. Hope he finds better/more performances/goals/stats soon. How long is Oakley out for btw?
  13. Stirling Observer

    Greenock Morton v ICT

    Caley Stan has summed it up perfectly. Morton looked devoid of any confidence from the start and resigned to defeat after they went down to 10. We should have gone for the kill but took the foot of the gas and began to panick as Morton made the changes and came at us. Made a meal of it basically but held on for a crucial 3points. Thought Ridgers, McCart, Walsh and Oakley did well.
  14. Stirling Observer

    Maybe time to try 442 formation

    Robbo in both spells has created a side which has focused on being hard to beat rather than free flowing attacking football. Strange considering he was an out and out goalscorer as a player but perhaps more a reflection on his personality/outlook.
  15. Stirling Observer

    Fans Forum

    This crowds are down are a bit of a myth I think. Compare our previous longer than a season stint in the championship/division 1 will show we are doing okay. If we start winning, some more will turn up. If we get promoted next season more again will show up. I'm not interested in these fluid faba.. I'm interested in the younger fans. Get them hooked! The fans forum should be targeted at what the 5-25 years want. They are the future of the club .