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  1. Charles, as you're "winding down" and "not all that fussy", can't you be a bit more explicit? Those of us with no more than a passing acquaintance with The Heathmount don't know what you're getting at.
  2. We were linked with this guy last year. Who actually identifies our targets?
  3. Thanks.
  4. Any updates on this? No Clach game?
  5. I heard Danny MacDonald as well. CC's nemesis.
  6. If we had journalists willing to investigate and report the way our club is run then i wouldn't give a damn about their spelling.
  7. Joe Chalmers is a left back. I hope Tremarco's not going anywhere.
  8. Davidson could become the third ICT player whose father played for both Caley & Thistle.
  9. Chris has failed to get Sergio Markarian linked in the press despite 10 years of trying. I think Stevie Aitken's a good shout, mainly because he looks like Spud from Trainspotting.
  10. Yet another IHE stooge on the board.
  11. We should definitely get Machine in, if only to destabilise Brechin in advance of next season's relegation battle.
  12. By some distance, that was the best performance i've seen from us this season. In attempting to fit our best midfielders into the team, Richie's wound up chopping and changing the shape all season but he might finally have landed on a formation that gets the best out of them. Vigurs sat behind Tansey and Draper and was the heart of some excellent passing moves - his ball through for Fisher's goal was delightful. Polworth isn't a natural wide player, but he put in a hell of a shift and is obviously more reliable defensively than Cole or Mulraney. Same team on Saturday, surely.
  13. Had a wee look back at my season so far after seeing this - i've been to 10 games (all away league games) and seen us pick up 10 of our 11 away points. Last night was magnificent.
  14. Polworth for Anier. Playing Polwarth wide is obviously not ideal, but he's versatile enough to be moved around during the game as it pans out. Plus Anier is ******* honking.