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  1. Caley Park.
  2. So we're being given the stands, not the stadium. The BBC headline and title of this thread are a little misleading. Financially, what do we have to gain from ownership of the stands?
  3. Who's the landowner?
  4. matchday thread

    Hiya Roddy. You're right - big game today as is next week. Full points from these and the Rangers game will be 6 pointer in the race for Europe.
  5. matchday thread

    Interesting line-up. I assume Polwarth moves inside but does Draper drop back?
  6. I find the argument that the SNP are deliberately facilitating austerity in order to build support for independence a little far-fetched to say the least. Are you two usually gung-ho for tax rises or is this just another opportunity to put the boot in? If they'd announced a basic rate increase (the only increase that would have any meaningful effect on revenues) on Tuesday then you can be sure that Charles would've been straight on here giving it big licks on capital flight, brain drain and the rest of the Reaganite routine. Scottish Labour have put together some interesting proposals on tax and it'll be very interesting see how the clear blue water that has finally emerged between them and the SNP on taxation plays out in the debate tonight, but there are many strong arguments against raising taxes in a small part of a country that is cutting them. You may not agree with those arguments but i suspect but that your haste in labeling them "cynical" and "grievance-mongering" from the outset is motivated primarily by tribalism.
  7. I'm not a supporter of the SNP and i'm far from impressed by the tax policies they've unveiled recently, but i feel the need to correct the assumption that these amount to an acceptance of austerity. Sturgeon articulated the SNP position on austerity very clearly in the run-up to the 2015 General Election when she proposed real terms departmental spending increases of 0.5% per year for the the duration of the parliament. The SNP continues to support increases in public spending i.e. the opposite of austerity. That is their policy regardless of what you may think of the economics behind it.
  8. Socioeconomic background remains the ultimate determinant of future prosperity. There's no hiding from the facts on that one, regardless of the number of anecdotes you may offer as counter arguments. Our society is divided and the political changes we are seeing simply reflect the growth of those divisions. It is true that class alone cannot explain the divide. Your own belief in the existence of meritocracy and progress are great examples of the generational divide. Try looking back to when you first started looking for jobs and property. What were your prospects and what are the prospects of someone doing so today? How difficult was it for you to find secure employment with a decent pension? How difficult was it for you to get a mortgage? What percentage of your annual income was the deposit and what percentage of your monthly income were the repayments? Make these comparisons and then come back and tell me about the great progress we've made.
  9. "Rabble" is an interesting choice of word, Charles. Given the SNP's focused and organised electoral achievements over the past decade, you can only be using this word as an expression of your contempt for the working people who now form the bedrock of their support. The use of such language implies nostalgia for a time when the lower orders routinely voted for ennobled aristocrats in the misguided belief that their betters knew better. Things are moving on, Charles, but they do seem to be moving rather more quickly than usual. Trump, Le Pen, Corbyn, SYRIZA, Podemos and the SNP may come from wide range of the political spectrum, but they all find their base in the working-class, or "rabble" as you call them. The working-class has been successfully subdued by easy access to property and cheap consumer goods for the past 35 years while social security, workers rights and the welfare state have been steadily (and stealthily) eroded. Now that property has been removed from that equation for many, the scales are looking a bit less steady - an increasing number of people have realised that they don't have anything to lose from upsetting the political apple-cart. Property? Pensions? Job Security? Those are the things that keep people in line, but if you don't have those things, then there is no risk attached to demanding significant change from the political system.
  10. SNP in favour of Scottish independence. Shocking and disgraceful.
  11. It's not Yogi's fault, Shaun. We're just not getting the rub of the green.
  12. A minor change to French Bashing. Just another expression of his British nationalism.
  13. I went to the Hibs ticket office today which was staffed by Americans who didn't understand the terms "away end" or "pay at the gate". Once we established that i "cheer for Inverness" they called their supervisor who confirmed that we CAN pay at the gate.