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  1. Ex ICT Players Score

    Adam Macleod been out of game for 11 months with some injury. Scored and set one up coming on as a sub on his first game back. Strathspey scored 5, could that be a first in the Highland League!
  2. Richie Foran Has Left The Building

    Is it not the case usually, that this gardening leave continues for the agreed timescale, or until the so called gardener gets another job. In that case Raith Rovers were paying Yogi, not us.
  3. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    One ray of light, although very faint, We never seem to start our season until 6-8 games in
  4. Worst summer in the clubs history

    I cant disagree with anything seriously posted. Big big concern for this season ahead, it feels like we have just conceded the league after one league game. Believe Robbo will get us safe from relegation, but hey, I thought that this time last year too. Cant understand how far and quick its fallen apart, but I strongly believe that John Hughes, although he brought us our first major national cup success, he was also the start of our downfall Lets hope all our doom and gloom is wide of the mark. Maybe Coutinho has always wanted to play for the team he supported as a young lad, and will accept a little less than Draper did
  5. Club Shop - Academy Street?

    Mock the wee county all we like They have their own shop on Nairn High Street. Went past it the other day
  6. Word Association

  7. Word Association

  8. Yellow Card

    BROWNIE, BROWNIE! I said a wee swig, yah near finished it ya bawbag!
  9. Pre-season

    Also one of the guys in the office has left aswell, not Peter, think it was Ian, so with Don gone Peter is doing three jobs. Think that Don and Ian were the techno guys, so I suppose its no great surprise they might be missing a few things.
  10. Word Association

  11. Word Association

  12. Transfer in and outs

    Is david ferguson the ex Motherwell or Ex Blackpool player?
  13. Word Association

  14. Colt Teams

    What other leagues do have second teams in the set ups. Yes we know Spain has, and I think both have been relegated in recent seasons. But how do the people from those league think it works? Everyone assumes its two teams who would enter teams, what about Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts, and Dundee etc.
  15. Transfer in and outs

    were we not due to trial the lad Yule from Cove Rangers aswell?