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  1. Stadium Improvements/Enhancing the Crowd

    Like the idea of designing strips, of designed by the fans then surely they will sell more?
  2. Stadium Improvements/Enhancing the Crowd

    Is it possible to have a section for safe standing or was that ruled out due to cost? Some seats in the main stand could be replaced with the seats from the north, which could become safe standing. A paint of the stanchions would be good. Local pie suppliers would be great, Harry Gows...mmm! A roofed disabled section sounds good. Much, much better parking arrangements are required. Just look at how many people park further away and walk, if it was £2, quick and easy to get out then that’s a small profit and better match experience. The area behind the bar has enough space to be extended by quite a distance and made into a really appealing pre-skite venue. Its great to see the new club shop which is a much more professional setup!
  3. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    Doran is too much of a risk to sign up at the moment, the last time he had a decent run in the Team was in the Butcher era!! If he comes in, does well and stays injury free then yes sign him in March or so. Donaldson is the top priority for us...
  4. The Ian Vigurs enigma

    I will happily eat humble pie for the criticism I gave him a while ago. Great to see him as the player he is at the moment.
  5. Message from the Chairman

    I really liked the article. It feels like we have a good board there based on the text. Things like that letter will do great things for positivity amongst us fans.
  6. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Good good good. How did Donaldson play? Can’t help but notice our fortunes since he has been in the team.
  7. Polworth v Kellacher

    Agreed tm4tj. Polly should be dropped, that kind of attitude will drag down the dressingroom
  8. Inverness CT -V- Peterhead

    It was great hearing everyone willing on the young lad Mackay and for him to get a goal. Even the main stand cheered him when he went down the tunnel!
  9. Inverness CT -V- Peterhead

    Coll Donaldson having a good game
  10. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    Imagine taking a potential player to Inverness to then show him the Aquadome as our training facility, he would struggle to see past the semi-amateur joggers! This is yet another example of lack of ambition here which highlights that our facilities are woeful and don't match that of an SPL club. This is not a dig at having "posher" gyms, for flips sake. 💁🏻‍♂️ Inverness does deserve a better centre of excellence for sport generally.
  11. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    Can anyone confirm the players had their DW membership revoked in favour of an Aquadome membership? It's surely a mistake if true, who would ever want to train there as a "professional"?
  12. Number One

    Ridgers made a better start making two saves, one excellent, in the first half against livi. He still struggled with crosses but the goals weren't his fault, so there has been an improvement. The defence relies on a commanding and respected GK, but I think both options don't have that. I'd still play OFW at this point.
  13. Brian Rice and Scott Kellacher

    It's an interesting topic, everyone seems to say we are not getting the basics right - surely that's a coaches job? The flip side is if quality of the players were poor, the failure can hardly be blamed on a coach. Trouble is, we had quality players last year and we couldn't get the basics right, which maybe points a finger? This year we may have both a lack of quality and poor coaches.
  14. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    People are blinded by Vigurs. One decent pass is cancelled by many many other mistakes. Polly runs like forest gump and runs out of ideas. Is it a coincidence these two have been integral to the team since our demise?? You are right though Caman, moaning at players whilst in the ground doesn't help confidence amongst the players. There is no need for that language on here.
  15. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    I'm sorry but anyone who states on this forum that any of Vigurs, Trafford and Cooper deserve a start in this ICT team need a WORD WITH THEMSELVES!! Vigurs especially was utter mince, how on earth can anyone defend such an inept performance. I can only think they forget the 80% of the game he doesn't perform for the tiny flashes he produces. The missed passes, flaky tackles and off the ball positioning was unforgivable. I made a point of watching him after reading some criticism, but the pundits are right. Look at our run of form when he is in the team. Polworth drove forward with intent but didn't have the ability to do anything at all useful as an end product. That is a terminal failure and he is destined for the likes of Elgin City. Bell looked good in the first half because he was fit enough to run about, he died in the second half. Warren was past it two seasons ago and he didn't even look like a footballer today. Brad Mackay, if you watch it back, didn't event lift his head to look where he was putting the ball and his distribution was so bad. Positives for Ridgers and Raven today especially in the first half, Carl wasn't afforded enough time to make a difference and Oakley looked like misplaced enthusiasm. Trafford didn't make a positive pass or take a shot all day. I was shocked when viewing the warm up to see crosses being put into the box hit towards a striker only to see an empty net hardly rippled once despite several attempts, there were no defenders included as part of the exercise. Wow, what a sight. 2k crowd all disappointed today. I cant blame Robbo, he is trying to mould a pot from sharn. A team with Doran, Tremarco and an on form Mulraney will make a slight difference.