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  1. 2015 Scottish Cup winners v 2015 Scottish Cup runners up

    Hit the nail on the head CC - the fact this late in the season and we have a chance is to be heavily credited.
  2. 2015 Scottish Cup winners v 2015 Scottish Cup runners up

    Same team as against QoS?
  3. 5th Place

    If we win our games in hand and match Dunfermlines results, and beat them we will finish above them. That’s a fact. If you accept say UTD finish 3rd, that leaves Morton also in the race, who we have 2 games in hand on and we are yet to play them too although need a goal difference swing. The return to the SPL is still possible, but I am wary of too many ‘ands’ in the same sentence being a Scotland fan!!
  4. Right Back

    Both Seedorf and Mckay are not SPL standard, which is where we want to be. I saw more from Ricardo Calder to make me think he could do a shift there. If Gary can keep his current form and we fill the right back position, we will have a good foundation to build on. Polly was ok against Dundee UTD but if I was JR I’d say I’d dock him £500 every time he goes in the huff or his shoulders drop. His body language irked a few fans in the last game. Change the attitude and fans will back you - Iain Vigurs has got a good attitude compared with seasons past and has started to factor in some positive defensive tracking even after loosing the ball, which is great. County can sniff one if they want either, we should try and keep both.
  5. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    So Dumbarton play Brechin again to close the points to just 3, with two games against us back to back in the league to go. Elgin are 4 points from their playoff and it’s not impossible we could be in their league next year! You couldn’t write it!
  6. CLUB STATEMENT : AGM & Annual Report : 23/11/17

    Dear Board, Please have a read of this (there will be better examples out there); We should look at all of the variables of the club as a whole that affect fan experience, create a 5 year improvement charter and implement things ranked lowest investment first; CONTENTS 1. Chairman’s Introduction 3 2. How to use this Guide 5 3. Fan Engagement & Growth 7 4. Promoting Dialogue 9 4.1 The Principles of Successful Consultation 11 4.2 Find Out What Matters Most 13 4.3 Understanding Expectations 15 4.4 Delivering Fan Value 17 4.5 Surveys & Questionnaires 19 4.6 Other Forms of Consultation & Engagement 21 5. Improving the Fan Experience 25 5.1 First Impressions / First Contact 29 5.2 Journey to the Match 43 5.3 Stadium Vicinity 49 5.4 Retail 59 5.5 Refreshments 65 5.6 Inside the Stadium / The Match 73 6. Summary of Top Tips for Fan Engagement 8 Brentford Fan Research: What is our 'travel plan' for fans? Some of the basics; I stopped taking parking in the stadium car park when I saw a parking steward give the fingers to a car turning the wrong way and it took me until 17:25 to get out onto the road. A complete joke. Segregate the car park in two, allow traffic to go right and left respectively depending on where you want to go home to, then it will make it quicker to empty. Provide a new path and steps behind the car park to stop fans interfering with traffic on their walk back to town, delaying everyone involved. You have to fight your way through the brambles in the early is a shambles. Buying a ticket from a window is an extra inconvenience for walk ups. Imagine an old firm game now with this set up. Investigate deals with a Harry Gow or Ashers to replace the offering. Half time entertainment (any!). Survey the fans based on your ideas. Check the tannoy & volume Paint / refurbish what you can Long term strategic options A novel and cost effective transport solution to get fans to the stadium. A sub-let area within our title of the land (IF WE HAVE ANY!), tendered to pub chains etc. Use the sub-lease lease money to enable an external investor to inject cash, improving fan experience. Invest in a hotel/accommodation via sub lease (IF WE HAVE ANY LAND). Inverness has a shortage of accommodation. A 3g pitch either built locally or rented in Inverness, run as a soccersixes style league every night of the week in a tiered 'promotion' format, available all year round. The refs would double as scouts. The winners of the top league play an ICT team at the end of the season. (for reference, Soccersixes lease 3g pitches in Inverness and charge £30/game per 6 a side team of which there are up to 12 in a league = £360/night in revenue). Free publicity, community engagement, extra converted fans, media interest, maybe a player prospect or two and a scout or two wage subsidised... whats not to like? Soccersixes make it financially viable to fund refs and organisers, so why cant ICT?? Make it available to every Joe bloggs. The stadium is primarily used 18 times a year. Develop a plan to share the facilities and make money from them. Imagine a 3g pitch in the stadium, sub-let to fans or to junior players. a 3g pitch does away with the wage to 'maintain' the grass.
  7. Championship Table

    Make no mistake, we are one of the form teams in this league right now.
  8. Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South

    Vigurs deserves the MoM award! A great performance from him. What an asset he has become and it’s great to see him celebrating towards the fans for his goal. A lot of criticism was given to him in the past (not least by me!) but today his defensive run from penalty box to penalty box exemplified his change in character on the park. I thought he showed restraint by not reacting to being floored, only to be booked! No wonder Robbo went mental at the ref.
  9. MulrAneY 15

    It’s that confirmed about the sheep then?
  10. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Fab stuff! Gutted I couldn’t get along. Hopefully Mulraney and Tremarco aren’t on the injury list for any length of time. Bring on Saturday! A chance to catch Queens on points and equal the points totals for those in playoff places, it’s a bonus it’s at home too. In 2009 when we won promotion we were 15 points behind 1st place by mid January. With a win and results going our way on Saturday we can be in the exact same position again. It’s definately possible to win the league from that position, we’ve proved that before. It’s not up for debate because you can’t change the past! The playoffs are more than achievable thanks to the improvement we have seen up to now. Well done lads 👍🏻
  11. Morton -V- Inverness CT

    How has the midfield performed so far? Is Baird up front himself? I’d take a draw right now
  12. Best poster in CaleyThistleOnline history

    Fruitbat every day of the week. EVERY DAY!!! Can someone please dig out that thread? It was the most I’ve laughed out loud at any written text
  13. For Sale! - something

    That’s quite clearly Richard Hastings looking for a verruca on his foot, hence the connection to Inverness Caledonian Thistle.
  14. Golf Terminology

    dead sheep - still ewe a round like WW2 - out in 39 back in 44
  15. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    I should add to the positive comments about Ridgers too- he had a great save in the first half and strongly commanded his area all day. His kicking was faultless all day too. Looking where we are with the back four and GK, id even go so far to say Coll and Carl are SPFL standard right now, Mark isn’t far off and if he keeps steady for the rest of the year he could be that standard too. Brad gets most of the key things right: marks his man, is close or wins most headers but his distribution is needing improvement. He is improving all the time too. Our right back situ is an unknown quantity but maybe Seedorf can come at. Well done Robbo.