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  1. Have a read of this; Given we don't have a sugar-daddy like County, why do we persist with the current board set up? Caley Jags Together seems like a ready-made solution to put forward for this model. Presumably a few fans with the time could take a salary to fund the governance of the thing. We have a so-called long standing attendance problem due to a disconnect with the Invernesian population and what better way to tackle it. It would be interesting to talk to other clubs to see if it works in practical terms.
  2. Even if Ritchie stays on a manager next year, the worry is the gates will be down due to negative feeling in the fan base. Saying that fans are a fickle bunch and will return when things improve.
  3. I would have much preferred watching 11 U21 Squad players giving their all than (mainly) the journeymen we dredge from down south. I really liked Charlie's vision for the future and his outlook for the club. 7th-10th in the SPL on a regular basis with solid cup runs and occasional forays into the top six would be a sustainable model provided we have a throughput of home grown, value added talent. It's easier to love local lads which connects the club to the city. He is absolutely spot on in saying that when you import up to 28 players at some point your luck will run out because you have scouted duds.
  4. The way Terry and Mo left us shouldn't be forgotten, there wasn't an ounce of dignity in the way they acted. I'm not saying people returning to their old jobs is a bad thing (in fact it can be a great boost!), but they completely [email protected] on us and I dislike that. The fact Mo is back doesn't sit well with me.
  5. Can we talk a bit about the structure of decision making? I.e. Bottom level is; Manager then; ?? then; ?? we need to understand who makes the decisions and who is in charge of the money. Please can everyone contribute to the club structure for decision making? The stakeholders have to be; manager, share holders, chairman, commercial manager, board members. Lets talk about who makes money flow where and why.
  6. I have the energy to lead...if you know what I mean
  7. I nearly spat my tea when I heard he was captain
  8. He initially joined Motherwell as assistant manager to former coaching colleague Terry Butcher. Malpas became Motherwell manager in May 2006, following Butcher's departure to coach Sydney FC.[4] He left the club in June 2007 after one season in charge, having taken the team from a comfortable mid-table position to one that narrowly avoided relegation.[5] Malpas became caretaker manager of the Scotland under-21 team in August 2007, but missed out on the permanent position to Billy Stark. In January 2008, Malpas became manager of Swindon Town after the takeover of the club by local businessman Andrew Fitton,[6] replacing former Dundee United team-mate Paul Sturrock. Malpas was sacked by chairman Andrew Fitton on 14 November 2008 after a poor run of results and shock exits in the FA Cup to Histon and in the Johnstone's Paint Trophy within a week. He joined Terry Butcher again as assistant, this time at SPL club Inverness Caledonian Thistle [In May 2009, Inverness were relegated from the Scottish Premier League]. In 2013, Malpas moved with Butcher to Hibernian, rejecting the chance to manage Inverness.[7] Butcher and Malpas both left Hibernian in June 2014, after the club had been relegated from the Scottish Premiership.[8] HE IS NOT THE MAN TO SAVE US!!
  9. Matchday Thread

    Soul destroying loss for us which makes it hard to rally behind the cause. I used to be Ritchie's most vocal supporter but the candle is burning very dimly indeed now. My view of the board role in all this is a poor one, it's almost like the parachute payment is what they're after.
  10. What did people think about the defensive showing against County? How about Gary?
  11. Matchday Thread

    Gary Warren is having a poor time of it
  12. Great work going on here guys! If such a facility was available I would love to have a 'watch again' facility for the whole match highlights. I always watch back the full games shown on Alba and I watch back the highlights on BBC, regardless if I make the games or not. I'm sure lots of fans must be in the same position?
  13. Warren shouldn't come back in, he has been a total liability at the back recently. Same team and formation as last week
  14. *bump Ladies and Gents, today was a great result against Hearts. There have been many times in our history where a draw against one of Scotlands biggest clubs would have been headline news, so let's celebrate that achievement. Let the great result today reinforce the belief in Ritchie and the lads. We have games against The Rangers and Celtic where we have no expectation at all and we already have one point in that bag more than anyone gave us credit for. Hamilton have: Celtic, Aberdeen, Hearts, The Rangers, St Johnstone in their next five games. I absolutely believe we can make up the two points difference to overtake Hamilton in at least these five games!
  15. I imagine Ritchie could register or play as a trialist, that was the case before as it was independent of the transfer window? Didn't Ali just transfer on the 1st of Feb? News on Sutherland hasn't reached Germany here in the 48 hours since then. Both suggestions are radical ill give you that though!!