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  1. Number One

    Ridgers made a better start making two saves, one excellent, in the first half against livi. He still struggled with crosses but the goals weren't his fault, so there has been an improvement. The defence relies on a commanding and respected GK, but I think both options don't have that. I'd still play OFW at this point.
  2. Brian Rice and Scott Kellacher

    It's an interesting topic, everyone seems to say we are not getting the basics right - surely that's a coaches job? The flip side is if quality of the players were poor, the failure can hardly be blamed on a coach. Trouble is, we had quality players last year and we couldn't get the basics right, which maybe points a finger? This year we may have both a lack of quality and poor coaches.
  3. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    People are blinded by Vigurs. One decent pass is cancelled by many many other mistakes. Polly runs like forest gump and runs out of ideas. Is it a coincidence these two have been integral to the team since our demise?? You are right though Caman, moaning at players whilst in the ground doesn't help confidence amongst the players. There is no need for that language on here.
  4. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    I'm sorry but anyone who states on this forum that any of Vigurs, Trafford and Cooper deserve a start in this ICT team need a WORD WITH THEMSELVES!! Vigurs especially was utter mince, how on earth can anyone defend such an inept performance. I can only think they forget the 80% of the game he doesn't perform for the tiny flashes he produces. The missed passes, flaky tackles and off the ball positioning was unforgivable. I made a point of watching him after reading some criticism, but the pundits are right. Look at our run of form when he is in the team. Polworth drove forward with intent but didn't have the ability to do anything at all useful as an end product. That is a terminal failure and he is destined for the likes of Elgin City. Bell looked good in the first half because he was fit enough to run about, he died in the second half. Warren was past it two seasons ago and he didn't even look like a footballer today. Brad Mackay, if you watch it back, didn't event lift his head to look where he was putting the ball and his distribution was so bad. Positives for Ridgers and Raven today especially in the first half, Carl wasn't afforded enough time to make a difference and Oakley looked like misplaced enthusiasm. Trafford didn't make a positive pass or take a shot all day. I was shocked when viewing the warm up to see crosses being put into the box hit towards a striker only to see an empty net hardly rippled once despite several attempts, there were no defenders included as part of the exercise. Wow, what a sight. 2k crowd all disappointed today. I cant blame Robbo, he is trying to mould a pot from sharn. A team with Doran, Tremarco and an on form Mulraney will make a slight difference.
  5. Aberdeen U20 -V- Inverness CT

    I'd rather Trafford learned his lessons early in the season as opposed to to the title challenge run-in
  6. CLUB STATEMENT : Supporter Behaviour at Brechin

    I think that the usual process of things has let us down and the club have to take a sweeping action, forced by the SFA to try and resolve the issue. If the flare issue was solved through legal investigation and prosecution led by the police If the D&E coaches issue was solved through private civil action and; If any offensive behaviour was dealt with by stewards throwing folk out....then the club wouldn't have to alienate the few vocal fans on the right side of the law. I feel for the club as it's a very difficult situation to be in.
  7. Tactics Thread

    If I was in charge of the team I'd leave out both Vigurs and Polworthless for a few games. Their constant involvement grates on me and I think the way they play has strong positives, it also has many outweighing negatives. The very first thing a midfielder needs to do is to protect the team and the mindset of these two leaves us short in this department. This is why we will miss big Drapes so much.
  8. Worst summer in the clubs history

    It's a very sad state of affairs at the moment and fair play to County in signing big Drapes. A lot of fans have seen the decline of our club manifested in a number of ways and have actively voiced their concerns to those connected to the club both privately and publicly. It's been a huge frustration for us and it's only because we're hurting that we are so passionate. We, the fans, are fickle and if Robbo can do something this season we will return in numbers because that's the way it works. Being dramatic on this forum and with our fellow fans helps put pressure on those in charge but since we are in a period of managerial flux then it is wasted energy at the moment until we see how things play out. In summary, lets cool off and see what the current setup yields.
  9. Who should we keep, who should we punt?

    Jake wasn't a bad apple so why is there such a major drama over him?? By all accounts he is a decent chap and figured quite prominently in Ritchies team during the run in. Imagine a fit Aaron and Jake on the wings, we would run riot next year in the Championship.
  10. All give £100

    TopSix, i applaud you for offering solutions to the problem. It is very easy to criticise others as some posters do here, but if we all had your philosophy of positive thinking then it can only help progressive thinking. Green dot for you Sir.
  11. Richie Foran Has Left The Building

    Very decent write up hislop, I disagree with your management selection and the bad apples comments but I think the rest is well put!
  12. New Manager

    Way off topic but how good does the development league setup look? One for another day. . . Sheerin plus experience (Malpas) for me. Although Peanut plus Barry Wilson / Robson gives me the nostalgia tingles I cant ignore.............!!
  13. Fan injection of money

    I was probably over critical of hospitality at our patch given it's been a number of years (3 or so) since I've been at TCS. It was a pie on a plate and drinks until half time when I went. Circa £120 for the hospitality ticket was why I didn't take it up this year. I see E1s post as an attempt to bring some positive suggestions to our situation which is exactly what I was trying to do by suggesting a hotel/bar at the stadium. As I said the figures are wild guesses which can't be relied upon but come on Charles, to pick up on that detail and not acknowledge the Kilmarnock parallel makes you seem negative. Your response reeks of the exact same mist of "it'll never work, what we have is what we have" philosophy that decision makers at our club employ which has led to our overall decline on an off the park. I don't see one visionary proposal, what do you think about the puddle in the pie queue?
  14. Fan injection of money

    Have you been to County for hospitality before? On the hotel/bar idea; if it is £80k per medium scale 25m2 hotel room we could have a 20 bedroom hotel and appealing bar facility for circa £1.6m. If 20 rooms were filled 300 days of the year that's around £0.5m per year and a three to four year simple payback. Be more ambitious - Killies investors raised £6.4m Finance raised through community share offer and loans. I've not guessed the IRR/NPV of this but it would be pretty decent, especially if we own enough land to do it and the term is 10 years. Now don't read too much into these figures but the club could at least draw up a brief and tender the costs, and gauge public finance/loan possibilities. Finance is possible to get hold of if you have a robust business case demonstrating a low risk investment opportunity to the banks. What I am saying is that no one at the club seems to have the ability to investigate these types of avenues. Obviously the facility would look to offset matters on the park with its profits to improve the overall club generally. Look at how the Park Hotel helped balance the books at Kilmarnock?? They CLEARLY have a more competent board and management framework. The club in my opinion needs to have a working group set up to charter the business direction and look at all of the clubs in the SPFL and what they are doing right - Killie's hotel, Youth system, branding, match experience etc etc. We need to keep being progressive because all I see is a club going backwards.
  15. Fan injection of money

    I wouldn't trust fans donating £200k to the club given the state of decline and management. If I did donate it would be good to address: An ineffective youth system Relying on journeyman footballers The puddle in the pie queue The embarrassing portakabin shop The embarrassing scaffold towers A review of hospitality More pleasant shop staff Better parking Community facilities to generate revenue, such as a pay to play Astro, indoor recreational area, restaurant or accommodation Better transport links to the stadium Paint for the orange stadium stanchions Automated turnstiles to save on staff costs and make entry easier Better pre match entertainment If we knew exactly what we were getting in something tangible then it would probably help greatly.