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  1. Away fans

    So its you I'm hearing when I get along to games! 😆
  2. New Manager

    I wont pretend to know anything about Managers, but I feel like contributing my two cents. I was there when Robbo led us to promotion as a young lad and I hope he brings vital experience and can make this league very interesting with us, Falkirk and Dundee UTD. HOWEVER, when you read his interview he says it wasnt even on his radar and he had a good gig going at Hearts, he will be up for the challenge but it sounds like ICT did all the running, That worries me a bit. I hope im totally wrong and this season will be really good for us. Crossing my fingers.
  3. New Manager

    New bookie favourite, Lives local, Knows the club, has experience managing a Premiership club. Richard MacForan.
  4. Richie Foran Has Left The Building

    I think you have said it best perfICT. I have a lot of respect for Richie and disappointed his first foray into managment has ended so poorly. All the best RF.
  5. New Manager

    Not Paul Hartley. I work with a few DFC fans and every single one of them said he was clueless and complained week after week about his selections and lineups. Ring any bells? I bet he will be hoping for a call from Hearts when Cathro gets booted.
  6. Little rant

    Just throwing it out there but here in Perth, St Johnstone have a deal with a small independent Sports shop for them to exclusively sell club kit outside of the Club Shop. Im not sure if the shop owner has anything to do with the club besides this deal but maybe ICT can look into something similar to that? Is there any small sports shops in Inverness that might be approached?
  7. Strip

    I like red and blue for home and as much as I like my white and black or vanilla and black away tops I really think our away top should be black with thin red stripes like our 2013 -14 kit, if you arent sure which one that is have a wee google and see the smiling character we all know and love!
  8. Fan injection of money

    I would like to see them sell more of those seats for life, a brick with your name, or do online raffles over Facebook for signed merch or something.
  9. Merchandise Suggestions.

    Afternoon, I know with the negatives that come with relegation we may be needing to run a much tighter ship but I would like to see some new items in the Club shop besides the new season kit. off the top of my head I would love to see; - An Engraved whisky glass. - Hip Flask. - Club crest Air Freshener. - Leather keyring. Just some ideas, I think they would be pretty popular sellers, maybe they have already sold these items and I've missed out. What do you think? Any suggestions to add?
  10. Statement from board??

    Checking the Caley Thistle website and the forum every couple hours today and still no word. I bet it contains... - Full confidence in Richie and confident of swift return to top flight. - Thank fans for patience during difficult season and ask for them to get behind Richie. - Several players will be moving on and they will thank them for their work. - Tightening of the belt. Thats my guess. But I'm still hopeful im totally wrong and its actually something really good to lift spirits a bit like a new club shop and upgrading the stadium.

    I have spoke to other fans and everyone is saying there is stuff going on behind the scenes which explains why the whole Club has remained static. Its very worrying to hear, if relegation is the kick in the arse we need to have a whole clearout from top to bottom maybe its a blessing in a very painful very disappointing disguise? *Edit* This is just here say, I would love someone close to the top to tell me its all a load of rubbish.
  12. Boden & Fisher

    Its a real shame Fisher never saw many matches in the beginning. perhaps if he saw more everything could be different, probably better not to think about it... Anier by the way is just awful.
  13. Who should we keep, who should we punt?

    I don't know how many would agree but I would like to see a new Keeper on the shopping list. I saw somewhere Polworth take Tanseys place? I don't know if that would work out, for me he is nowhere near the same quality, so a replacement for Tansey of course. I would very much like to see Alex Fisher get offered something. Sure, he may not fancy a wage cut and championship football BUT he could be the next Caley Thistle Golden boy. a fan favourite perhaps? I may be blethering, its been a long day...
  14. I've typed up a lot of stuff and ended up deleting it all again and again, I personally feel when he says he loves the club and loves the city he is genuine but will not admit he is out of his depth, a lot of folk hate him because he wont/didnt bow out. I dunno, maybe I just feel he has been with us for years and is really trying, reading all your comments though it seems he puts out dodgy line ups, sign crap poor players and its cost us dearly. I would be happy with Richie taking another position at the club perhaps assisting a new manager, (maybe Malpas?)
  15. Inverness CT -V- Motherwell

    Very shakey start, those three goals were great. Shame we couldnt keep Motherwell out. Off the pitch however Im keen to see what happens over the coming weeks, someone mentioned abuse for Tansey, Anymore info on that?