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    Bumping this as Robbo has said that the club will be losing 2 - 3 players in January. I'd imagine these would be Raven, Eldson and Susan. Hopefully it doesn't include Donaldson as, despite having much the same reaction as Renegade above when he signed, he has shown himself to be a pretty decent defender and I hope he can stay with us a bit longer.
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    A stroll to be honest. 4-0 going on 8-0, as IBM said, looked like a training match at times. Shooty in, jumpers for goal posts and three corners a penalty. Great start.They did hit the base of the post when a ball sat up nicely and was lobbed over Ridgers but struck the post with keeper beaten. Out of the blue really. We were in total control but got a bit slack at times, maybe it was too easy. However, never in doubt and the final two goals rounded off a good night. Oakley took his goal well, clipping a tidy through ball over the advancing keeper, a bit Stewartesque. Their burly number 10, Isaac Layne I believe was a robust fellow and he caused a few problems with his power, but overall, Donaldson was up to the challenge.
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    Really good night's work, especially with the other results. Keep this up and we will gradually pull ourselves up to near the top five, so to be thereabouts with the second half of the season still to come would be very satisfying after the tricky start we had. Well done, Robbo.
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    Thought George Oakley did well again when he came on. A strong physical performance and took his goal really well. Deserves to be given his chance with a decent run of games before being written off as 'not the answer'.
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    Very comfortable win without ever playing particularly well. We will certainly play better than that and lose in other games. Brechin were a bombscare at the back and I think the number of chances we had is more a reflection of their woeful defending rather than any real incisive play from us. The fourth goal was the pick but the game was over as a contest by then. For Brechin, McLennan and particularly Layne were strong lads who offered a genuine threat up front. however, McKay and Donaldson marshalled them very effectively and were central to us getting another clean sheet. I thought Mulraney gave one of his most mature performances to date. It was a good mix of taking players on and playing the safe ball and he was close to getting that elusive 1st goal for us. He is clearly developing under Robbo. Good shift to by Raven and Ridgers looked assured between the sticks. A good confidence booster all round.
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    Vigurs suspended after sending off against St. Mirren. Polwarth put in an excellent midfield shift, outstanding delivery from corners as well as a good range of passing from him. Bell and Mulraney both lively and the defence looked pretty solid after an early scare. All in all, a really impressive team performance, beautiful fourth goal from Oakley and good to see Doran back on his feet. Nice work all round!
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    As Raven seems certain to go, Seedorf is the obvious replacement. I would also dispense with Calder and Cooper and bring back Danny Williams. DW can play in defence and midfield and is as good football wise as either of them. He also has a good attitude which I don't think Calder has.
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