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  1. Agree. Morton and Arbroath with Tynecastle and Ayr close behind . Sick of this all really but just typing in these names made the sap rise. It will be good to meet again......some sunny day
  2. Barry Robson for me. Pele?
  3. You guys are fast approaching key worker status. Thanks again. What is the backing track music?
  4. Wow, so young. One of my fav players over the years. I remember that sickening feeling when he did his cruciate. All the best
  5. Oh yes.That Kilmarnock goal. I was in the wings of the main stand that day and had a brilliant view of it. Couldnt believe it not being given. And Barry.......what a strike;what a player.....happy days
  6. Great work once more lads!
  7. Myself, Wanderer, and ?? Went into diggers in Edinburgh on the way home......Hearts stronghold. We were treated like returning heroes. Will never forget it.
  8. Agreed. Radio Scotland on all pm as I painted my fence ( there is miles and miles of wood!) . I thought it was rivetting
  9. Sorry but why the hold up?. Are ICT on the phone to Doncaster saying that he will get our vote if they restructure? No need to take 28 days over this at all
  10. Some blasts from the past here Lovely Laura,; The Fly and Mrs Fly ( just cant rem3mber her name, sorry); Seoras,Dougie, some guy with a pie and Billy Two Ross County supporters aarriving for a game
  11. Naelifts


    Just found this............Heaps more stuff from Bucharest comin'soon
  12. I remember listening to this in an empty ambulance as we headed home . I had the added interest of £10 @ 20/1 on a Hamilton 2.0 win at Easter Road. Butchers face on approx .18 and 1.55 says it all. He made a colossal mistake and exposed his inadequacies by moving to such a "big" club. Great drama served up by Scottish football and the play off system Hope you are all safe and well
  13. No no no............they cannae upgrade Somerset Park!
  14. Doesnt look like anyine will be going
  15. Hats off to alloa. They were great today. We just didn't have the craft to break them down. The ball was always slowly and inevitably moved wide.....we got many good crosses in but alloa defended stoutly. No problem with our effort today.......just no guile or invention. We could have played all day and not scored. Banks was outstanding. Well beaten....we move on. Oh and I agree with RIG.....for the second goal alloa were overloaded at the back post and no blue shirts to be seen
  16. Ah yes.........those were the days my friends, I thought they,d never end, da da da da da da da da da da
  17. Nice one guys. Stay safe Jonhdo.
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    Spot on Lizi........why do we keep them?, then, why do we throw them out? Theres the rub
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    Awful. What a lovely guy. I hadnt seen him in quite a while but from the early days onwards he was always friendly, entertaining company. And his late night posts were legendary. I have to admit I shed a tear on receiving this news. Pleasure to know you mate.
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    Well well well. I dug out my box of programmes ( why do we hang on to these things!) and found one that you are after. 23rd October 1999. In those days I travelled up and down the A9 regularly from the Borders and I seem to have a fair collection of programmes........100s of the things. Just collecting dust are welcome to it
  21. Just ****. Finally managed to shake off other commitments to allow my return to football and I cant make this. In negotiations with my neice over whether I can go to match and then somehow get to Glasgow for her 21st........albeit a bit late. Delicate talks in progress