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  1. I had assumed it might have something to do with the type of injury but the previous answers probably carry more weight.
  2. Can anyone in the know explain why we had to wait until the ball was out of play for our player to come back on the pitch, when Brechin had a footballer waved back on by the ref during play.
  3. My motm would be mulraney. Would of gone down with the first challenge well in own half on the wing last season. Now he's skinning the opposition and winning free kicks all around the box. The team is looking very promising for the rest of the season.
  4. Of all the times you've taken flack for all the free pies and free entry to ICT through work and you never reply that your a shareholder Charles Someone must want to invest if the request is for existing share holders to delay reinvesting and the board can decide who buys but DD suggests that it won't be a great amount.
  5. Failing that take a photo of the inside of the St book, attach it to an email, say you are attending, would like to collect prior to KO and await confirmation email.
  6. It would be far simpler just to use the ticket in the book and sit anywhere but if you want to sit in your regular seat just turn up early.
  7. Vigurs best position near the end of last season was sitting in front of the back four. He didn't have far to track back and he could thread a pass right through the centre of midfield to Fisher as the central defenders were pulled wide. Which leaves Draper and Polly in front, unless there's a better combination with the new signings.
  8. That's still 50 goals too many. 71 goals required just to break even.
  9. Under 16s are free too.
  10. Maybe they're just using up old stock.
  11. I wonder if anyone thought of running the, where 2 today bus, I believe there's good support in Aviemore, Carrbridge, Dulnain Bridge and the Boat and would hopefully feel like an away day at home. I think it was priced at only 60 or 70 ppmile including fuel, a couple of seasons ago for the 16 seater. http://www.ct4u.co.uk/services/vehicle-hire.aspx
  12. Well if you want to go through the entire history of appointments since 1994 then perhaps not all of them are listed. Nice to add non-sinister though. Sounds more dramatic than opting for a perfectly good explanation.
  13. Are we talking about the same guy who knocked an extra 10% off of the season ticket prices, extend the early bird closure dates, included the first cup match for free and offered a monthly draw for boardroom hospitality. There's been a lot of changes and the club probably needs a bit of time to sort itself out.
  14. Any news in Vigurs, is he injured?
  15. Something to do with stating the 'Caley-' Team sheet.
  16. Might be handy to copy and paste as you only get the headline otherwise.
  17. It's about £30-40 for car hire for the day plus fuel. Really depends how much free time you have regarding transport
  18. Any news on this guy. Scott Davidson signed from neighbours Clach FC in December 2015 and made has made a significant impact since his arrival, netting several key goals in his short time here, including a double at Grant Street Park , when Fort William FC ran out 2-1 winners. A player that is always developing, has an ability to hold the ball up well, create chances out of nothing and score when he wants, Scottie is quickly becoming a fans favourite.
  19. I believe fidget spinner are currently the fastest selling toys. How about blue with red bearings and the crest in the centre. rrp £5 ?
  20. The BBC says he's with us for another season and the club have the option to extend by another year too.
  21. Being the type of guy who has organized card displays at cup finals, sold ICT merchandise at matches and other fund raising ventures for the club, then I would like to think your opinion carries some weight, as we'll as the other posters on here doing their bit to help support the club.
  22. Does anyone know if play off matches would be included in the season ticket price, just in case we don't win the league.
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