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  1. Yes, congratulations all round. A much better end of seson than last year already. BBC Sports Report at 5pm showed us as 6th, and BBC Teletext as well last time I looked. I know its wrong, but it looks good!
  2. Go on my son! Must admit, I lost interest this year when Steven Hendry played such cack and crashed out early, but Dotty pummelling R O'S this morning has rekindled my interest. As one or two others have said, R O'S is a great player but such an erse. What's all this shaking hands left handed about?
  3. Inverness certainly was a football town (as it was then before gaining City status), at one time boasting 4 Highland League teams. However, as it has doubled in size over the last 40 years or so mainly by an influx of professional or retired people, the traditional grass roots working class football supporters are now proportionately fewer in numbers. Also, it takes time, maybe generations, for newcomers to form a strong allegiance to their new area, let alone football team. So, maybe there is some truth in the suggestion that Inverness is not a 'football' city.
  4. I know our ground is not great, but is it any worse than Falkirk's for instance? It is quite similar to Falkirk's but I think our stands are better
  5. Madjeski Stadium, Reading - a modern 25000 seater (also only a few miles from me!)
  6. Brora Rangers ground wasn't great last time I was there!!!!
  7. What I find rather pathetic about the 'who cares?' or 'couldn't care less' merchants, is why they even bother to read the thread in the first place, if thats what they feel, let alone waste their time in posting negative replies. They don't seem to post similar replies to any of the countless other threads accross these boards in which they undoubtedly have no interest. Is it I wonder just the good old Scottish 'anti English' mentality, in which we were all indoctrinated, showing through?
  8. For what its worth, I think if Scolari takes it, England have made a good choice. None of the English candidates (McLaren, Curbishley, Allardyce) were worth a light in my opinion, and I assume O'Neil ruled himself out, so they were virtually forced to look overseas rather than settle for a very much second rate 'home grown' manager
  9. Let Juanjo go. With the gratest respect, he's history now. We've moved on. He hasn't exactly made the most of his first team football at Hamilton. I don't think he could cut it in SPL
  10. I hope Caff doesn't leave. On the few chances he's had this year he has done well. CC should persuade him to stay at least until we know if we are losing any one else. For my money Caff looked more secure than Rossco at full back.
  11. Did Gillingham ever pay the £50K for Hislop? I've a feeling they didn't.
  12. In my day we used to get taken to the baths from school about once a month, walking all through the town in a long crocodile. I never liked swimming and always used to try and get out of going. But you needed a 'note' from your Ma. Oh the joy the first time I realised I could make a reasonable fist of copying her signature!
  13. My phone is mobile too, but I find if I go too far with it I pull the cord out of the wall!
  14. What a load of bull people are posting here!
  15. Yes, I too hope that we can do better in these last 5 games than the terrible anticlimax of last year's end of season. Despite the disappointment of the last couple of games, I still believe there has been progress this year. Only a few poor league results at home (0-3 Falkirk; 0-1 Motherwell and 0-1 Aberdeen) prevented us from a top 6.
  16. I've bought several cars at auctions, including my current one which I've had for 4 years. If you are buying a reasonably priced car, you usually get 24 hours in which you can have it checked over by an expert, if you want, before you are committed. Not so for 'cheapies' though. The thing that staggerred me at first was how quickly they are sold, literally a few seconds. Tread with caution is good advice but you can save thousands as compared with forecourt prices. I tend to go for ex company cars. At least you know they have usually been well maintained.
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