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  1. But only 1 defeat in 5 league games since the Hamilton debacle....
  2. Not good, hope he comes back fitter and better than ever.
  3. I couldn't get to the game as was in Manchester. When. Turned my phone to flight mode as late as I could and was hopeful of getting t half time at 0-0. Turned it back on when the flight landed and horrified to find we were 4 down. Anyway, whilst we were hopeful we never really expected anything, so we must put it behind us and focus on the next game. 11 left to save our season and performances like the Rangers game can surely let us achieve that. Just a pity other results this week have been a nightmare.
  4. If all fit, Raven, Mckay, Meekings, Tremarco
  5. I only watched the last 20 minutes but seemingly Partick Thistle were very poor today and only had their first real chance at the very end, so hopefully they are the same on Saturday. Danny Devine sent off for two bookings. I'm not an expert on how suspensions work when the cup is involved: does he miss out next week?
  6. Agreed but we must aim for 10th or above!
  7. Motherwell leading and that won't help if they hold on, but I suppose it drags Kilmarnock back into the mix, but it will leave us 5 off 10th.
  8. Looks like a four way fight now, County, Motherwell, Hamilton and us. Roll on the derby on 18 March!
  9. Fon Williams Mckay Tansey but could just have easily included Raven, Mulraney and Draper!
  10. It had a message in a box saying it was closed to new posts. Will try again.
  11. As I can't post it on the MOM thread, I went with Fon Williams Mckay Tansey but Raven, Draperand Mulraney all deserved points tonight too!
  12. I went hoping and came home delighted! A very poor start, but the break in play for Tremarco's injury seemed to let us regroup, and I thought from then on it was quite even. Two great goals, but agree with others that Tansey should take any penalties. Second a goal of the season contender? I was surprised Warren didn't start, but the result is what counts. Fon Williams kept us in it early on. Raven excelled when switched to left back. Mckay had a tough time, but Cole helped out. First time I have seen Laing and he did OK, and McCart much more assured than against Dundee. Gr
  13. We are due our first league win this year! I'd go with the "Foran XI" above, but with Doran in for Mulraney.
  14. Dundee winning afainst Rangers was unexpected and unhelpful, but gives us hope we can get a result on Friday evening.
  15. Be interested in views from those at the game. Would have taken a point before kick off but disappointed we did not hold out. Sounds like Hearts hit woodwork twice and we did once, but hopefully the point and penalty save show things may be turning for us: time will tell. Sportscene report says we were battling, hopefully a positive sign too. Still two big games coming up. Anything we can take from them will help. 14 games without a win is worst ever run in the top flight of the SPFL apparently.
  16. And five goals by former ICT players. They even gave Storey a cameo 10 minute appearance!
  17. Extended highlights on Alba on Saturday evening so fingers crossed they will be worth watching!
  18. I was not at the game and couldn't watch it, so won't comment on how we did. However, just went on the club's site to check last week's Centenary Club results and spotted a news story about the Cup replay against Celtic with ticket information. How nice it would have been to be going to a replay tonight.... Presumably this was drafted in advance and should never have been uploaded to the site!
  19. Josh out for rest of season: is that correct?
  20. Predicting team for Hearts will be tough then! King inelligible and Warren, Brad Mckay and Vigurs suspended. Hopefully Meekings fit by then and Raven stays fit.
  21. Agreed, could have done a top six, but my choice: King Mckay Draper Can we add a rating for linesmen? The stand side one definitely needs to brush up on the offside rules!
  22. I agree with most of the above. More fight and less predictable. Esson did not inspire confidence early on, but seemed to settle. Full backs generally ok, although Raven did cause concern with that back pass late on. Tremarco could have scored and unlucky to be booked. Warren seemed fine but McCart caused a few nervy moments and had a tough shift. In midfield, Dundee seemed to get a lot of space, but little criticism from me for Tansey or Vigurs. Both were up for it, witness Tansey's delight at scoring. Draper had a good shift including a stint up front when we were looking fo
  23. After tonight, I feel the worst!
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