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  1. ....Not just me then! We were in the South Stand and the volume of chat and music throughout was way too high. I appreciate his enthusiasm but just overpowering.
  2. Delighted to have a player with his drive and passion signing with us for 3 more years.
  3. Sorry! Late to the table ! Happy to add to the list.
  4. Anyone know how long existing season tickets holders seats are reserved until?
  5. They both have partners in Aviemore!
  6. Incomprehensible in 2 languages now.
  7. I liked Coll to start with, but lately have been getting the impression he thinks he is better than he is.
  8. ? That... was... pitiful. Sad when we lose , and Mark Ridgers is man of the match. Says it all. And for those players who are not signing new contracts because they think they're better than us. Get a grip.
  9. Thought we managed the game well and Robbo had his tactics spot on. Worried for Tom Walsh as he appeared to have hurt his hamstring.
  10. 1. Doran 2. Chalmers 3. White
  11. We'll miss him...…... big time.
  12. I agree. I thought Chalmers had his best game for us. He went for everything. Also thought Welsh and Walsh made great contributions. What a difference a week makes!
  13. My son works at Ipswich Town FC. This is what their fanzone consists of...…. No I don't know where we'd put it but great idea!! Search text FanZone Information What time does the FanZone open? 12pm-2.45pm for Saturday fixtures 6pm-7.30pm for Midweek matches How do I gain access, and is it free? Access is free with your match ticket When does it close? The Fanzone
  14. Shocking again today. Why was Vigurs booked when he was pulled down? Why was Donaldson booked when he didn't touch the QOS player???????
  15. Really pleased about this. It's ben a long time since I've seen a new player look so happy when we score or so crestfallen when we lose. He works hard and shows great team spirit.
  16. Really liked the look of Seedorf and he linked up well with Mulraney. Hopefully this will become a great partnership. Also thought Oakley looked sharp. . The team seemed to be gelling more and now feeling much more positive about the season ahead. Nice to see Darren Dods back at the stadium.
  17. Yes, it's the same Graham. He arrived from Canada and wore white platform boots! Lovely guy and part of the Muirfield Mills group.
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