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  1. Highly doubt it would happen since Robbo has signed a contract to 2021 I think it is.
  2. LairdMattie

    January signings

    If I asked such a question I can guarantee I would have got a political answer like "We have things in place, we are exploring avenues'' or a "Thanks for coming" and he'd go to the next table. He also said he actually joined the board just as Kenny Cameron was leaving, so I suppose the better person to ask would be Mr Cameron. My uncle got most of his time asking where he was from and what attracted him to being Chairman of the club, I chose to ask about what was planned for our 25th and then got stuck in about the hog roast before it got cold.
  3. LairdMattie

    January signings

    Mr Rae said something about that, saying we are in the red before we even kick a ball at the start of the season, whats the chances of steadying the ship and attracting a solid following in the Championship?
  4. LairdMattie

    January signings

    Graeme Rae came to chat to us at Hospitality at the QoS game, he was a really nice guy and did say they were looking at a couple of players, I wouldnt get our hopes up though he later said it is really hard getting players here with what little money we have. I honestly worry about the club, where did all of our money go? was it on the players Butcher and Yogi had? Was it putting Richie in the captains chair and then paying him off and getting Robbo? Mixture of both?
  5. LairdMattie

    Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South

    I personally thought we started the first half reasonably well, I saw atleast two chances which should have been put away with the header a few feet out going traight at Alan Martin and a scramble off the line. I noticed we wanted to pass to a player with 3 defenders around them rather than to draw them out wide, which everyone sitting around me could see wasnt working, yet we kept doing it. Queens looked to be trying the long ball to their strikers in each counter attack which we got away with, each time they came up they looked dangerous. Second half looked almost like Robbo told the lads that the passing to feet infront of goal wasnt working so we should cut down the left wing. On atleast 3 occasions however, I could see players bunched on the left with Brad MacKay standing on the right wing at the halfway line with acres of space to carry it up but no one making that pass. Everytime we gave away possession, Queens would came up the park and it looked like we would panic and if we did clear we seemed to run halfway up the park and stop. Queen players had plenty of time to come back and organise themselves and we would just seem to pass back and try up the left wing again. We really need to work on counter attacks, the lads appear to not have have any confidenece to carry it up the park and appear to get halfway and stop and passing back. Barry Wilson said we got our goal and sat in which was bad, but I feel like the reaction of the players when they equalised was worse, everyones heads went down and then they literally just tot down the side and slot the ball in the bottom left, it looked like everyone was static and just watched. We can't only blame the strikers now, there are 8 other players on the pitch and none of them appeared to be stepping up and getting us going, we looked clueless, leaderless and just awful.
  6. LairdMattie

    Inverness Ct -V- Falkirk

    Unbeaten run comes to a shart of an end by Falkirk. If our boys are playing as lethargic as described then things need a bloody good shake up, Shambles.
  7. LairdMattie

    Edinburgh City - Scottish Cup

    Very disappointed to see the lads come back from the international break and not put this one to bed. Shame to see the trend of 1 out 3 shots being on target and 12 shots with only 1 goal. ach well, hopefully when they come up the road it will be a different story. That said, Edinburgh City are top of their table playing 12 and winning 10, losing only to Elgin and Clyde, they would have been well up for today.
  8. LairdMattie

    Partick -V- Inverness CT

    Hoo Mark Ridgers hes (also) one of our own! So relieved to get the win, Well done lads!
  9. LairdMattie

    Scotty ~ A Personal Statement

    Jeez that's heavy, Scotty. Really sorry to hear. Wishing you all the best for your fight and recovery we are all behind you!
  10. LairdMattie

    The League Table

    I'm 50/50 with that observation. The problem with Inverness is we cannot afford to stew in the Championship and miss out on all the cash the big 5 bring. Besides Dundee Utd and the Highland Derby I think its safe to say no Championship team bring a good following up the A9 and we cant really keep going on Home Support alone with only about 2500 (or thereabouts) That South Stand needs the likes of Sellic, The Rangers, Hibs, Hertz and Aberdeen Caledonian Thistle to bring in a healthy income. If County go up and leave us in the Championship I don't see TCS being full again for a long time unless the moons align and we pull one if the big teams out the hat in a cup contest.
  11. LairdMattie

    These draws

    Now you've gone and said it! 😵 Agree absolutely, we go on about following the team no matter what, but it really does make all the difference when you're sat in the winter sitting on your hands for 90 minutes for a nil nil draw. If the fans have nothing to cheer for, dribs and drabs of people will choose not to go. I'd hate to think we have these boys up front who call themselves strikers that struggle to get a goal and we may have someone sitting on the bench with talent that don't get a fair whack a la Alex Fisher.
  12. LairdMattie

    Inverness CT - Morton

    Agree completelly about that give away, no idea what he was thinking going for that pass. Hopefully Robbo will have a word with him about that, totally dangerous and 100% could have been avoided and Morton punished us for it. Looks like we had a good few chances in front of goal as well, disappointing that we continue our habit of choking infront of goal. I'll be homeward bound around the time of the Dundee UTD game, hopefully no silly mistakes there.
  13. LairdMattie

    NoS Cup Final V County

    That's a shame, I was hoping we would have won it so we would have something to point to this season as we did last season with the Irn Bru Cup. Ach well. As is the life of a Caley fan I suppose!
  14. LairdMattie

    LADS 42 - Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC

    The best place to get the videos I think is the Ladbrokes Facebook page. I dont think they're posting them on Youtube in a playlist, or if they are I havent found it yet.