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  1. Announcement

    Constantly looking across at RC and deeming ICT success by being 'better' than them, being 'pride of the Highlands' and all that utter bullshit is pitiful and sad. The fact we are a loss making organisation makes us no different to most football clubs, the problem is that a) the previous regime CHOSE to chase success and financed JH and other managers with lucrative contracts and player budgets - too often on here people blame the manager, where the initial blame really has to lie with those who gave the budgets to start with. In some respects with those amounts provided that manager produced results in excess of what should have been achieved and where RF failed it can be argued the board put him in that position. b) the marketing strategy of the club through the levels, capitalisation on success and increasing foot fall has been poor at best. The crowds are no better than 20 years ago, perhaps worse and while social reasons can be partly cited so an the lack of engagement from the club with the local community and the lack of focused marketing and drive to improve. Any product to be a success has to evolve, find new marketing avenues and look at ways to compete or beat the competition - doesn't matter whether its ICT & RC or Tesco and Asda. This new board for all the love that seems to be towards them from many quarters have yet to deliver on many promises ranging from better communication to improved stability throughout. They cut the club costs yet are still running a huge loss, ultimately we ended up with a weaker team who struggle to compete for much of the season - that's acceptable if costs were cut right back and we were almost profitable but that's not the case. We haemorrhage money on legacy contracts and poor decisions and choose not to gamble on investing for promotion - leaving us in a no-mans land of mediocrity. The time is now for the board to start to talk and engage before new ST go on sale - while some will just blindly buy or renew regardless, I would like to know where the club is going and what's happening the money regarding a longer term plan to balance the books? A business is nothing without its customers and right now rather than encouraging new supporters the club is doing its upmost throughout to alienate and **** of those already committed - from the ST renewal fiasco last summer, the public mis-treatment of players, petty letter written in riddles about fans & behaviour and general failure to deliver on the promises made other than through rumours and leaks.
  2. Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Just 3 months? What were you watching? By the end of Jan we were sitting with 6 wins in 22 games, 3 off against Brechin and 11 of the goals scored which by early March was 26 games with 31 goals for and only 8 wins for our 31 points. Its clear that it was the first 2/3 of the season that were honking. It really puzzles me why so many fans are just 'happy' and praising the club at all levels because the team started to play as we should have expected once March arrived. Its a testament to how poor the league has been this season that a run at this stage can almost propel from relegation play-off to promotion play-off in 10 games. It signifies how there has been no stand out team and that the position we are in is nothing short of failure with probable dire consequences moving forwards. Those who cannot see this need to open their eyes to our situation and hope that next season we will be lucky to have the finances to put together a team capable of fighting for mid-table.
  3. Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    Performance summed up our season in some ways. Sloppy goals conceded, lack of late concentration in games, limited creativity with the midfield absent and overlooked for high balls hoofed from the back - Austin & Oaklel did a great job IMO at creating opportunities out of nothing and doing all the hard work upfront with limited support. As with last season (especially the Motherwell game) its sad to see fans complaining about officials continually and how the decisions cost us - simply over the course of the season we havent been good enough and if we had then we wouldnt have been in the position we are. This was a league with no stand out team this season and many equally matched - with our experience and budget expecting a higher position isnt unreasonable.
  4. Announcement

    Probably going to announce that the discount for ST holders for 2018-19 will not be valid due to the ineptitude of the board and poor early management and recruitment meaning we haven't returned to the Premiership. In addition prices will increase to cover the substantial losses and expected drop in foot fall so it's necessary to exploit the loyal fans to try limit the deficit. Or may be something else more positive.....
  5. Dumbarton v ICT - Game On Wed

    Do all games not have to be played in advance of the final game of the season - so we may have to play Tue & Thurs next wk? Was that not the case for one of the teams in the last few seasons - possibly DUtd?
  6. Dunfermline game - Free entry?

    Options do need to be considered, but although I've not been to many games as a ST holder this season, I don't advocate scrapping them - there's a lot to be said for having a seat and being around the regular people with the same interest that you can chat to etc. My objection was free tickets at this stage of the season for anyone other than the loyal ST holders. Advance booking discounts, ticket package discounts - not just a half season but 3 or 5 game blocks - even free or significantly reduced entry isn't unacceptable but it needs better planning & timing. Newbies need to be enticed and done so at the start of the season when we can build on it - not the end. Have a free or low fee entry day for 1 or 2 games at the start of the season then with those tickets these fans can purchase a 3 or 5 game pass at the same equivalent rate as a ST holder. Options such as the more you attend the bigger the discount - and not forget the ST holder and commit to offering free entry to 1 cup game per competition and we will accept the gamble whether a home draw occurs or not. Whatever is introduced for the 'fair weather' fan it needs to leave ST holders at the end of the season as still being better off.
  7. 5th Place

    I'm not saying its the best format - I'd prefer 2 up & 2 down but that wont happen, so this is the best option as voted for by the clubs and is certainly a vast improvement on 1 up/down from before and crazy limiting criteria like 10'000 seater stadia etc being used to keep the status quo at the top. Like the league formats we can all argue what is the best set up, number of teams and format. In all honesty I think that no awarding the 2nd best team in the league over 36 games or penalising the 2nd worst over 38 games itself is hugely unfair. The concept that allows teams who have been less consistent or impressive to still have a '2nd bite' at promotion is most unfair of all. If play-offs exist then no matter whether over 1 leg at a neutral venue or 2 at home or away its irrelevant as both teams should have equal opportunity.
  8. 5th Place

    But that's not the case as the Championship season finishes before the Premiership one. The play-offs with 3rd/4th place start when the Premiership is still going. This system is no more fair or unfair than down south where 7th in the League can still get to the Premiership even though 3 teams were better over a league campaign, the only difference is in Scotland we give the Premiership team a 2nd chance to stay up.
  9. 5th Place

    Top tier has a 38 game season + 2 game playoff = 40 Championship = 36 games + 6 games = 42 Difference of only 2 games
  10. Dunfermline game - Free entry?

    No offence to anyone, but as a ST holder for many seasons, I get the concept of reduced entry etc to bring in more fans but where is the reward or incentive for a ST holder throughout the season. Rather than free entry to the Dunfermline game, I would be happier to see the club reward the ST holders with free entry to any or all the play-off games - however I know this wont happen as the lure of exploiting the loyal fans to the tune of £20 a time for potentially 3 matches will be too great. I've posted before about means to increase footfall and the need to balance revenue, but having stuck by the club through the fiasco's of the last few seasons and the glaring waste of cash on both sub-standard players and structural mis-management there is a time for something to be given back to the loyal fans. The time for free tickets and incentives is not at the crunch games as they should be already appealing and marketed as must see events with the incentivised events through the season at games we should have had less hype around. Start the season with offers and gamble on the team making a good start so 'fair weather' fans get incentivised for the remaining season - now its too little too late, even if they did like what they saw, the next game may not be for another 3 months by which time a new interest has taken hold.
  11. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    TBH at this level and a home game against a team like Dumbarton who are part time and always going to be lower end of the Championship, then for Vigurs & Polly to run the game and cigar through it is the least that should be expected. These are 2 players with a wealth of experience at Premiership level and are both along with Doran going to be high earners - too often this season we haven't seen performances at this level from these guys. While credit should be given for Saturday it'll be more worthy if this level is maintained in the final 3 games against higher quality teams. Credit to the players for the performance on Sat but this does not exonerate them the criticism levelled for abject performances & results earlier in the year.
  12. 5th Place

    Only potential positive in this whole season would be if we did somehow still scrape the play-offs, each game would be hopefully a sell out & include some TV coverage. That might be a small consolation to bring in some revenue.
  13. Dundee reject £1.8M bid for Caulker

    Yes, he probably is if he can get back to historical form. While I get the point you are making regarding signing top players to decent length deals to avoid them leaving on the cheap or free, it has to be remembered that ICT could not afford or match the wages offered to those who did leave and even signing them on a longer deal could have been financial suicide if they got injured or the club struggled - its about managing debts/costs. The Caulker deal is most likely involving a salary which although good or high at Dundee is way less than his historical so can afford that drop with a likely contractual clause giving him a % of any future fee at an agreed level with the club. Its a similar deal we struck with OFW when the club got his Euro championship cash. Its not a bad deal for both parties if Caulker can find form he will be in a shop window for a move and gets the chance to rehabilitate and get his career going again at a decent level (watched by English clubs) and for Dundee they get a better player than they could ever normally afford and a transfer fee hopefully at the end which covers costs and even yields a profit. Just need ICT to find a willing player in a similar position with off-field or injury issues. Sturridge or Wiltshire perhaps (jk).
  14. 12 week minimum ban for standing

    No standing, no shouting, no swearing, no being drunk & most of all no guidance on who makes the decisions as to when any activity becomes disruptive enough to warrant action - is it an over zealous steward with no grasp of being a fan or a police complaint. Seems like folks can be selected without clarity and issued action against them. Thankfully nothing mentioned (yet) about sneaking Werthers into the games...........shhh
  15. 12 week minimum ban for standing

    Banned for being drunk in the stadium, for some of the performances earlier this season alcohol would have seemed a good option to make it through them!!!
  16. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    Least surprising statement of the season. Tying up the younger players on longer deals is the only option for now. The club needs to consider which of those can step up next year and have the next crop of youth as back up, then using the very limited resources left to bring in the highest quality possible - what we need is a strong proven performer at each position throughout the spine of the team. There has to be an acceptance that our starting/best 11 has to be strong enough to challenge for the title and that the rest of the squad is limited or just youth - its the only way to spread the budget.
  17. 5th Place

    Expectations for the season were that as a team relegated with the parachute payment from the Premiership and one of the top player budgets in the league was to be competitive & fighting for the title, not celebrating the fact that we have been horrific with no goals or creativity and excluding our league successes over Brechin have pretty average stats at best - yet somehow are still stumbling towards a potential play-off place (miracle). Using St Mirren or Dunfermline as examples is great, but these are clubs with bigger fan bases who have shown that if you don't bounce back up will end up struggling for years - both clubs are successful now due to whole board changes and investment, with fans coming back and being excited by the management, philosophy and young players - where can anyone see this happening for ICT in the near future? The point about 'close season' is that the mess was made last year (changes this year wont help that). Other than a few well worded statements what has Graeme Rae done to impress more than any previous members - board members have come and gone without clarity, he's made the 'right' noises but where is his plan if we don't go up this year? Statements regarding losses & the financial position need to be addressed and as paying fans we have the right to know what is going to be on offer in order to encourage parting with money for next season - if we are not serious about building a team capable of promotion then costs need to be addressed accordingly. What are the 'foundations' you refer to - where are these being implemented - what will increase footfall and ultimately revenue, as neither Robbo or the playing squad excite currently & where's the investment coming from or going to - we still lag behind at youth level - that's the future, but probably 5 years from now at least if its done right.
  18. 5th Place

    Please highlight exactly where I have compared this team to teams of the past? I am stating the fact that the mess created during the summer will have a lasting legacy for not just this but future seasons and that finishing 5th or even the play-offs is a poor return for this season and should not be considered as a dawn of a golden new era but as the abject failings and shortfall that it is.
  19. 5th Place

    Perhaps I'm just still a single overly negative supporter and while the run we are on its showing some promise, which may yet take us to a decide against Morton on the final game but I expect to drop points before then and damage the chances - we still need results in our favour. While its great to see the positivity and fans getting behind the team, making the play-offs isn't an achievement, its a failure and disappointment - through which even if we had fortune with injuries, suspensions and other results to make it all the way through to promotion it puts us in a poor position for next season. We have seen before that teams who wrap up the title or know they are going up can prepare with players and get deals done in advance, we would have another 3-4wks of games and the uncertainty it brings. Players we could have been interested in may have gone elsewhere, including those we still have - most likely we will end up trying to keep what we can and I know some would be delighted if County went down and we took ex-players back (McKay, Draper etc). For me, the whole fiasco from the summer is still haunting us and will continue to do so for many seasons - if we don't go up we need to cut our cloth accordingly making next year harder still in the Championship, if we do go up the squad we want to assemble for Premiership may not be possible with the lack of planning & time with us fighting all season for survival or worse another relegation. Some positive shoots, but a long way off where we should have expected to be.
  20. Going Ballistic

    Apparently, its a play on words from a song in a popular musical from even before then..........................this is also a fact that also has no real relevance
  21. Team for Brechin

    We need to play most of the guys who will perform in the run to the end of the season - we need the strikers the chance to score a few goals if possible and get some confidence. The number of postponed games recently the guys should be fairly fresh - yes its a packed run in but they have to step up. Brechin wont be a push over - they may be relegated but they wont want to go down without a win this season - they've nothing to loose and everything to prove
  22. 5th Place

    By next season our budget will be even less and the footfall the same - every season we perform worse our small support will dwindle - we've seen it this season already. Couple that with the reduction in TV & competition revenue then its unlikely we will be challenging, especially as we have several players out of contract and are unlikely to be able to offer deals they will accept - meaning more new players to integrate and probably lesser quality than those going out. Get what you pay for - sometimes in business you have to speculate and gamble to get the rewards - so by having our stock in order during the summer and signing some decent quality players with a proven record we could have won this league - nobody has been very impressive or overly consistent other than St Mirren.
  23. 5th Place

    Really hard to believe so many fans happy with a 5th place finish in the Championship after the promises and statements by members of the club during the summer and given our budget and number of Premiership 'quality' players who are failing to deliver consistently - we have enough experience to be better than where we are. The winning of a mediocre cup, while a nice bonus for fans and a bit of a confidence boost its not worth being too excited about. The season so far and if we finish 5th or lower can only be seen as a disappointment and the start of future struggles as the chance for an immediate return and minimizing loss of revenue and fan base is missed through mismanagement off and on the field.
  24. Penalty Kicks

    As above, Carlos is probably our most composed outfield player - too many penalties are missed by guys not having the bottle. In Vigurs case I think he has the nerve but can sometimes be too complacent about it.
  25. Bell & Oakley

    Its a numbers game and balancing the books. Punt a few players from one position to bring in another of higher quality and pedigree on that money. For example if we budget £1500pw for 3 strikers, bring in 1 at £1k, 1 at £500 and then a youth player - better than just 3 at £500. Gives improved quality, still a back up gamble and the opportunity for development of our own internal talent. This needs to be the philosophy across the team - we will hopefully have a stronger 11, but trade off with a weaker squad taking the punt on our youngsters to step up to the challenge.