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  1. Transfer in and outs

    Hardly a shock considering we have or had players like Draper, Tansey, OFW, Vigurs, Doran, Warren, even a loanee like Billy although if Boden was towards the top of the earnings list its very surprising and raises questions on our recruitment and negotiation skills at getting VFM.
  2. Transfer in and outs

    But they did, that's the point. All the press releases linked, the statements from Foran - we were told the PRIORITY was to return to the Premiership - or was it all to dupe the fans into renewing their ST. Now it looks like the priority is to slash costs and prepare for a stint in the lower leagues, there no ambition or direction coming out of the club
  3. Transfer in and outs

    While your attitude is commended, not all of us are as fortunate financially so have to make choices where Football is a form of entertainment. Therefore many of us buy our tickets based on what can be classed as value for money - given the farce over pricing and still being one of the highest ST's in the league there is every right to question whether the changes will represent value on the park for the fans. If payers are being moved on now and released rather than announcements made weeks ago when it could have been we have essentially been duped through the expectation that those under contract would have been retained. When the season ended our manager at that time stated he expected almost all of the squad that day to be staying, while his tenure may have ended nobody from the club has said anything contrary to that statement indicating wholesale cuts in staff are required. I'm sure I'm not the only one looking at what I've paid out and wondering whether they board offer of discounted 2018-19 Premiership ST's was nothing more than a false ploy knowing full well they were not looking to build a squad capable of getting to that level.
  4. Transfer in and outs

    If that is true then its about time the club showed fans a bit of decency - many have purchased season tickets by now and we still have ne knowledge of whether senior players have been released or not. This lack of communication just shows that since last season nothing has changed. If players finished last season still under contract we have every right to expect then to be here, if they are let go due to cost cutting then we should be told - I renewed my ST and accepted the pricing farce based on expecting to have a team capable of challenging to win the league, however the more I read the less likely I think its going to be the case.
  5. New Manager

    Hugely underwhelmed if its Robbo. Sadly I see this as a step backwards by the club. Opting for an ex-manager who hasn't worked in almost 10 years, if this was another clubs such as Dundee opting for Jocky Scott or Aberdeen for Alex Smith we'd all be laughing and saying how that club lacked ambition, living in the past and opting for an out of touch manager rather than look to someone progressive. I hope there are genuine football reasons and its not a cheap option for someone who is within the circle of some kind of old boys network. Until there is official conformation I hope this is just speculation gone wild as is the claims above we are telling senior players to leave. While I'm not enthused about the squad so far, its adequate to perform in the Championship and get a play-off spot at least - releasing key players when we have time running out could be suicidal for the clubs ambitions of promotion any time soon. Tomorrow better bring some clarity as this is all starting to look like a mess on all fronts if these rumors are true.
  6. New Manager

    On what basis? These guys have never worked together so there is no guarantee of a working dynamic. We are back to an inexperienced manager having to just fit into the existing regime, any new manager should be allowed the opportunity to build his own backroom team just as other have in the past - Robertson, Butcher, Hughes. If Rice stays then I'm not sure how this puts us in any better a position that this time last season.
  7. Merchandise Suggestions.

    Boiled sweets - obviously in ICT branded rustling paper
  8. New Manager

    While I partially agree with comments about giving Sheerin or others similar a chance, my concern is that we don't get up first time of asking. Look at DUtd they had the 2nd biggest budget last year and went for a manager experienced in the Championship and backed him with cash, but have failed to win promotion and are quoted as getting heavily into debt. Fortunately they have a bigger fan base so will still have the biggest budget again this year but what if they fail again. ICT cannot afford more than 1 season in the Championship - we already have dropping attendances and sadly given that we never had a boost in fans when we were successful its not going to change now. The big fear is that failure to win promotion this season whether through lack of player or management investment may mean bigger budget cuts next year and moving forwards - its not inconceivable that in a few years we could be in a Dunfermline or Falkirk position where we are used to be a top team but now float about the Championship with too big a budget to get relegated and not enough to get out of the league. I'm not suggesting we blow money we don't have on players or managers, but if we are constantly paying off staff due to bad appointments or signing crocked players in the hope they suddenly perform better in a more physical league its not going to help. If we do pay compensation for Sheerin - it has to be because the analysis shows he will get us promoted, if not use that money and go after someone experienced who may have a higher salary and incentivise with performance bonuses etc - such as Hartley. This is a huge decision for the club and if its not right we could be in for years of frustration and slowly falling backwards as a club.
  9. New Manager

    Looking on this forum at times makes me sad. For many there is an obsession that the club look back and take a former manager back who may have shown success in the lower leagues (Paterson, Robertson, some even Butcher) or that we have to get an ex-player. Foran was inexperienced but is Sheerin much better at this level given his lack of first team management plus the requirement for possible compensation - if he hadn't played for us would anyone be mentioning his name - while its good to try get someone out of Pittodrie rather than in, is he going to bring the success we want? Aberdeen for all their size and budget haven't exactly set the development league on fire.
  10. Who should we keep, who should we punt?

    Doubtful as it seems we are offering McNaughton a new deal. Hugely disappointing if that's the case, we already have plenty experience in defence and should be looking to get younger, fitter and more dynamic younger players in that we can build into a team with the longer term view of Premiership success in the future seasons - guys like Laing etc. I hope this doesn't come back next year in a more physically demanding and rough league where if he signs again ends up spending much of it out injured.
  11. All give £100

    While the manager needs to be respected the days of football clubs having managers that ruled by fear is long gone, this is why the Alex Ferguson approach will never work anymore (maybe he even seen that becoming more apparent so opted it was time to get out for good) - players like employees in any walk of life have more rights than in the past. Fear, intimidation and verbal or even physical abuse is not acceptable and employment law puts the control firmly with the employee - this is perhaps never more demonstrated by sport especially football where player power can have a huge bearing - look at Chelsea, Leicester and who knows maybe on some of our performances last season even us. Managers like Alex Smith, Jocky Scott, Harry Rednapp etc who are dinosaurs of the game fail to realise this so bang on about experienced managers being over-looked, perhaps tactically they are astute but their people skills lack and man management limited - this is why they are out of the game. Yes a manager needs respect either through initially their achievements and experience as a player or over time through demonstration of their tactical, personal and employee attributes. An authoritarian only approach will not work in the modern era, so lets not be naïve enough to think intimidation is the same as passion & ability to succeed.
  12. New Manager

    Wow, 2 publicly announced attempts by Dundee to get Jack Ross with St Mirren rejecting both now a sudden U-turn back to McCann after only 3 days. Even he must see that he's the runner up prize here or the cheap option.
  13. Season Ticket Prices

    At least the likes of DUtd have come out and said they are going to back the manager with the same or increased budgets over last year - it would be good if we could see the same to justify our pricing.
  14. Who should we keep, who should we punt?

    Meekings is a good player and has performed well and developed a lot in his time, however he has also been cursed with injury. I do think that a back line built around Brad, Laing and Meekings would develop and be one for the future but I expect JM to want to play Premiership level. If he has a local girlfriend he may just decide he wants to stay in the north and with Ash Taylor leaving the Dons then being honest to see him depart along the A96 wont be a surprise. Sadly his departure is our own fault - firstly for not offering decent contract or one he felt was acceptable, perhaps due to paying for duds like Anier, MacNaugton etc who probably took more than they gave in terms of value and having no contingency budget and secondly due to our failure to stay in the Premiership I doubt we would match his ambitions or offers that he will have from other teams - outwith perhaps Celtic & Rangers I would expect he makes the radar of ever Scottish team.
  15. Clear out

    Hardly news worthy, they are reporting the ones that have left are either out of contract or loans are finished. No shocks in there.
  16. All give £100

    I already give over £300 per season for my season ticket with arguably limited value for money - why would I just give a charitable donation to a business? Giving hand-outs doesn't do anything other than encourage spending outwith your means which means in the future another hand out is needed. If my business cant run at a profit then it will fail - nobody will just donate me money, this whole idea that football clubs should be exempt from normal business practices including balancing of the books is a bizarre one.
  17. New Manager

    So after months of toiling and indecisive action we eventually opt to part company with Foran, yet on the face of it seem to have no plan of action on who to bring in. At least Dundee have decided that Jack Ross is their target after McCann left - they seemed to have a plan. Its a worry that we will no spend weeks floundering around before opting for potential options who in many ways may not be much better than RF. The new manager needs to be part of an overall change in structure, we have Rice, obviously its known there was friction between him and RF but we should have expected more on the park given his experience. We have Shearer & Kellacher who seem to be part of the furniture, yet neither want to or desire to step up in roles. Perhaps they have a place at the club still, but do we need to look at the whole structure including the development and youth teams where we struggle also and need to bring in new ideas and change things up - have we become stagnant as a club throughout.
  18. New Manager

    Without going over old ground I posted weeks ago that we should have looked at the likes of Jack Ross or Darren Dods unfortunately I doubt Ross would be a viable or interested target now. While there are out of work options such as Hartley etc its whether they want the job because the club is of interest or they just need work. Having an ICT connection isn't necessary but someone the players will respect and also a manager whit a playing style that suits our club and personnel. Experience is required but also has to have ambition to drive the club and themselves forwards - not just an institutionalised dinosaur with outdated ideas.
  19. New Manager

    Its a whos-who of nightmares listed here - missed off Walter, Jocky Scott and fat s-Ally just to make sure all the nightmare bingo card was completed
  20. Richie Foran Has Left The Building

    Having been an RF critic, its a sad situation and being honest I had started to accept his staying. Reality is he should have left when we lost 3-0 away to Hamilton in that bottom of the table clash and we were rotten, the last few games this season showed the team can play and fight. With the experience from this season I think RF would have learned a lot and with the right support could have taken us back up. Leaving or sacking now is just pointless - yes we can bring in a new man and new ideas for next year but we are in a position where there is potential free or contract expiring players who we should be looking at and trying to sign, instead we are now after a manager and will be on the back foot to build for next year with possible targets being missed and worst case signed by direct opponents. . I'm sure most will disagree and be happy he has gone but its yet another poor timed and handled situation by the club for me.
  21. Who should we keep, who should we punt?

    He's expensive, has injury issues and above all I don't think he's very good. The value he has returned this year is poor at best and I'd rather see us try to sign the likes of Laing & Brad who are younger and more to offer than someone at the wrong end of their career who cant garuntee playing every week. We need to use the chance in the lower league to blood and establish younger players who can step back up into the Premiership - with the likes of Raven, Tremarco, Esson & Warren we have plenty backline experience and not much youthfulness or pace. Based on our position and finances no player is worth breaking the bank for. Did it once before with a certain Romanian and it didn't really work out that well then.
  22. Fan injection of money

    Even better business model would be to pay players through an EBT scheme and avoid taxes - should give about 10 years of buying players we cant afford and artificially inflated levels of success. I'm sure it'd be possible to get away with it for a few years ;)
  23. Fan injection of money

    Any scheme like this has to be based on fan ownership and percentage of shares, where the investment is just that money put in to buy shares and a stake in the club - not just donations on a charitable basis, but it has to be part of something sustainable. Afterall most of us pay either for season tickets or sums at the gate which given the matchday experience probably rarely equates to value for money so to fork out more just to prop up the club wont appeal.

    Kicking onto where, we won a cup and reached 3rd in the league. The season after the crowds never saw a boost in numbers suggesting no matter how successful the team is we cant entice more than the 3k hardcore we have. Where from there could we go - we did reach the cup QF the following season (last year) but it was always going to be a tough ask to retain it although had we played better in either game against Hibs then we would have probably made the final. Is there really an expectation that we should be challenging for silverware and fighting for the league title while having the 2nd smallest busget and probably 2nd or 3rd smallest crowds? Its not a prudent, responsible board that people on here seem to want, its a rich beneficiary a-la Gretna, Livi, Dundee, Hearts but lets all see how those fairy stories turned out in the end. There have been errors in judgement by the board and perhaps mistakes in key recruitment however does that demonstrate incompetence and wholesale change being required - if anything the board have shown in the past what could be achieved and as with any walk of life if you make a mistake you learn from it and should come back stronger. Some fans just have high unrealistic expectations of where the club should be, my issue with the board is a lack of communication and not validating the decision to remain with Foran. We need to see a long term strategy for youth development and stabilizing the club in the community. None of these need the board sacked IMO.