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  1. Message for Supporters : 14/02/18

    I wonder how much of these losses could be attributed to 'wasted' wages either paying for ex-managers in Yogi & Foran plus players who were either on high salaries yet contributed little such as McNaughton, Anier, McKay and those we have refused to play such as OFW. Easy to see where as a club we have pi55ed away money - and for those who will say that its not players faults for being injured or being off for - we sign guys with horrendous records for being out of the game or failing to contribute at a similar level on a consistent basis. That coupled with off-field mismanagement and an inability to increase or maintain revenue through marketing the product its honestly a surprise we aren't in a worse position - thank goodness for that cup win and the sale of Christie to bolster the funds a bit.
  2. Who next for Scotland?

    Give him a chance, he's a decent record on paper and is probably more relevant in the game than others like Walter & Eck, also done more in the game than racist Malky. I expect the SFA to wait it out til the summer when either Moyes or Lambert will be available regardless of where they keep their clubs in the EPL.
  3. Inverness Courier

    Newpaper sales are continually falling as more folks look to news online and from sources not just attributed to the mainstream media. I've no idea on circulation figures for the IC but I doubt its bucking the trend and increasing in sales. Whether they print stories on ICT or not will unlikely affect sales to any significant degree especially if it takes time and investment for journalists to track down non-existent news when nothing is happening.
  4. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    Its been rumoured since the summer that a move to the US was what OFW wanted, shame this season has turned his whole tenure at the club sour and what he will be remembered for rather than achieving a place at the Euros with Wales. Glad he's off the payroll (or hope he is) we really need to be making sure that the guys who earn the most contribute the most. Lets hope its not too late for JR to get some new faces with the cash to enhance the squad.
  5. Championship Table

    Apparently its got so bad the club are thinking of fining the culprits..........obviously running a strict discipline policy for stupid & unnecessary behaviour
  6. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    With the Dons desperate for a keeper now and Del on the radio saying they will have someone in place prior to the game tomorrow............we can only hope he comes calling for the proven Welsh international who starred at the Euro's!!!!
  7. James Vincent

    Dundee are ready to let out-of-favour midfielder James Vincent, the 28-year-old who has 18 months left on his contract, leave on loan in January to free up wages for a new signing. (Daily Express, print edition) From the BBC today, ex-player being released, I don't think he'd be a value for money signing but as most on here love to reminisce or link ex-players with returns, we may as well have a thread about it. Its a no thanks from me though.
  8. Susan

    Eh? Doumboya left last Jan................TBH given how we struggled infront of goal this year, I'd have had him back for this level........
  9. Championship Table

    Its an indication of how poor the Championship sides are this season in terms of quality. Previously we have seen Hearts, Sevco & Hibs storm the league - even some of these clubs convincingly beater in the play-offs, suggesting the gap to the Premiership is bigger than some like to admit. This season St Mirren look to be the strongest team yet were easily demolished by Aberdeen in the cup and when you consider ourselves & Falkirk as 2 teams who have really been dire this year are still contenders for the play-offs, it raises questions of the quality. Everyone is taking points of each other and as the above shows. Its hard to make a case of any team other than the league champions to get into the premiership next season - even a play-off final I'd consider County, Partick, Hamilton all stronger teams by a fair margin.
  10. Dundee -V- Inverness CT

    When's the replay tickets go on sale?
  11. Scottish Cup : Dundee (A) : Ticket Info

    Yes, but you need to buy the ticket before 4.30pm today - which means going to the stadium for it. Otherwise its buy them at the gate tomorrow at Dens for the stated full prices.
  12. Joe Chalmers

    Maybe it was the conditions, with the pitch looking heavy and also the game we had earlier in the wk against Falkirk. Most of the team looked tired in the final 20 mins, but Chalmers perhaps most - if Vigurs wasn't taken off to prevent a potential red card then I'm sure Trafford would have been a swap for Chalmers. His performance early in the match was solid, he did little wrong to make him noticeable and his goal was a good reward for a consistent game.
  13. Billy Mckay Hatrick at Ross County

    Unfortunately while Billy got a good number of goals first time around and developed into what looked a promising player, his career has steadily migrated backwards. While he has had some injuries, its also a case that it worked for him due to our style of play and the creativity that players like Watkins, Christie, Ross, Shinniesta etc could provide him - unfortunately other clubs haven't had this level of quality around him and on paper his career is on a downward path. If RC are relegated (or not) with his poor record of goals again this year his next move will probably be Championship - unless his form and more importantly number of goals turn. Seems a decent guy but been unlucky places he's went.
  14. Away fans

    Away fans making noise in the main stand, no wonder it doesn't go down well, that'll drown out the noise of the Worthers wrappers Plenty of clubs split stands between home and away fans successfully and at much bigger clubs with many more fans than our visitors take. There may be a bit of 'banter' but there's not a recent history of violence between home and away fans plus if anything was to 'kick-off' then it can do so outside where there is no segregation on the way to and from the stadium. I'm not saying to be complacent and if there are specific incidents that its felt the stewards aren't acting on this has to be highlighted as threatening physical or verbal behaviours along with religious, political, racial, sexual etc should not be tolerated and needs to be stamped out. This does seem an over-reaction and yet another thread complaining about stewards and fan behaviour but all voiced on the internet with nobody stating they have taken any definitive action to contact the club or security/police services with incidents & evidence.
  15. Baird or Oakley

    It wasn't wages that was the issue, it was his lack of wanting to hang around for how he was treated last season and never really given a fair chance. As for his current record at Well, agreed its not great but at lease he is proven to have scored some goals at a higher level, unlike our current options especially Baird who despite numerous seasons doesn't have a decent record of goals even at this level. Just making the point that we should have gone with at least 1 striker proven to score goals at a level on par or better than we are currently playing at - I don't think that we have.
  16. Baird or Oakley

    Unfortunately the gambles or bad decisions of the summer transfer window are still haunting us - the club decided not to offer a decent contract to Fisher coupled with his mismanagement last season leaving us with nobody upfront. We went for Baird, Oakley, Susan & Bell - whether these were all Robbo choices or not its unclear. The constant switching & trying different partnerships is desperation to try get a pair of strikers who can complement and score goals - unfortunately after 20 plus games and averaging marginally over a goal a game its clear none of this is working. While we are so limited in quality of players and in budget to bring in better we can just expect more of the same for the rest of the season. Ideally we should ship out Baird, Susan gone and look to develop Oakely, Bell & Austin with another player on loan perhaps but we cant afford to offload Baird, hence he will stay and we will struggle on til the summer.
  17. Ex-ICT players' news

    Tansey off to County on loan
  18. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    To put that in context its also 6 wins in 22 games, 3 off against Brechin and 11 of the goals scored. This is the price paid for a summer where the club messed about with players & managers, not having a clear strategy other than to slash costs. The lack of maintaining a 15 goal striker is killing us. In this league with a solid defense and decent striker you can get away with average players elsewhere and still make the play-offs or even get promoted - just look at Hamilton in the past but we didn't have an infrastructure that could see that. Would happily have traded Baird, Bell, Susan for another season of Fisher - he probably would have still left budget to play with for the likes of Ali Sutherland
  19. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    For several players they may find that as they haven't exactly set the Championship on fire, the offer from ICT may be the best they will actually get. As one of our most talented and best players the expectation is high from fans and based on our lowly league position and several sub-par performances both last season and this there are always going to be questions asked as to whether some (not just Polly) have the motivation and fight for relegation and lower league battles. If people were talking about Polly and others are strolling games and lighting up the league then there would be less criticism, however its guys like Morgan & Reilly at St Mirren, Dobbie at QoS, etc and not our players. However I think everyone on here agrees its unacceptable and certainly doesn't condone any personal abuse directed at any players.
  20. Goal not given against St Mirren

    Its getting like last season on here - every game people are criticising ref decisions. Whether it be cards, set pieces or disallowed goals, its reasonable to look for why we aren't performing as everyone wants so blaming someone is natural however the real reasons are that we are not creative enough or scoring goals. If you analysed every match there would be some contentious decisions yet when the team wins nobody is too bothered its when we loose people look to question. Right now its in danger of becoming tiresome after every poor result - facts are still the same, while we may have improved defensively we still make mistakes and are too toothless in attack to compensate for that. Until we can create and score more goals we wont win too many games unfortunately. If we keep on berating officials we will get a rep as the Celtic of Championship - this relates to management and fans
  21. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    Time will tell, but given some of the players out of contract - Vigurs, Polly & Doran have been part of the team that went down and haven't as yet shown they can cigar a lower league (although their ability suggests they should), the offers that they may have thought 12 months ago to be there may not be available to them now. None have demonstrated that they are better than Championship level for anything other than patches so the level of club and associated remuneration coming forward with offers may leave them making a decision as to whether ICT is the best place to be. If that's the case the club has to make offers based on where we are and not what players think - if they can go elsewhere after that for more then that's a personal & professional decision.
  22. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    How ridiculous, that reads like the rantings of an OF fan. We were relegated last year not because of a few referring errors or decisions we disagree with but because consistently over the course of 38 games for the most part we were honking. This season we are where we are because the early part of the season we were even more honking and slowly picking up but with the mediocre players and general lack of any creative spark (demonstrated by our lack of gaols) we are probably where we deserve to be. Other than the odd additional point we should have collected, the facts are that 50% of our league wins have been against Brechin - that means out of the other 16 games against the 8 other teams we have only won 3 times - don't be fooled into conspiracy theories that we are being held back by the authorities - what's holding us back is not being good enough, which is a worrying indication of the Championship given that being this bad we still look realistic play-off contenders!!!
  23. Baird or Oakley

    Baird struggles as he isnt a tall or strong physical player which considering our tendency to still hoof the ball isnt helping him, but coupled with that being a small player he has little pace - while he works and runs his sole function has to be to score goals and unfortunately his physical attributes dont help that. We need to loan a young, hungry player from the fringes of a Premiership team who has shown that they know the way to goal.
  24. MulrAneY 15

    Partly along with his consistent ability not to be able to cross a ball beyond the first man or find his target on most occasions. He's had much more of a run in the team than most other young players recently including those defined on here as showing 'potential'
  25. While its a positive bit of news, lets not forget that the stadium has been called the Tulloch Caledonian Stadium for 25 years - that's pretty good advertising especially in an age when other clubs are selling the stadium naming rights. Being associated at a level when the club ascended into the Premiership (including regular mentions on TV), National Cup finals and a trip into Europe - its not been bad exposure overall for Tulloch.