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  1. Robertson worse than Foran?

    While we understand this, it doesn't change that recruitment has been poor - 4 players at £500 per week is the option we chose. What about 2 youth players at £300pw, with 2 more experienced players at £750pw or even 1 better player at £1k pw, the £500pw player and 2 youths? The facts are we are just going for mediocre across the board taking in players all of a similar level on a similar budget - what we need is a balance of experienced quality to make up a good nucleus then use the youth to supplement and hope that they develop with the experience around them. Currently we are bringing in mediocrity who probably are not much better than our youth and in many cases are past the point of significant development having had plenty chances at other clubs - guys like Cooper, Chalmers, Baird, Donaldson, Ridgers - All proven to be basic players with limited capability - I'm sure for some they are still surprised to be at Championship level and not having had to drop further down the leagues!!!
  2. Robertsons big changes

    Players get free from set pieces – basic. Players not going with runners – basic. Players not pulling the trigger to shoot – basic. Seems to heavily overlook a keeper that has no command of the area, poor at shot stopping, doesn't seem to communicate to organise his defence and every clearance or out ball is a panicked hoof upfield. A clean sheet starts from the back and if the defence have no confidence in the man behind them and no instruction its not going to help either. As for players not shooting, when you look at the squad its hardly got a player with a history of being prolific - look at Baird, he seems to be our main striker option and he's been at this level for years and barely gets double figures every year. Its fine to point out the faults and be critical of the players but ultimately the formation, starting line up, recruitment and tactics rest at the managers door and if we have a disorganised team, without shape who chase the game then he has to take responsibility and blame as well.
  3. Brian Rice and Scott Kellacher

    If Latapy had little part in our success, then it must have been Kellacher & Rice, which is odd considering the poor form under Foran and no Robbo of which they are still part. Therefore based on all that the only one not mentioned in out of Latapy, Kellacher, Rice, Foran & Robbo is Yogi - so he must have been the mastermind behind our success afterall?
  4. Robertsons big changes

    Anyone ever noticed how similar Baird & Robbo are in height & build - perhaps Robbo sees much of himself there and is trying to mould a diamond out of him, unfortunately right now it looks like just rolling in glitter.
  5. Number One

    Allegedly OFW is awaiting to sign a deal to move to America, so is happy to just wait it out. Not sure when the American season runs but that will get him the profile needed to get into the Wales WC squad. The offers he's had in the UK are not what he's looking for either in terms of club profile or package and ICT don't want him.
  6. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    If thats the case why not consider them earlier during pre-season as part of the squad and sign less but better quality (more money) experienced pro's rather than a lot of repeatedly failing jobbers. Sadly I think his interview is just saying the 'right' things for the sake of it, just like RF last year there are no big changes which will improve things, the quality is not there and its his signings at fault.
  7. Brian Rice and Scott Kellacher

    TBH, I've suggested in the past that we need to look at a full overhaul of the coaching staff at the club as some have been there too long and been resent with the delivery of failure at not just first team but also youth level. Whole regime needs a refresh. If Rice was that good, why did he leave his Qatar post - probably because he allegedly fell foul of the authorities and this was the only gig he could get calling on the Yogi old palls act. Kellacher is married into one of the directors families so probably that makes his role secure. As for Malpas - was that his effect at the tail end of last year or a case of the players up-ing their game? I still think there was some of the Chelsea/Leicester mentality at the club where the players for a long period downed tools in the hope RF would get punted, when that failed to materialise and they realised they had to perform or its relegation they did so - unfortunately just too late in the day. There is no way we would have lost 3-0 away to Hamilton in Feb which was the turning point if the players showed the fight they did towards the end.
  8. Our Signing Strategy

    Agreed we should have just given some of our youth a chance. I'm sure that the combined wage of any 2 of the above could have been used for a more capable senior player plus a youth player. Too much average dross across the whole park.
  9. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    Happy clappers are still going to root around for positives, those who live in the past with the rose tinted glasses will say robbo needs time etc etc. Today we were awful, the team is low on quality all over the park with no creativity, no cutting edge, a defence that looks like they've never met before and a keeper who's out of his depth at this level. The plan of clearing out and signing a load of jobbers at this stage looks to be a huge mistake. Let's hope the board learned from last year and will act of things don't improve soon before its a lost cause of a play off place.
  10. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    players having too much Rice at our club just now for my liking
  11. Brechin City -V- Inverness CT

    Continually referring to yourselves as the Young Team and Ultras The tone for the afternoon was set not by the stewards but by the very opening words you wrote. Learn to behave, act within the law and the rules then nobody will 'over react'. Perhaps its clear the stewards haven't been heavy handed enough - perhaps if this was the continent then the no-nonsence approach of batton wielding riot police knocking 7 shades out of you all might make you think again.
  12. IRN BRU CUP : AFC U20s v ICTFC : Ticket Info

    We should be in it to win it, full strength team - a trophy is always good and builds a positive & winning mentality - afterall that's the philosophy of Jose Morinhio as he values the English League Cup when others see it as Micky Mouse and his records pretty decent.
  13. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    The club statement is possibly the most proactive we've seen - this has been brewing since last season with there being several incidents of similar behaviour. At both home and away games last year and into this we've seen and heard some unacceptable chants and abuse at players - a standout for me was last year at Pittodrie and the abuse singled out at the ex-ICT players especially Shinnie & Storey, These appear to be daft wee boys but need to be dealt with hard, we cannot be seen to dismiss or belittle the behaviour as the exuberance of youth because the youngsters of today seem to be just like sheep and will grow and follow if it means social media popularity. Hopefully the club ban these idiots before they tarnish the good club reputation and it stops them visiting a club where their fans take offense and end up with someone getting injured or hospitalised - whether from our side or another and most likely an innocent party.
  14. Transfer in and outs

    If he's fit and Robbo concedes that he is staying at the club he will have no choice - Ridgers is honking but while OFW was just as bad last year he has at least over his career proved he has quality and can perform at the highest level - Ridgers has not. Both parties may have to eat humble pie but in the end if OFW does want to leave he needs to play and prove himself for offers either in Jan or next summer and Robbo if he wants out of the Championship needs his best players and if one is taking up a large part of that budget he has to play him to at least get him in the 'shop window' to offlead.
  15. While he's made a fox-paus its hardly something for us to mock and take much joy from afterall they are still playing top flight football with some of our former players and we aren't even dominating the lower leagues (yet.......)
  16. The Liam Polworth Enigma

    Its been said n here before, every season we see Polly get more and more chastised for his lack of progress or performances then he will have a great game (maybe 1 in 5 or 10) and he will be hailed as a bright hope again. Wont be getting too carried away and will wait and see - bearing in mind we were playing probably the Championship relegation favourites its not necessarily the performance benchmark that will define turning the corner and fulfilling potential.
  17. Raven not again

    Well said Dave, keep the faith and working hard, if nobody offers you something decent then hopefully with the 'dross' you're surrounded by a proper chance will come
  18. Fans Survey Results

    Results of a fan survey into Scottish football 55% of fans do not believe Scottish football is committed to a high-quality fan experience 56% believe Scottish football doesn't reflect good value for money 63% are in favour of a pilot scheme to consider reintroduction of alcohol at grounds 71% were opposed to the Offensive Behaviour Act 52% do not want strict liability or were unsure about it 81% think Scottish football has an issue with sectarianism 50% have been subjected to sectarianism in and around football stadia 18% feel they've been subjected to physical abuse in and around football stadia 63% feel they should have partial ownership (including board representation) in their clubs Oddly the results show that half of fans have experienced sectarianism with almost everyone thinking there is an issue, and 1 in 5 been physically targeted or attacked it would seem - yet 3/4 are opposed to the offensive behaviour act aimed at targeting sectarian behaviour and almost as many want alcohol to be sold at games (obviously we know that will improve things). Only in Scotland could you expect to see such contradictory results - no wonder things never change. Obviously there are no details of 'who' the surveyed fans are or what demographic but perhaps we can draw our own conclusions. I would assume a lot of those who consider themselves subjected to sectarian abuse would account for away fans visiting their grounds and bringing the bile with them?
  19. ICTFC Open Night

    Thanks for posting, although I'm surprised by some of the content and it being expressed so openly? Positive in terms of facility plane and improved engagement and fan interaction. The reduction in revenue is no surprise either. Raven - Publicly saying this if he cant find another club puts us in the embarrassing situation of having to keep paying him - then what do we play him and I'm sure DR is highly professional but what's his motivation being at a club where its clear he is not wanted? OFW - If he has triggered a clause in his contract to leave on a free does this mean he has terminated his contract or is he like DR still at the club and we will keep paying him if nobody else comes in? The handling of the 2 above players has been poor and its clear we cant afford to remove them from the club but can we afford their quality and salary to sit on the bench or at home? Looks like the next few weeks, there may have to be apologies and U-turns made whether the club like it or not? The Foran situation was never clear regarding his departure - if it is gardening leave then for how long? Was it a 4 year contract with each year rolling - which was originally thought, in which case is this expiring soon or was it a full 4 year deal in which case are we really going to keep paying him for the next 3 years to stay away? Surely there are other roles in the club he could be offered even if the salary is deemed higher than desired for that task - community development or even back into coaching?
  20. Video footage and analysis

    TBH, its also a sign of the sad state of Scottish football that for several seasons Sportscene showed highlights from Championship games as well as Premiership but strangely that all stopped when 'The Rangers' got promoted - almost as though the lower leagues and smaller clubs no longer matter any more to the BBC or to the SFA beaks. Sadly the limited viewing audience and funding/advertising revenue probably limits the opportunity for an independent lower league highlights show these days a-la Scotsport (who?) - which is sad but we should be grateful to any highlights posted online or anywhere due to the lack of mainstream media looking at this league now.
  21. Inverness CT -V- Morton

    Have to agree, the standard of ref decisions are inconsistent at best during a match and even worse between different officials. Often last season on the back of poor results we saw fans criticise the refs for decisions - some may have had an effect on the game but too often we lost because as a team we just weren't good enough on the day. This season so far it looks like the same situation - blaming erratic officials for defeats of poor results when we play badly and the ref is poor for both sides is just looking for a scapegoat because as a fan you feel its unfair to criticise the club/manager/players.
  22. Chalmers

    TBH I think we are right to expect more from him based on having previous experience at both this and Premiership level. While he may improve over time with games, he's no longer a youngster and should be looking to establish himself and play regularly - barring any political fallout so far he's not shown enough to suggest he would keep Tremarco out of the team. Which then leaves us with a mid 20's player on a 2 year deal as an understudy?
  23. 7 Wins In Our Last 41 League Games

    One of the biggest concern is the lack of a goal scorer or anyone who looks like they may fill that. We let go of guys like Ebbe , Boden and Anier who struggled at Premiership level yet may have done a job in the lower leagues, scoring and gaining confidence as they improved. Instead we sign cheap options with again no track record to try integrate into a squad - alongside these a proven scorer should have been made priority, whether that was a decent offer to Fisher or looking elsewhere but if Baird was considered that option - so far he doesn't look likely.
  24. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    Fail to understand why we release so many young players and don't give them a chance. Looking at the quality we have signed there are some who look like they may come good and others who are complete jobbers - surely there were youngsters every bit as good? Why do we not focus on a strong starting 11 then supplement the rest with our home grown instead of releasing them and building a squad of 15 or 16 characters who have a history of injuries and failures? We currently have an international keeper on our books yet he is frozen out and probably our highest earner - nobody can explain the logic of this?
  25. 7 Wins In Our Last 41 League Games

    Really seems like clutching at straws, lets be honest Morton are a good team but by no means best in the league. We did well for 20 mins early on until they sussed us out after which we were probably lucky to hang on. Not being pumped 3 or 4 nil perhaps makes this a positive in the current situation but anyone who is happy to see this as the beginning of a bright new dawn would have been one of the ones last season harking on about Foran being a great and needing more time then too.