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  1. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    I take it that any contract offers at this stage will take account of the different divisions we might be playing in. Nevertheless, it would be entirely reasonable for players to hold off making a decision until; they know which division we will be playing in next year. But having said that, I'm not sure I like this going public on saying a player has been offered a contract. Presumably, the fact that Robbo is not saying Vigurs has signed a contract means he has not accepted the offer. It just highlights to other clubs that he might be available. Rather than Vigurs waiting to see what division we will be in next year, this smacks to me of the club not being able to offer what the player wants and there being little chance of some meeting in the middle. Coming out and saying an offer has been made is the club making it clear that they want to keep Vigurs, but that if he leaves then it is not the club's wish. I really hope Vigurs does sign a deal. He has been the stand out player this season and we have nobody else with the ability to control and dominate a game in the way that he does. It will be interesting to see how we cope against Dunfermline on Saturday without Vigurs' bite in midfield.
  2. Game 40 - Dumbarton (A) 18 Apr

    HT 0-1 FT 0-3 ICT Polworth Opp Froxylias Crowd 486
  3. Dumbarton v ICT - Game On Wed

    Whilst our players will have one day's less rest before taking on Dunfermline.
  4. Dunfermline game - Free entry?

    As a ST holder I don't mind paying more for my ticket than I would have done had I paid match by match if, as a result of my lifestyle I miss a few games. I am happy to commit to that cost regardless of whether I get "value for money" because it is supporting the club. I also feel there is a value associated with having my own regular seat, The ST idea works for me but I fully appreciate that some people cannot afford to pay upfront or attend regularly and therefore looking at alternative way to finance ticket sales and particularly to encourage more regular attendance have to be welcomed. There's no "one size fits all" but to me the bottom line is that loyalty should be rewarded and not exploited, New "customers" should be encouraged by the quality of the product and by knowing that there will be some benefits from demonstrating some loyalty.
  5. 5th Place

    I was originally opposed to the play offs because it just seemed wrong that a team could get promoted when finishing the league season below a team which doesn’t get promoted. However, I am now well and truly converted. It keeps the excitement going for most teams till pretty late in the season regardless of whether they actually make (or manage to escape) the play offs. As for the play offs themselves, I would much rather see two semis and then a final. I guess the current arrangement is a reward for final league position which I suppose is fair enough.
  6. Dunfermline game - Free entry?

    The idea of giving free entry is a non starter for me. There are two reasons. Firstly, as a season ticket holder I would see it as a kick in the teeth. For various reasons I have not been able to get to some of the home games and as a result I have probably paid more per game than if I had paid game by game. We season ticket holders are the ones who have supported the team through the bad times as well as the good. Secondly, what’s the point of giving others free entry? There seems to me to be no point unless it is to encourage them to come more regularly, but if they can’t be persuaded to pay to see such an important game they are unlikely to be persuaded to pay to watch routine games next year. If free entry to anyone is to be given it should be to season ticket holders. This would not only be a welcome acknowledgment of loyalty and support, but it might encourage non season ticket holders to buy one for next season. I don’t want the club behaving like a car insurance company giving good deals to new customers whilst shafting those who show a bit of loyalty.
  7. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    I disagree with much of that. Whilst Vigurs yet again controlled the game, both he and Polworth have often played significantly better than they did against Dumbarton on Saturday. The difference was that against a rather more open Dumbarton side, we found a bit more space in front of Vigurs and Polworth, we created a few more chances and took them well. Oakley pulled the defence all over the place on Saturday whilst Austin found the space and the composure to score 3 goals. The big win was because we had far and away the best performance from the front men that I have seen all season.
  8. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    Just a word about Zak Elbouzadi. We’ve seen very little of him this season but he got a bit of game time today and I thought he did really well. There is genuine competition for places now and lots of options for changing things from the bench. Very encouraging indeed.
  9. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    The priority must be to keep Iain Vigurs. Yet again today he was the dominant player in midfield and we lost bite and shape when he was subbed. Of the outfield players he has been player of the season by a country mile. I’ve always been a great fan of Aaron Doran but with the number of players already signed to end of next season and beyond, I rather doubt we will be able to afford to offer contracts to both. Much as I like Doran, if we can afford only one of them it would have to be Vigurs. He has been outstanding.
  10. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    After a really well worked Dumbarton goal I feared we might be in for a difficult afternoon, but a great strike soon after from Doran and a very well taken first from Austin before half time settled the nerves. Fair play to Dumbarton, they came here to play a much more open game than in the cup final. In the end it didn’t work and they were exposed time and time again. It will be much a much stuffier Dumbarton we face on Tuesday so we may need a bit of patience in working for the opening.
  11. Suspensions v Dumbarton 14/04/18

    Nice thought, but I fear what is rather more likely is that without Vigurs in the side for those 2 difficult games, we may not reach the play offs. The price paid for silly (and unfair) bookings can be high indeed.
  12. Game 39 - Dumbarton (H) 14 Apr

    HT 1-0 FT 2-1 ICT Oakley Opp Froxylias Crowd 2248 Joker
  13. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    Sounds like a good move to me. Having games postponed due to a waterlogged pitch and then playing lots of games in quick succession seems to be working rather well at the moment. Spending money on the players rather than the pitch would be the priority for me.
  14. 12 week minimum ban for standing

    Amen to that!
  15. 12 week minimum ban for standing

    Seems as though letting off flares is fine as long as you don’t throw them and are sitting down at the time!
  16. Going Ballistic

    I hadn't heard of the QPR link either. I've tried to google this and all that comes up is similar statements that the headline apparently appeared in the Liverpool Echo. It seems to be all anecdotal and on a brief look I couldn't see any direct evidence the Liverpool Echo had ever used the headline. Of course, it would come as no surprise if "The Sun" was guilty of plagiarism, but no matter. The line works better with Celtic as the victims and it will forever be associated with one of the great days in our club's history.
  17. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Not a great game but very poor conditions and I thought the lads all showed great commitment. We are now 6 games unbeaten in the league and any lingering fears of relegation are now banished with 5 games to go. Given where we were at the start of the season, I think that is job done for the season. Any further progress will be a real bonus. Mind you, to hear some of the roasters in the crowd you would think we were getting hammered and relegation was imminent. Yes it would have been nice to have seen one or two more shots at goal, but even when we were keeping possession in the opposition half whilst looking for an opening, we had people shouting abuse every time a backwards pass was made. The number of times the off-side flag was raised should have given them a clue about how difficult it was to find space in front of the ball. Not only that, but with a very wet surface the ball was often skidding off the ground making the timing of passes difficult and therefore favouring the safer ball. What is it about some people who manage to find fault in the team even when we are doing well? Why do they actually bother going to the games if their negativity is making them so miserable? It's a hard one for MOTM. A number of the roasters laughed ironically when Vigurs was announced as the sponsors MOTM but I though he had a decent game. He was maybe not at his best but I can't think of anyone else who had a better game. Gary Warren was very solid although he didn't have a great deal to do. Ridgers had little to do but made a great reflex safe when required late in the game. Mulraney came on and provided the spark the game was needing. He scored a great goal but also contributed defensively as well. It seems that whoever we bring on does well now. The whole squad seems to be playing well and there must be several players on the bench who must consider themselves a bit unlucky not to be starting. It's all looking pretty encouraging at the moment.
  18. Game 38 - Falkirk (H) 10 Apr

    HT 1-0 FT 2-1 ICT Oakley Opp Jakubiak Crowd 2261
  19. QOS -V- Inverness CT

    In some ways, Polwoth is a victim of his own work rate and ambition. His work rate is phenomenal and whilst he is not a great ball winner he chases people down at great speed and is then always looking for the ball and to drive the game forward. The thing is that his mistakes are much more visible than other players both because he gets so much of the ball and because he tries to be more ambitious with it. When his ambition fails we get groans from the stands and it is clear that it is Polworth who has played the ball and it is Polworth who gets the blame. Fans tend not to notice that the failure of the pass to find its target might have been a well anticipated interception by a defender or a failure of a team mate to read the pass. And then when the pass does find it's target and it results in a goal, we all celebrate the scorer and we don't stop and think who played him in or set up the move in the first place. In other words, people notice it much more when what he does goes wrong than when it goes right. The fact is, we're a much better side with Polworth in it. Vigurs is a very different player and it is not really fair to compare the two. Personally I think Vigurs is the more influential player but if we could only retain one of them, I would go for Polworth. It's hard to believe, but the lad's still only 23 and has the potential to be a key player for us for years to come - or the source of substantial transfer income with the right contract.
  20. First things first. It's as well we are on a good run at the moment, not so much from a possible top four position but because of the recent form of Falkirk and Dumbarton. Both have taken 9 points from their last 6 games and without our recent run our next three games against these two sides would be taking on a very different significance. As it is, if we beat Falkirk tonight and Dumbarton fail to beat Morton, then we will be mathematically safe from the relegation play off. That should be a good motivator. And even if we lose to Falkirk, victory against Dumbarton on Saturday would seal their fate. We tend to do better when we are the underdogs, and the final down in Perth showed just what a hard side Dumbarton can be to break down. If we are to have any chance of getting up to 4th, it will be essential not to underestimate the the opposition in our next 3 games.
  21. Political Correctness off topic stuff

    The problem with all this political correctness is that people can no longer speak their mind without being vilified. Obviously some views will be unacceptable in any civilised society but we have reached a point where you are vilified for holding views which were the norm not so many years ago. A classic example is homosexuality which not so long ago was both illegal and generally seen as wrong. These days, having a gay friend seems to be a must have fashion accessory to demonstrate what an inclusive individual you are. But If you say that you think homosexuality is wrong, these very same people turn on you for having unacceptable discriminatory views, thereby demonstrating how intolerant they are. Live and let live, I say. I was thinking about the intolerance of those who claim to champion the rights of minority groups when I listened to the reporting of the death of Eric Bristow at the early age of 60. The "Crafty Cockney" was a legend of darts and had a reputation for speaking his mind. His friends may not all have shared his views but there was a mutual recognition that others have a perfect right to express their different views and they didn't let their differences get in the way of their friendship. However, when they were interviewed with their tributes, one after another seemed to distance themselves from some of Bristow's views as though they would be seen by the PC Brownshirts to be guilty by association unless they did. It was really quite illuminating. I may not agree with much of what Bristow said but I certainly accept the right of people to express their views I remarked to someone over the weekend that it was rather fitting that Bristow should have bowed out on a treble 20. I was told that was a very tasteless and disrespectful remark by this rather PC person. B***ocks. I think the Crafty Cockney might have had a wee chuckle at the thought. Oh! And as a final thought, what about the idiots in Kent who want to cut down a fine old sweet chestnut tree at a school because they are worried that falling chestnuts may injure the children. FFS!
  22. Results / Table - Game 37

    No, I'm not! I was just 8 under and playing a joker too . I'll let him off though - after all, he needs the points more than I do!
  23. Game 37 - Queen of the Sth (A) 07 Apr

    HT 0-1 FT 1-2 ICT Polworth Opp Dobbie Crowd 1132 Joker
  24. Special General Meeting

    On 22nd March, Don posted "A letter has been delivered to CJT today (22nd March 2018) instructing the existing board to convene an EGM. The letter is backed, in name, by 37 society members." Liz says above "I only picked up the letter of request from members for the Special General Meeting on Saturday 31st March (I dont go down to the club every day to check post)" Despite having been told via this forum that a letter which requires urgent action had been delivered to the stadium, nobody from the CJT "Board" is apparently able to collect it until 9 days afterwards. I'm frankly lost for words.
  25. Ex ICT Players Score

    It’s gone a bit quiet on here. Ross Draper scored for County on Tuesday, but I’m sure there must have been others in the last couple of weeks?