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  1. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    Have it at neutral ground at Grant St Park. Capacity of 3000 should be enough. Put up a big screen at TCS if not. But first, lets not for a moment underestimate Crusaders.
  2. Italy

    Here's the answer.
  3. Ex-ICT players' news

    Marley Watkins made his full international début tonight when he came on as a sub for Wales in a friendly against Panama. Well done Marley!
  4. Michael O`Neill

    Failing to qualify for the World Club does not mean that he is a failure as a manager. He has done a fantastic job for Northern Ireland. They were no-hopers when he arrived and yet he took them to their first ever European finals and they were agonisingly close to qualifying for Russia. Northern Ireland are not exactly blessed with many decent players at the moment but yet he has produced a team that are hard to beat and which has, by N.Ireland standards, been one of the most successful sides ever. His record as Northern Ireland's manager is why the SFA along with big clubs like The Rangers and Sunderland are keen to get his services. When Scotland has such a fantastic record of producing great club managers, it would be a bit of a shame if Scotland appointed a non Scot. However, if O'Neill is to be the man, it will be because he wants to coach a national side rather than a club side and I think he would do a terrific job for Scotland.
  5. Stadium Improvements/Enhancing the Crowd

    I didn't think about it at the time but on reflection I do remember that I could just make out the names of the players coming on and off. It wasn't anything like as clear as the tannoy at Dingwall the previous Wednesday though.
  6. NICK ROSS Trialist

    If he hasn't found anything elsewhere, I think it demonstrates a bit of a gulf between what he (and/or his agent) thinks he's worth and what any potential club would be willing to pay. It was interesting that he played on Wednesday night as a trialist. If he had previously been offered something here and had refused to sign then why would Robbo give him game time instead of one of the youngsters? It suggests to me that he may be interested in signing him but wanted to see Nick in action in a competitive game before deciding whether to offer him anything. On Nick's performance, I wouldn't expect that Robbo will be willing to offer him anything other than a basic contract. If he does, then if Nick want's to get his career back on track, he should have the common sense to accept the offer and take the opportunity to up his game and demonstrate that he's worth more.
  7. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    I was looking at the average attendances that The New Saints and Crusaders get. If the powers that be want to maximise gate receipts then they'll need to give us a home game! We may moan about the level of support we get, but we are by some margin the best supported side left in the competition.
  8. Derby - 8th November

    I thought he offered little yesterday but gave the County defence a pretty torrid time on Wednesday. He strikes me as the sort of player who can make a real impact if the conditions are right. Good player to have on the bench. I'd rather keep Cooper than sign Ross.
  9. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Looks like we are getting the knack of winning ugly when we don't play so well. Key was the desire and hard work of the team. It wasn't the best we've played by a long chalk but nevertheless it was a deserved win.
  10. Derby - 8th November

    Maradona was OK as well.
  11. John Robertson MOM

    That's us getting gubbed by Falkirk on Saturday then. Seriously though, it's very well deserved. Congratulations to him and to the team who have clearly been working very hard themselves.
  12. Derby - 8th November

    County had a fairly strong starting line up and I thought we did very well with a totally new starting XI. Star of the show has to be Aaron Doran who played most of the game and scored a goal. But his work rate was excellent and he was involved in so much of our more positive moves. Just brilliant to see him back and playing so well! should also mention Cooper who was a constant threat to the County defence. I would guess the crowd was not far off 2000 which is great for a friendly in a good cause.
  13. NICK ROSS Trialist

    Green dot from me Caleyboy. Can't say I would be too keen on us signing Ross again on this performance. Rarely wins the ball and does little with it when he does have it other than pass it to the nearest teammate. From tonight's game I'm struggling to see what he might add to the team.
  14. Paradise Papers

    If no tax will be paid on money invested in ICT, then perhaps we should be marketing the club as a suitable location for the super rich to put their money.
  15. Livingston -V- Inverness CT

    There's a surprise! Let's keep the momentum going.
  16. Game 16 - Livingston (A) 04 Nov

    HT 1 - 1 FT 1 - 2 ICT Polworth Opp Mullin Crowd 1174
  17. Yogi an Arab ?

    He's 1/2 favourite with the bookies. There's some decent managers around so I just don't understand why they would want Yogi.
  18. Game 15 - Dunfermline (H) 28 Oct

    HT 1-1 FT 2-2 ICT. Bell Opp. Cardle Crowd. 2633
  19. The Ian Vigurs enigma

    Time to rename this thread. Vigurs is not an enigma, he's our best player.
  20. McIntyre sacked

    Mention of this on other threads but worth a thread of it's own I think. I'm really surprised at this as he's done a pretty reasonable job. It might be argued that his performance over the last couple of seasons is no better than his budget would suggest but he does face the problem of enticing players up North which, as we know to our cost, means players are more likely to sign down South unless we make it worth their while. Also, bear in mind that County won the Development league last year which demonstrates a very solid foundation has been built there. It is not as though he has had a disastrous start to the season. They have only lost to sides currently in the top 6 so I wonder just what McGregor is expecting from the management team (Dodds has gone as well). It would appear that simply retaining Premiership status is not good enough for McGregor. I wonder therefore if this signals some major new investment from Uncle Roy with a push for a serious challenge in the top 6? After all, he will be paying a fair bit to pay off McIntyre and Dodds and then to recruit a new management team. It seems to be pointless to do that if the ambition is simply to retain premiership status - after all, McIntyre has shown he is more than capable of doing that. There may, of course be behind the scenes issues which have brought this on, but whatever the reason for the sacking, the identity of the new manager will likely be a good indication of the ambition of the County Chairman. I'm putting my money on Richie Foran
  21. Player of the Year - Dundee Utd

    Have we ever had a game where the referee was voted better than average?
  22. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    All 4 combined brilliantly to produce a wonderful team goal. But what I like most about the goal is the way the guys seemed to focus their congratulations on Mulraney. He's taken a bit of stick for having no end product but he got the assist for this and I think that is maybe his first. For his team mates to react as they did will be really important in helping Jake utilise his undoubted skills as part of a team. That might be the best goal we score all season, but if it marks the transition of Mulraney into a team player, it might also be the most important.
  23. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    A 4th clean sheet in a row, an away win against the favourites for the title and no less than 19 shots with 10 on target. Hopefully the fair weather "fans" who deserted the team in their droves can see that if they stick with the team, they will see us climb the table playing good positive football. I liked the interview with the manager. Upbeat but still very grounded. He accepted a poisoned chalice when he took on the job but it is looking increasingly that he has what it takes to stop the rot. A big "well done" to him and the team.
  24. Rename game

    It would need some strict terms and conditions- such as nobody called Ross being allowed to buy a ticket.
  25. World Cup Qualifiers

    A convincing win for Scotland tonight. So often, Scotland have nearly reached a major championship finals but in the end have narrowly missed out. I wonder if this time, after having been written off by just about everybody, they will pull off a surprise and make it through? It seems that Strachan has finally understood that having Celtic players as the core of the squad has the advantage that they know each others game and that this makes the whole team a more cohesive unit. However, even with 7 points from their last two games Scotland would almost certainly finish 3rd and therefore they have to beat Slovakia at Hampden in October. They really should beat both Malta and Slovenia, so beating Slovakia as well would give them 20 points. With 20 points Scotland could theoretically win the group but that would require a highly unlikely sequence of events. 20 points would almost certainly be good enough for the play offs should they finish second, but 20 points might well see them finish 3rd. Assuming Slovakia beat Malta and lose to Scotland then Slovakia would need to beat England on Monday to finish ahead of Scotland. That would give them 21 points. Two wins or a win and a draw against Slovenia and Lithuania would also put England over the 20 point mark.. But a win and a loss in their last 2 games would leave England level with Scotland on the 20 point mark. Should Slovakia draw against England then they would end on 19 points - one behind Scotland. This would put England on 18 points so a win against either Lithuania or Slovenia would see them topping the group. The key game is therefore on Monday when England host Slovakia. If Slovakia fail to win then Scotland's fate will be in their own hands. A win for England would put them already on 20 points with a vastly superior goal difference to Scotland. A draw would therefore give Scotland an outside chance of winning the group in the event of England then slipping up against Slovenia and Lithuania. The fact that Scotland could finish equal 1st or 2nd with England means that goal difference is decisive. Scotland should therefore be looking to score as many as possible against Malta on Monday whilst hoping Slovakia don't beat England If Slovakia fail to beat England, and Scotland beat Slovakia next month, then Scotland should reach the playoffs. Monday should therefore be one off those rare occasions when Scots don't want England to lose!