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  1. This season's refereeing

    But he did get it right!
  2. Game 28 - Falkirk (A) 27 Jan

    HT 1-1 FT 1-2 ICT Bell Opp Longridge Crowd 4321
  3. Game 27 - Dundee (A) 20 Jan

    HT 0-1 FT 1-2 ICT Polworth Opp Leitch-Smith Crowd 4011
  4. This season's refereeing

    Agreed. And it is exactly the sort of thing which actually causes controversy. Vigurs may have fouled Rooney, he may have given Rooney some verbals after the foul was given and he may have given Rooney some verbals after he got back off the ground. What he did not do was to raise both hands to an opponent and push him to the ground. I don't know whether Vigurs did anything which warranted a yellow card, but I do know Rooney should have been sent off.
  5. Joe Chalmers

    It is very difficult to compare players when they have such different styles. Chalmers has been slotted into a role where he provides a bit of a base for others to do the more eye catching stuff. Since he started in his midfield role we have been firstly more solid defensively and latterly more creative going forward. I'm not suggesting this is all down to him (far from it) but if he was not doing his role well we would be seeing more pressure on the defence and getting less ball to the attacking players. What he does well is to make himself available to receive the ball and then move it on safely in the right direction. Defensively he is not a particularly great ball winner but he has good positional sense, closes players down quickly and generally makes it difficult for opponents. It's a pretty anonymous role but an important one which he is steadily growing into. He may not have caught the eye like Calder did yesterday but he had a pretty decent game.
  6. Billy Mckay Hatrick at Ross County

    Has he not actually achieved the hatrick already? He left us in January 15 for Wigan who got relegated to division 1 that year. He moved to Dundee Utd on loan the following season and stayed there all year seeing them take the drop. Wigan then loaned him to Oldham for the 2016/17 season, but he failed to score at all for them and then came back to us in January for the rest of the season. He's now heading for his 4th consecutive relegation!
  7. Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South

    That was a pretty good all round performance. Star of the show for me was young Calder who did a terrific job at left back. He got a bit of stick earlier in the season for not getting stuck in enough but he didn't duck out of challenges today. Instead he played a mature and assured game and seems to have had a good deal of confidence instilled in him. He got forward well and put in several decent crosses. He seems to have the ability to get a cross in where other players look to take an extra touch first. Tremarco won't get back in the side if he keeps that up. Donaldson and Vigurs were again excellent. Vigurs' headed goal was a thing of beauty - it wasn't powerful but he had the composure to pick his spot and the skill to put it precisely there. Bell and Oakley worked very well up front and with Doran and Polworth zipping about well, there was a lot more movement up front than we have been used to. If Vigurs' goal was a thing of beauty, Chalmers' wasn't. The BBC refers to him "firing" in the 2nd goal. If that was "fired" then it was certainly a slow burner. He seemed to miss-hit his shot from the edge of the box and the direction and probably a bobble or two deceived every one and it crossed the line in seeming slow-motion. They all count! Queens started the day in a play off place and they looked a pretty decent side to be fair. The fact that we managed to beat them pretty comfortably is a measure of how much progress we have made.
  8. Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South

    Vigurs got booked for being pushed to the ground earlier in the season as well. The referee was generally fine in the first half but made some strange decisions in the 2nd half. Twice Polworth won the ball fair and square and was blocked in trying to move away with the ball. Apparently it is an offence to try to play the ball but fine to block off the player trying to play the ball. I think some of these referees watch too much american "football".
  9. Game 26 - Queen of the South (H) 13 Jan

    Doofers Dad HT 0-1 FT 2-1 ICT Polworth Opp Dobbie Crowd 2321 Doofer HT 1-0 FT 3-0 ICT Oakley Opp None Crowd 2384
  10. 2018 Calender

    Maybe it should be issued in 12 monthly instalments?
  11. Ex-ICT players' news

    He seems to be doing his bit so far. He's now scored less goals this season than Jake!
  12. Away fans

    We have previously compared the atmosphere between crowds at Rugby and Football and many of us would like to see non segregated crowds become the norm in football. The recent arrangement in the main stand is a small step towards that. The issue here is one of respect. Supporters of both sides have to respect that supporters of the other side feel the same about their side as we do about ours. The dynamic that can create helps to lead to more friendly banter and more competitive vocal support. It can enhance the whole match day experience What destroys this is those who demonstrate a lack of respect and who poison the atmosphere with obnoxious and threatening behaviour. There should be zero tolerance of this. Clearly the stewards have a role here but so too do supporters of the same clubs as the morons showing the lack of respect. They need to make it clear that such behaviour is not welcome by the majority of fans the morons purport to support.. I didn't witness the incidents mentioned here but I entirely agree with Kingsmills. Had the stewards done their job I am sure we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  13. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Fabulous win of course, but the 2 injuries are a worry as are 4 bookings. It will be interesting to hear from those at the game but it is noticeable that Falkirk had no yellow cards. You would have thought they would be really up for this game, particularly on the back of their excellent win against DU. Were they lacking in passion? Were we being a bit over zealous at times? Was the referee poor? Injuries and suspensions may well cost us come the end of the season but at least we are demonstrating a bit of depth in the squad now with people coming of the bench and contributing well.
  14. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Baird! Just on as a sub and settles any nerves after Falkirk score. Brilliant!
  15. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Make that 3 bookings.. Chalmers now.
  16. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Don't count your chickens yet. Falkirk scored 4 in the 2nd half on Saturday
  17. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    3-0 and a first goal for Jake! I decided not to go tonight because I am still recovering from a virus. By the sounds of things, having a bit of a relapse would have been well worth it. Keep it up lads!
  18. Game 25 - Falkirk (H) 09 Jan

    HT 0-1 FT 1-2 ICT Polworth Opp Longridge Crowd 1892
  19. Nathan Austin

    The problem is, they are on different wavelengths.
  20. Light At The End of The Tunnel ?

    There was talk about this last year. It would be a radical change and I can't see it being introduced without some fairly major consultation. However, it has been a mainstay of the Green Party's policy since well before the Ecology Party changed it's name to the Green Party and I wonder if a commitment to consult on this with a view to it's introduction is part of any deal with the Greens to get the SNP budget through. I think this would be a really positive development which should simplify the benefits and tax systems. A real advantage is that it allows people who are able only to do small amounts of part time or seasonal work to be able to see the full value of the money they have earned. Of course, this has to be paid for and somewhere in the middle there will be folk whose tax will need to go up by as much as the basic income they receive, whilst for higher earners it would be more. That will not go down well with many and therefore this is another reason for careful and widespread consultation.
  21. Falkirk (H) 9th January 2018 - Game On

    He'll be company for Draper on the bench. It is actually quite remarkable how many players have left us for significantly more money elsewhere and then play precious little football. It's a nice little earner for a couple of years but does nothing for longer term career prospects. Back on topic, if there is a pitch inspection tomorrow then it sounds as though we are economising with the under soil heating. No bad thing if someone forgot to switch it on after the Bairns sudden return to form. Whilst it's not going to be so cold tonight, it is not exactly going to be thawing weather.
  22. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Maybe Donaldson has picked up one of the various viruses which are currently circulating?
  23. Game 24 - St Mirren (A) 06 Jan

    HT 1-0 FT 2-1 ICT Tremarco Opp Reilly Crowd 3242
  24. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    I’m not sure what Vigurs first yellow was for. At the time I thought it was for an attempted tackle which the Livvi player skipped over. If so, it was hardly a reckless challenge - unlike Polworth’s and to me it seems he has been harshly treated. Prior to that incident there had been a couple of reckless tackles against us which went unpunished. There is just no consistency. vigurs was superb before his dismissal and with him on the park I think we would have won comfortably. Nice to see Raven get a good send off, but TBH he was mince today. Ridgers very solid again. A sound performance from Warren. Mulraney showed Polworth how to tackle. Doran was excellent. Austin looks like a great signing.
  25. Zak Elbouzedi

    Came on at half time with Elgin 1-0 down. They then shipped a further 6. Doesn’t sound as though he had a very positive impact on th game!