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  1. Totally agree. I think we'll be lucky to get 25K for him.
  2. Surprised that Raven is not worth another year at this level.
  3. Yes, for me, OFW was too inconsistent. He was poor at positioning himself for free kicks just outside the box. I still blame him for the goal against Astra in, what I think, was his first match for us. How our European debut could have been different if he'd stopped that one!
  4. Can anyone confirm that Scott Davidson was on ICT's books? He does not appear in the 'all time' list of players. If indeed he did play for us at one time I should add him to my list of ex ICT goalscorers. A quick check shows that he has scored 10 for Fort in 2017 alone!
  5. As I said in another post, I'm not singing from the rooftops over this appointment, but if he does as well as when he was here last, then I'm sure we will all be delighted to praise the Board for their foresight. And, I am certainly prepared to give him a chance, and really hope he succeeds. I'd be happier if there was some action in confirming his assistant(s), plus letting us know what the overall management structure is going to be, (D Of F etc). Not to mention the General Manager position (if that is really on the cards), and of course who is going to be responsible for communication with the fanbase, and what form this will take.
  6. Yes, its on the Official ICT Website now. Don't know what to make of this appointment myself. Obviously he has 'done it before, and how we all wish for a replication of 2003/4. But I am concerned that he hasn't been 'at the coalface' for several years now. Anyway, I'll try and keep an open mind, and obviously wish him well. Now we wait to see if any other appointments follow.... D Of F?, General manager?, Assistants?,Youth development? Time will tell.
  7. So, well done to Mr Finlayson and the Board. Quite encouraging that they appear to have listened to reasoned argument.
  8. Don't think it is just your phone. I've had similar trouble for a couple of days now, even on my computer. Must be a website issue, I think.
  9. Richie Foran
  10. I wasn't sure that an Email would actually be seen by the Chairman. That is why I wrote to him personally. He may of course choose to ignore it, but for now, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and look forward to a reply in due course.
  11. I have today written (by snail mail) to Mr Finlayson expressing my concerns, including much of what you refer to, in my letter. Not only about Season Tickets, but communication (or the lack of it!), the lack of progress on the management structure the club sees etc (not just the manager appointment), and some other issues. It will be interesting to see if I get a reply in due course. I'll keep you posted.
  12. Baird, maybe? But why have Falkirk let them go? They will be one of our main adversaries in the Championship, so if they are not good enough for them, why should they be good enough for us?
  13. Decent first half by Scotland, although England have created, and missed, the best chances. I have to go out now to a family event so will not see the second half 'live'. So good luck Scotland, keep pressing them. I'll be following with regular sneaky looks at my phone!. Btw, what a plonker Scott Brown is. Absolutely needless yellow within 3 minutes. I've always disliked him as an opponent of ICT, and even playing for Scotland, I can't 'take to him'. Absolute shyte imo.
  14. I think you'll find Burns coined that word before you
  15. Thought you'd like that ! Good luck in the final v Montreal.