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  1. Highland Derbies Next Season

    No, when we get promotion by winning the end of season play-offs, and County get relegated by losing theirs, we will still be in different leagues next season.
  2. Ex ICT Players Score

    Scorers this afternoon (16 Dec) Graeme Shinnie (Aberdeen), Doug Imrie (Hamilton), Ibra Sekajja (Bognor Regis), Gary Wood (Formantine)
  3. CLUB STATEMENT : AGM & Annual Report : 23/11/17

    Well said Kingsmills. That's the way I feel too. Tullochs seem to to get a bad press with certain sections of our support, who , presumably, don't appreciate the debt the club owes them. That doesn't mean, of course, that our present board should not negotiate hard with them to ensure that the current seemingly loose arrangements are properly and legally sorted out to ICT's advantage .
  4. Game 20 - Dumbarton (H) 16 Dec

    H/T 1-0 F/T 1-0 ICT Tremarco Dumbarton Barr Crowd 1851
  5. I wonder how likely is this to go ahead on Sunday. After the recent postponements, due to waterlogging, plus the match at home against Dumbarton on Saturday, I imagine the pitch will be in a right old state by Sunday. Even if playable, I imagine it will be extremely difficult to play on. Tough on the youngsters, but, I suppose just as tough for the opposition. Anyway, good luck to our lads.
  6. Carl Tremarco...extended contract

    Excellent news.
  7. Ex ICT Players Score

    Adam Rooney and Ryan Christie both on target for Aberdeen tonight (13 Dec)
  8. Game XX- Falkirk (H) 12 Dec POSTPONED

    H/T 0-0 F/T 1-0 ICT Tremarco Falkirk Miller Crowd 1451
  9. Coll Donaldson

    Yes, I haven't seen him 'live' yet, but hope to early next year. From most accounts on here he seems to be a good acquisition and well worth worth the contract he has just signed. I'm beginning to get just a bit optimistic about the rest of the season.
  10. Ex ICT Players Score

    Just noticed that Andrew Greig scored for his new club, Formantine Utd, in an Aberdeenshire Shield match last Wed (6 Dec)
  11. Ex ICT Players Score

    Well done IBM. I'd forgotten he was on loan with us. I'll add him to my list.
  12. Ex ICT Players Score

    And, three other scorers this afternoon (9 Dec) :- Phil Roberts with 2 for Braintree, Ben Greenhalgh with 1 for Concord Rangers and Stuart Soane with 1 for Forres
  13. MulrAneY 15

    I'm nor surprised that a bigger club is showing interest. His main attribute, speed, properly harnessed, could be a major plus point for any club. I can't help feeling that we haven't got the best out of him. Whether that is down to poor management (particularly last season), or a problem of his own making I don't know. But I wouldn't be surprised to see him blossom into a top player sometime. I would, of course prefer that it be with us, but I 'hae me doots'.
  14. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    I agree, winning a trophy, however insignificant some may regard it, would be a good boost for players and fans. I just wish 'they', whoever 'they' may be, would pull their fingers out and agree the date. so that 4 of us flying up from London for it, can get our flights booked while they are still affordable. It must be a month now since the draw and still no confirmation of date. Not good enough.
  15. Ex ICT Players Score

    Rory McAllister scored yet another tonight (5 Dec) in Peterhead''s 1-0 win at Stirling