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  1. Ryan Williams scored another for Ottawa Fury last night, in a 2-1 win over Toronto in a Canadian Championship semi final, 1st leg, match
  2. An extra £240 per year is a lot of money to many people, especially on top of season tickets or gate money. Not to mention travel costs etc. I think the only way this idea would work is if those donating got something in return. Shares in the club could be a possibility.
  3. If Richie had been intending to resign, I suspect he would have done it by now. I remember at the time of his appointment, many posters questioned the wisdom of granting a 4 year contract to a rookie manager. That I suspect is the problem the Board (or what is left of it) now has to surmount. Buying out his contract or agreeing an alternative compensation package is going to be costly. Money we don't have I suspect.
  4. Can't disagree with any of that. Pity he didn't sack Foran weeks ago and then perhaps he wouldn't have needed to go himself.
  5. Yes, the Chairman/CEO has done the honourable thing. Lets see if Foran follows. I won't hold my breath.
  6. 21 May Christie (2) and Hayes scored for Aberdeen in their 6-0 win at Partick. Armstrong scored for Celtic in their 2-0 win v Hearts.
  7. Best version ever of this song imo
  8. And tonight (or afternoon in USA), Ryan Williams scored a last minute winner for Ottawa Fury in a 4-3 win at New York Red Bulls.
  9. Darren will have done his chances no harm by taking lowly Brechin into the championship by beating Alloa in a penalty shoot out. I watched the last few minutes of normal time plus all of extra time and penalties on Alba. Very enjoyable, and either of these teams, on current form, would be a handful for us in the Championship. Get darren Dods back to the Longman I say.
  10. Well done to DD, a worthy winner, but you ran him very close Gringo. And of course, I'm sure I speak for everyone in thanking you, Gringo, for another well run, and enjoyable competition. This forum would be much the poorer without it, andI can only say 'thanks again' for the many hours you dedicate for our enjoyment.
  11. Nor, if indeed these two young players were indeed 'bad apples', would a stronger manager have let them get away with it. So it sounds like a pretty pathetic excuse for his own incompetence.
  12. I'd be very surprised if the likes of Draper and Fisher are still with us in the Championship. Some of the 'old stagers' like Warren, Esson, Raven may stick around for another season, as, to be honest, their Premiership days are probably behind them now. It is rebuild time for ICT, starting immediately, I sincerely hope, with a new manager.
  13. Matchday Thread

    I'm sure there are several small shareholders who would only be too willing for you to buy their shares right now!!!!
  14. Doug Imrie scored one of Hamilton's goals in their 4-0 win over Dundee, which saw us relegated today (20 May)
  15. Matchday Thread

    I'm afraid so. The damage, of course, was done weeks/months ago. I just hope the mini revival over the last couple of weeks doesn't give the powers that be the excuse to stick with Richie for another season. I feel sure we will struggle , even in the Championship, with him at the helm.