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  1. Or all 3 !
  2. Director of football in everything but name !
  3. Since Allied Surveyors has been one of the main club sponsors over last few years doubt that will be the reason.
  4. Rumour has it that some did resign this week at the routine meeting ! regarding hands into pockets unlikely as no sugar daddy at our club unlike County who had another £800k written off in latest accounts
  5. You mean County as they are the only team who have the same dynamics as ICTFC
  6. Better writers than current squad
  7. Sorry mean McCart
  8. Only I def loss in Raven and 2 further potential losses in McCarthy and Mackay we have had worse this season
  9. Agree and normally the devil is in the detail and we are not privy to that!!!!
  10. Do they not regularly play overage players whilst we have a very young squad. always get conflicting views as friends sons think the ICTFC coaches are brilliant. Having no kids who attend difficult to comment with any authority
  11. Yep in football terms business as normal means something abnormal is about to happen . A vote of confidence in manager on Friday generally means he is sacked on Monday
  12. Not the Blazers fault I am led to believe
  13. Hughes did and made a pretty good fist of it
  14. If the board get no credit for appointing Butcher or Hughes by that logic they do not take the rap for appointing Foran . i would however agree it was a rather more risky strategy than the former pair
  15. Release Monday!!!