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  1. The stats above make for intersting reading better all round player then tansey or draper is my interpratation but one stat missing would be km covered. However if you have the ball and can pass it to a teammate, why do you have to run aboot? Think sometimes he is singled out because we have all seen the range of clever touches/passes he can produce and expect it all the time. If we can keep him, I'm expecting this will be a big season for Iain at ICTFC.
  2. Matchday Thread

    Thoughts pretty much same as everyone else on this thread. Solid controlled performance with some attacking flair. Colin Seedorf stood out at RB. We looked like a premiership side playing a second division side. Liked Bairds movement off the ball. Some loose passing which better teams may punish. Not major personnel changes from Elgin game but big jump in performance level. Saw enough to think we can make a challenge in championship. Seeing most of the other "big teams" put 4+ past their lesser opposition so maybe that's a reality check on where we are at, but on another day we could have bagged more goals. Jake still sometimes goes down too easily and theatrically, after first tackle and doesn't always get a foul, but on saturday when he skipped past 2/3 lunges he did eventually get properly clattered poor bugger.(hope he'll get more protection as the season goes on - when he was running at pace with the ball he was exciting to watch). We lost our shape a bit at the end when Robbo made subs to give others some game time and moved guys around.
  3. Just another day another PR mishap...too many of these occurring imo.
  4. Grim. First outing of season for me. ICTFC lacking a goal threat and any real cutting edge to create chances. Lots of misplaced passes from us. The Elgin trialist team was a match and based on their 2nd half showing deserved win. Why I never learn and eventually give in and pay to watch these friendly games is beyond me. Saw nothing extraordinary to offer some hope for season ahead. Positives? Elgin pies were good and it was only a friendly.
  5. Looking forward to our draw in the international diddy cup. A wee flight or ferry tour to celtic cousins beckons? #almosteuropaleague
  6. Maybe BR at the wheel is a possibility? +Experienced coach , knows club and already contracted players, solid senior career, already contracted=£savings. Step up for one of senior players to assistant/player. - not a fresh face if we want a shake up. Maybe steady as she goes is what's needed. Lots of things I don't know such as his real influence last season on dressing room, tactics, selections (Did he know how to fix problems but couldn't implement because of manager decisions). Also don't know his personal back story in enough detail. I'm thinking ranieri / Shakespeare at Leicester as an example (admittedly we didn't have a ranieri in the hot seat).
  7. I'll be renewing my ST at the quoted prices when manager known. Worrying that board is trying to tie up contracts without a manager in place. What if the new manager doesn't fancy one of the players they've re-signed for him?
  8. At the time I was supportive of the rebuffs to better resourced clubs poaching our talent on the cheap and felt the board made the right call. Turned out to be post cup euphoria. I'd have been unhappy if the board had let JH join united. The apparent bad management of the JH situation (which I can't help also pointing the finger at JH for) was then compounded by a short term financial decision with a rookie (long term) appointment and then most fans giving Richie too long. I think I was still buying into RF saving us and was still not 100% sack him even after the first of his naive "must win" game comments. Not sure about RF sacrificing his "managerial career". My own opinion is that he just joins a very long list of ex players who were not able to effectively transfer there playing skills and experience to a coaching / management role.
  9. "Richie Foran will remain in charge at Inverness Caley Thistle, despite several board members being keen on a change of manager following relegation " (Daily Express, print edition) Not the footy gossip I was looking for on BBC website. Hoping that it's the express getting it wrong.
  10. Elgin1 you clearly have more money than sense. Lots of ways the club is already willing to take your grand. Sponsor player, matches, hospitality, buy all the halftime draw ticks etc. IMO something has just not been quite right in terms of the club marketing / experience to make the best of this. I'd be more inclined to sign up to something like you suggest if it was financing support services at club. Or here's a novel idea why not just cut the playing side wage bill to align with normal jobs and save us all some money. (Really not keen on putting my handing my pocket to pay off failure at the moment.).
  11. Making losses not sustainable. Need to play smart and keep punching above our financial weight rather than trying to keep up with other spenders.
  12. New chairman pitch?
  13. Aye but I bet Moyes had compo from his six year man u deal to fall back on. Much like RF will have from his ICT 4 year deal after his next sacking
  14. Interesting but reading for me hints at player reluctance to embrace change. Maybe some truth in bad apples quote from RF? Remember an Alex McLeish interview when he complained about being up against lots of players in his zone. Jock Stein answer something like - only one player can head the ball make sure it's you. Sometimes players get to much credit for being able to work things out for themselves and thinking they know best rather than doing what they're telt. Players thinking they know better is a bad recipe. Looks like the club may need more than a management reboot on the playing side. Director plotting with players, if true, is the sort of amatuerish nonsense you get in the Highland league.
  15. That explanation of Fisher absence makes sense but points to RF inexperience to handle the managerial position and a tendency to not have a controlled temperament /thought process when reacting to situations. Evidenced by the fact Fisher did play again. As HawkeyeTheGnu points out lack of money has a part to play but a good manager will understand the financial constraints adjust his approach to reflect those constraints. Easy way to lose respect in dressing room. And presumably contracts should be written to address these type of situations rather than letting manager have a rant?