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  1. If the club can't afford a pay off then maybe there is another role until the contract runs out...just NOT coaching
  2. I'm ST holder who had already decided to vote with my feet and not to plan rest of season around ICT games and abstained from Dingwall because couldn't bare what was coming. (And was not prepared to pay county to rub it in.) Not expecting a management change, so not going to keep have my weekends ruined. Staying away because football without a glimmer of hope is no use. Now where are my gardening gloves?
  3. Matchday Thread

    There was a lot to take in and Barry Wilson was chipping in too so between them both they touched on .squad size too big, no opportunities for U20's, players wages structure, lack of proper scouting network, concern in youth for about job security, players signed without someone looking at them, an SPL club selling merchandise out of a portakabin, no crowd bounce despite cup win, Foran saying he "needs men" - Charlie rubbishing that and saying we need committed footballers. "Defending is the easy bit of the game". RF wanting a team of 11 RF's. Lack of a team shape, trying to play with a no 10 using players who aren't no10's. Losing the dressing room. Not investing transfer windfalls. What was going wrong tactically on the night. Comparison with slicker club operation at County. Some fans having unrealistic expectations. Recognition of Roy McGregor and plea for ICTFC benefactor to step forward. I sensed he was as angry as the rest of us. There was just no doubting his passion for club and disappointment. Really was a must listen.
  4. Agree with topic. Enough is enough.
  5. As a straight managerial replacement I might have swallowed this bitter pill. Is Brian Rice the problem?- not convinced. Hopefully I'll look back on this and laugh at how daft I was still calling for the managers head, we will know very soon..
  6. Richie says we just need to kick it and chase it.
  7. Cameras at the game may only have stopped one goal. Web cameras for the last board meeting that may have been more interesting.
  8. There have been better and greater players than RF that have been stick-ons to make the step up to management after their playing days and have failed. I believe he has lost the dressing room now and there is no way back for ICT without an immediate departure. I remember feeling quite positive after RF's first interview when he announced ICT were going to attack. What I didn't realise was he meant in the way kids do when they're playing about with their team formations on the playstation and try a 10 player charge for the hell of it. The naivety of our play has been cruelly exposed and that is because our experienced players are not being directed properly. This won't change in a lower division. Football is a privileged job and you can either do it or you can't and if you can't, you join the rat race like the rest of us.
  9. Jeepers were you guys all at the phsycotherapy session too. Positivety is fine but it's tactics we need for 6 boring one nil wins and I'm not convinced the board / RF has grasped that point. Hoping I'm wrong, starting today.
  10. Go
  11. Matchday Thread

    I've given the manager the benefit of the doubt until now but we were tactically naive today and i can't help feeling some of the manager speak about aggression passion heart from the players is masking a more fundamental and incurable problem resting within the club management. Time for an immediate change.
  12. Raven, Laing, McCart ,Tremarco to keep us up. Feel Mckay is caught out of position too often and tends to drift to centre ( that maybe because where he plays changes weekly.) Thought he was a fine at first but not so sure anymore. Warren way off it just now. See also ground made up by Laing on Warren during Dembele's 2nd on Wed. (Although I think one of them should have been 10 yards behind one another rather than 10 apart but square) Meekings contract silence says it all, we know the script by now. I think he's off. McNaughton 2nd choice to Raven.
  13. Matchday Thread

    Great result. Rode our luck at some points but to a man team battled and pushed to make their own luck for the result. Shame McCart has to sit out next game against his parent club.
  14. Matchday Thread

    Mckay and Anier worked well together and really did put in a shift. McCart had a few bombscare moments with clearance sclafs but no more than rest of our back 4. He had a physical challenge dealing with Dundee's Haber. (Who's a big lad) but I feel he was bossed in that 1-1 but I think Haber physicality will trouble a lot of teams. Ryan Esson looked like he"d not played in a while. Pass back kicking very poor. I'd like to be a fly on wall when he and David raven try and explain that injury time indirect free kick in our box to Richie. 0-2 at half time was harsh but self inflicted due to slack marking. Can't fault the effort of anyone in team. We could have been suckered today but weren't ....possibly some lucky breaks . Have we turned the corner? Hope so.
  15. Ofw Mackay McCart Warren Tremarco Doran draper Tansey polworth Billy Henri Dave raven looks like he needs time to get back to his best or his legs have gone (and yogi was right!) Polworth has a bit of pace when he can be bothered so ahead of vigurs who has better touch..sometimes