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    Played wick tonight and won 4-1
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    Slogans under the badge are an embarrassment. It's almost as bad as clubs putting stars above their badge. What exactly is the point? Boycotting the club over it though, steady on.
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    I hope I am not alone here but I don't think we have had a satisfactory answer to the issue regarding our official club badge/crest. I see from the caption of our 2 new signings that the "new" format is displayed and I personally feel this cheapens the image of our club. Again, we are NOT ICTFC, we are Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC!
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    Within the next couple of weeks I expect the Fantasy Football to be up and running , keep a check here for details
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    http://spfl.co.uk/development-league/dev-fixtures/ this was a friendly though - as indicated on the team lines.
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    Have you considered a petition?
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    That's me typed up a Preview and posted it in the Editorial forum
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    There's a saying......You can have it right, or you can have it right now.....I know which I prefer.
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    Caley jags Together is the official supporters society. We have messaged Kenny Cameron direct regarding this issue but have not yet had a response but will be chasing this up. If you want to e-mail myself as the chairperson, you can do that on [email protected] and I shall be quite happy to put the views of the fans to the board.
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    In other words you are doing what others do and having a pop at Charles without even attempting to respond to the numerous objective criticisms made of the SNP Government. As to offering ideas as to how they could do things better, I'm not sure how often ones needs to repeat things. What the SNP need to do is to respect the results of the referendums and work with others for the common good. Sturgeon made a major speech earlier this week in which she identified 5 "key interests" which she says must be protected, and it is maybe worth look at these in a bit more detail. What these are and what she said are in italics below followed by brief comment from me. Democratic interests - "the need to make sure Scotland's voice is heard and our wishes respected." The SNP needs to ensure that the wish of the 55% who voted for Scotland to remain in the UK is respected and their voice heard. People everywhere in the UK will expect that their political representatives make their voice heard regardless of how they voted. Economic interests - "safeguarding free movement of labour, access to a single market of 500 million people and the funding that our farmers and universities depend on". There is a need to respect the wishes of the voters of all the UK and the concerns a majority has on free movement. The SNP needs to recognise that free trade with the rest of the UK is more important than with the EU but that it is just as important for the rest of the UK as it is for Scotland that trade deals are optimised and the UK Government funds farmers and universities appropriately. Social protection - "ensuring the continued protection of workers' and wider human rights". Why would a post Brexit Government not ensure this? Some of our legislation actually goes well beyond EU requirements. Ironically the Supreme Court has ruled today that the Scottish Government's Named Person legislation is not compliant with human rights! That is of course subject to appeal, but it hardly gives the SNP any right to bleat about threats to human rights. Solidarity - "the ability of independent nations to come together for the common good of all our citizens, to tackle crime and terrorism and deal with global challenges like climate change". There is absolutely no reason why Brexit stops us doing that! These are worldwide issues and worldwide bodies like the UN are the key players. Arguably, major economic trading blocs might be seen as a barrier to wider international cooperation. Having influence - "making sure that we don't just have to abide by the rules of the single market but also have a say in shaping them." Does Sturgeon seriously believe that an independent Scotland will have any influence in the EU? Scotland has had far more influence as part of the United Kingdom and if influence is seen as important, Scotland needs to remain in the UK. In addition, the UK Government is far more concerned about the interests of the Scottish people than the EU is or ever will be. Sturgeon went on to call the Leave campaign "liars". The words "pot", "kettle" and "black" spring to mind. Let's face it, there was a lack of honesty on both sides, but no worse than in the Indy referendum when the SNP's lies about the NHS were described by the then leader of the Scottish Labour Party as the most disgraceful bit of electioneering she had even come across. She then went on to call Cameron "reckless" for calling the EU referendum. What on earth is reckless about giving the electorate the opportunity to vote on our place in the the EU when the EU has changed beyond all recognition from the union we voted to join over 40 years ago? It is called giving the electorate a democratic voice. It was no less reckless than agreeing to the Indy ref when public opinion polls put support for independence at less than support for leaving the EU was (would she have been happier if the indy referendum had never been called?) And it was certainly far less reckless than the SNP's suggestion of a 2nd indy referendum so soon after the people have clearly stated their wish to remain in the UK. She then called Cameron's failure to plan for Brexit "one of the most shameful abdications of responsibility in modern political history". Strong words, but when do politicians ever campaign on what they are going to do when they lose a vote! What was shameful was the lack of planning by the SNP in the event of them winning the Indy vote. No workable policy on currency, no clarity on EU membership, no realistic financial plan. I'm sorry this is so long but it simply a reflection of the extent to which the SNP is being fundamentally dishonest and undemocratic and is failing to act in the interests of the Scottish people. As we have said repeatedly before, the SNP will only gain sufficient support for independence if it can persuade sufficient voters that Scotland will be better off independent from the UK. It is therefore not in it's interests to have a UK in which Scotland is seen to be a flourishing part and benefits by being part of a greater whole. And that is what Sturgeon's speech was all about. It wasn't about being constructive in the interests of the Scottish people, it was about stirring up grievance, creating divisions and maximising uncertainty. No wonder political leaders in the rest of the UK and in the EU are getting increasingly frustrated by her whinging posturing. The SNP is dominated by the "Independence for better or worse" brigade. They will no doubt be loving Sturgeon's sound bites but this appalling negativity is not in the interests of the people of Scotland. Like it or not, the people of Scotland voted to stay as a part of the United Kingdom and the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU. The Scottish Government have a responsibility to accept the democratic will of the people in those votes and to work constructively with others to make it work for all of us. It is about time Sturgeon and her colleagues abandoned the politics of grievance and started acting in the interests of the people of Scotland. I'm not holding my breath, though.
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    BETFRED CUP v Arbroath - Sat 30th July - Kick Off 3pm Adults £15 - Concessions £10 - U16s £5 Season Ticket Holder Advanced Purchase Adults £10 - Concessions/U16s £5 The advanced purchase price for STH applies only to 1 seat per STH. Additional seats are charged at the full price. The advanced purchase prices for STH will be valid up to 4pm on 29th July only.
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    Well Oddquine's back! Maybe she's the first of them to return from consulting Jesus Christ about what he thinks the next step should be for the Holyrood Separation Vigil. http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/14556584._Jesus_Christ_backs_indycamp_in_Holyrood_eviction_fight___court_is_told/ On the other hand OQ maybe didn't need to consult Jesus Christ if she has direct access to Alex Salmond. Tell you what, though. In the face of all this griping and grievance-mongering about Scotland being "torn against its will from the benevolent, protective breast of Europe", I thought it would be a good idea to go back to that pre-2014 Referendum survey which ranked various issues in the Scottish electorate's order of priority. So where does Europe feature in that league table of how important Scots feel various issues are? Whisper it..... NINTH I do have to say that this kind of squares with the fact that the only people I am hearing complaining about the injustice of Brexit are SNP politicians and that 3% of the electorate rated Europe the top issue. It also rather squares with the much quoted 62-38 split needing to be heavily qualified with a number of observations which I have already referred to. Many of the 62% won't be all that fussed either way. The 62% will also include a contingent of the 30% of Nat supporters who are Leavers but voted tactically in an attempt to enhance the grievance factor. Many other Nat Leavers' tactics will have been to abstain and turnout was indeed remarkably low in separatist areas of the country. Add that lot in, and you're not really left with too many people with steam coming out of their ears on this one - and most of them will be rabid Nats boiling the kettle for all they're worth. Make no mistake about this. The Nats are DELIGHTED at this Leave vote and the opportunity to invent another grievance which it offers. So the reality is that Nicola Sturgeon cleared off to Brussels, leaving the NHS etc to degenerate into an even worse state, and flounced around faking a hissy based on a "popular dismay" which is a complete fabrication. For goodness sake, the woman heads a regional assembly which looks (badly) after local issues and she thinks she's some kind of international statesperson. (On the other hand she was Alex Salmond's disciple so this is perhaps entirely predictable.) The current SNP tactic is clearly to try to create some kind of expectation that their faux-devastation at a Leave vote will wring some concessions out of the Brexit negotiations. They of course know perfectly well that there's no chance of this, but the higher the expectations, the greater (they hope) will be the public "indignation" when they inevitably get knocked back. Then they call a second separation plebiscite on the basis that this is now the "only way" to retain a connection with Scottish voters' NINTH highest priority. I wonder how "secret" they are going to be able to keep the obvious facts that the "new" European deal (including surrendering control over farming and fishing) - IF they get it - will be much worse even than the current one and that a lot of people may not be all that keen on customs, passport control and currency exchange at Gretna?
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    27 July 2016 Scottish League Cup D Park (Cove R 3 - Montrose 0) D Imrie (Edinburgh City 2 - Hamilton 4)
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    Strange how you can stick an extra "vo" into that word and interchange the next two letters to get a meaning that can unfortunately all to often be alleged of stewards!
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    The club announce this less than 48 hours before a game, with many fans unknowingly going to the turnstile as normal on Saturday. I'd be very surprised if this doesn't cause chaos and could well just turn into more hassle. Not exactly productive for encouraging fans to attend.
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    If you look closely, you will see that the club have been referred to as ICTFC since 1996....
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    Just remember though, that not ALL the fans have an issue with this.
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    As I've said before, I am reluctantly ok with this "naf" pride of the highlands nonsense on fans merchandise but I sincerely hope this is not the case on players gear and official club stationery etc. Change for the sake of change without good reason smacks of someone satisfying their ego - not a good thing when trying to get (more) fans behind the club.
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    I know this won't be important to most but I have decided NOT to attend any further matches until such time as the decision makers at this club decide on how our club is identified on our club crest/badge. Whoever decided to introduce the NAF "ICTFC Pride of the Highlands" crap really should take a look at their professionalism.. Some may think I am being rather petty on this but our identity and history is important to me and the club taking actions such as this is one of the reasons you are seeing our fan base shrinking.
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