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    Here was me blaming Brexit for the fall in my ex employers shares it might be that the company is not doing so well since I retired then
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    Been doing a bit of digging about Gregory Tade. I know he moved to Qatar in the summer, playing for Qatar SC. They have played 5 or 6 league games this season (since Sept). Their results are easy enough to find, but it is almost impossible to find out their goalscorers. But by trawling back through two months worth of Twitter, I'm pretty sure that Tade has scored at least 4 times for them. Hard to be absolutely certain as my Arabic is non existent, and even using the translate option, the info is not always easy to understand. Anyway, I've updated my records to include 4 goals for him.
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    On a day of madness, hats off to the Buchan Observer for the lead headline on its website - "Aberdeenshire business owner wins presidential election"
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    So let me get this straight. Other places have naturally dodgy boltholes for politically illiterate cranks but not Scotland. Instead we have the squeaky clean, cuddly SNP. The only difference between the SNP and other crank political movements benefiting from the current global brainstorm is that, unlike Trump, UKIP, the French Front National etc, the SNP claims to be a left rather than a right wing pressure group. It expediently made the transition some years ago when it realised that, in Scotland, left wingery was more likely to assist its sole objective. Nothing to do with ideology - this was pure, cynical political opportunism but it still doesn't detract from well established historical parallels.
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    I certainly agree with all of the above, but it must be added that what has led to the election of Donald Trump is the very same passing phase of social lunacy throughout the West which has also led the politically illiterate towards kneejerk support for various other crank causes such as UKIP and the SNP. Were it not for this kind of political behaviour, which also manifested itself post-recession/depression in the 1930s, roasters of this kind would never have progressed past their natural status of comedy minorities.
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